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Found 5 results

  1. The mod would consist of 2 parts: they will be Environmental Exposure Laboratories (E.E.Ls ). There will be a space and surface version of that part. Space E.E.L : Would be a deployable 2.5m wide module. when deployed, it would still be able to fit inside a 3.75 container. The main idea would be able to conduct 3 experiments (one on a plant, the other on an animal, the other on a fungus) by exposing them to the environment around them. Unlike any other experiments though, It would have a capacity of 2 kerbals, (0 when undeployed) and would have to have at least one scientist to conduct. The experiment would also take 1 kerbal day to conduct. It would have on-board electric charge and an openable container to store stuff (much like a service module.) However, it will refuse to inflate when on land due to "low structural integrity to be deployed in a gravitational sphere of influence" Land E.E.L : Would have almost the same features as the Space E.E.L, but it would only be able to be deployed on land due to "parts requiring gravity to operate" and would also have a different texture. Finally, it will have deployable little legs at the bottom. Both E.E.Ls would have separate logs for every accessible biome and would be designed by "Core Industries Research & Exploration Laboratory" or C.I.R.E.L This is so far only an early concept, and I personally lack the programming skill to execute it myself, so suggestions are fully welcome!!!
  2. Yea, long title but pretty explanatory. This is a concept folding wing airplane based off of WWII US fighter planes, the Corsair and the Hellcat and this plane is able to fold it's wings vertically so it is able to be stored compact. This is a prototype and concept so the design of the hinge and it's efficiency deploying and folding them individually is sub-par. Also the visual appeal of the hinges are horrible so if anyone can design a hinge and a plane better than this please feel free to show. 128 parts, stock, SPH: Actiongroup 1: decouple wings to fold up.
  3. You're looking at "engineless orbiter" from ShuttleVariations pdf. It's an extended Shuttle with only OMS engines and no SSME's. Looks pretty dope, doesn't it? Does anyone know how designers thought to get this thing in to space? Some say Area 51 has some spectacular tech in there, so does NASA hyper edit?
  4. So, I made a Sequence of Events for a mars mission. Please check over and find my mistakes. Based on these images: Here's the doc link: Have fun!
  5. Hi everyone! Something itched me recently to blow some dust off my humble Blender modeling skills. Not sure if I'll have enough thrust to finish this little project, let alone to move past the initial design state. But anyway I'd like to share a concept of two radial command modules and their basic meshes. FH series Radial Command Modules are designed to be hooked radially onto parent parts. The core-facing 'skirt' should ensure seamless coupling with parent parts as small as 1.25m. Both modules have inward facing hatch, theoretically it should wind up inside structural fuselage if hooked onto it. The FH-1 is a single seat command module. It features upward(forward)-facing seat and external airlock in the bottom half. The FH-2 is a two-seat command module. The upper half is similar to that of FH-1, the bottom half features a side-facing second seat that could be used in landers. Although, its reversed position would require some appropriately placed additional reference part on the craft. Album: Blender files:!pUEkRbJb!7hhUlcYG72Oct1f4uo9F1dsM8_nd5YnvXdxzknwE77U Shared under CC-BY-NC-SA If anyone wants to screw around with these, feel free to do so.