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Found 6 results

  1. First for those who have remembered my old threads on coding I have decided to bite the proverbial bullet and learn python soon. I wanted to ask a few questions. First I have been informed by a mostly reliable source that Python can interface with hardware such as motors and electric "stuff" in general. This is true right? Secondly I have no intention of doing this anytime in the next year but is Python capable of making an AI of sorts. I ask all of this because I want to make a model rocket that has a full guidance system as well as staging system ect and I want to make sure be
  2. Would you be able to enter someone on the Windows admin account without having the admin password? I am just remembering that when I was young I learned to enter Windows XP without a password, I had a computer only for exclusive use and still have, because my mother died in 2016 :-( My mother was intelligent but she did not like computers, my mother did not want to go to free classes on computers for seniors, I told her that she would be the best in the whole class :-) but my mother did not want But I only learned this for my own pleasure, I even had a special program that without someon
  3. A while back I asked a question on how to make your own code in this forum. After lengthy conversations I came to the conclusion that it was not wise to bother trying. Now I pose this question as follow up. When computers were first invented how exactly did they manage to code them. I ask this because when I asked the question of making your own code I was given answers that seemed that they all required a base code to work with in the first place. Then the question is raised assuming that this is the case, how was that code formed. I'm asking fundamentally how software works and went from a c
  4. I just bought programming (coding) courses on udemy, for Java and python? I'm from Poland, on our Polish facebook group of on our Polish famous political and science vloger guy is basically one man band, and his fans like me usually have higher than average IQ :-) I have Asperger syndrome, have 31 years old, i graduated in Library Science and yet i work in KFC fast food restaurant, not get me wrong i love me work but i want something more intellectually challenging! So i asked my online friends does buying into programming Python (i want learn it because sci
  5. How do check what crasing my windows 10 PC computer (my desktop is actually quite old it had 8 years old) I wonder does it's any tool to run to test why my computer had crash very often? Recently I was so furious that smashed it front panel, so hard it felt from rest of PC
  6. I do not know either what is wrong with my brain but all the icons on your desktop appear as if they were smaller. I do not know maybe I should go to an ophthalmologist or just i’m mad? :-) How to fix it?
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