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Found 2 results

  1. TotallyNotHuman

    The "Complain About Your School" Thread

    Not all of us have access to a quality education. Most of us are nerds. And some of us get bullied and/or otherwise ostracized because of our nerd status (or for some other reason, of course.) Welcome to the "Complain About Your School" thread. Here, you can just vent out all the pent-up rage that you have for your school, and share it with the forums. (Just remember to not run afoul of the Forum Guidelines while you are venting, lest this thread be locked. ) Talk. I have a feeling either @NSEP or @StupidAndy will top this thread...
  2. MedwedianPresident

    Petition: Return to VBulletin!

    PETITION: Bring back VBulletin The new forum sotware has brought us many new features such as better font size control and polls with multiple questions. However, many of us have made complains about most of these points: One word: Eyesore. I will confess to you my sin of playing ROBLOX, and this change in layout is comparable to what happened to ROBLOX a year and a half ago. The amount of content one can see at a time has been minimized by at least the factor of 3, and reading large texts is just uncomfortable. The choice of colors is a complete fail, and many buttons were removed completely. The KSP forum looks more like a social network than a place for professional communication. Either SQUAD is aiming at simplifying the community to increase it's size, which means that KSP will stop being a good old indie game and will become something like Roblox or the people behind the forum change have made a serious mistake. The forum has lost it's unique feel. The PC version looks like a mobile site. Lots of wasted space. Simplification is the wrong way. The loss of BBcode is...painful. Why did you have to remove the whole thing when just adding an OPTION to create content through WYSIWYG? 90% of all posts are broken now. I understand that as the community gets larger, the "cute little game and cute little forum" feel where people actually WAIT for new posts on the forum and new versions actually add NEW CONTENT instead of only fixing bugs, will be lost, but this new forum has actually stripped the community of it's professional look. This forum looks like it aims at children. Seriously. Compare with ROBLOX. This forum is actually meant for people to write LONG posts, even post STORIES and ESSAYS here. It has been stripped of it's seriousness. Now it looks like people are supposed to exchange small sentences. This is a Forum, not ROBLOX, not Facebook, not a Chatroom. And at last, yes, several people have already noted that the new forum software is actually a DOWNGRADE from the old one. The forum just looks bland and stripped of many features. SQUAD has severely disappointed us. Is this the KSP Community Forum or is this the KerBlox Forum or KaceBook? I hereby open a PETITION to return the forum to VBulletin. If SQUAD will not do this or at least return the forum to a comparable look and format while using the same software, the developers should expect that the community will shrink. I hope that the pleas will not be ignored just as they are on ROBLOX.