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Found 3 results

  1. Not sure if this is the right place for this query as it's more about the KSP universe than a gameplay question. On a celestial body that has no water, an altitude of 000m would be the mean altitude of the planet/moon. But, the plains of Minmus are (as far as I know) the lowest points on the satilite and they are surrounded by mountains that rise up around them. Why then are the flats at 0m? Am I missing something or is this just a design quirk? It's also odd how, after many many hours of game play, it's only just occurred to me!
  2. KSP version 1.0.5 doesn't actually pause when the pause key is hit. The timer stops but picks up where it should be after you unpause (timer is 6:20, it'll be 7:20 if you wait a minute to unpause), and the craft just keeps on going but you can't control it! I have the other versions but this is the only version where I have good aerodynamics AND Kerbal Foundries!
  3. Sitting in science class on Friday, my teacher asked "What anniversary happened this week?". I, being the science nerd in class, raised my hand, and told about challenger. Biiiiiiiig mistake. Another kid raised his hand, and said that he "Thought it was Columbia that went in a big smashblooey." Then added that "There is no difference between challenger and Columbia! The government shouldn't fund NASA, because it is just a room with a bunch of s***f***s." I went home crying. With me being the only person on here at my school, I am insulted all the time, and just shrug it off all the time. This was an exception, making fun of people DYING??????!!!!! I didn't play KSP for the whole weekend. This serves a reminder of how little other people care about each other.