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Found 15 results

  1. Oh boy, this is a first. Have you ever seen someone do a cool career story on CONSOLE? Probably not, but since that update is coming out, I am going to start one. This story starts in a world where Kerbin is under a communistic and socialist government in a 1960's-like time period. Prepare your space tape and snacks for... ________________________________________________________________________________________ FLIGHT - A CONSOLE CAREER ________________________________________________________________________________________ Prologue The year is 1962, and Kerbin has just encountered a new way of exploration, transportation, and destruction of snacks: the rocket. After multiple attempts to create a chemical reaction that launches instead of explodes, a group of government scientists discovered an "excellent propulsion substance" classified as "Solid Fuel." Soon the scientists received only 10,000 funds as a budget to create a space program, to which 6 out of 10 of the scientists agreed. They purchased a small amount of land near the shoreline for "weekly vacations," and made another contract with the government for the cheapest construction of the center available. Within 1 week, the Kerbal Space Program began operations at the questionable Kerbal Space Center. Working on Chapter 1, will post it soon.
  2. My kids and I have been excited for the wii U release. The internet resembles one gigantic black hole consisting of no recent information about a release date other than "Winter 2016". Can a moderator or dev please comment on this?
  3. Ksp is an awesome game. On computer, space is the the limit. But, on console, the gameplay freedom is no enough considerating that we paid full price. Sony and Xbox don't seem to apreciate the fact that we can browse on internet to download mods. Knowing that games like farming simulator 17 on console have an in game mod hub where people download mods, it is certainly possible for ksp.
  4. Having a cheat menu in the future would make it easier for newer players to get used to the game on console. (It would also be fun) Would Squad add this type of thing to the console versions of KSP? It would make a lot of people happy, I'm sure of it. Maybe we could even see it after the 1.2 update.
  5. After the update Squad intends to release on Console, will there be updates that release around the same time PC gets them but for console? In other words, will updates appear around the same time for all platfroms?
  6. Hello, For the last 2 hours I've been trying to figure out how to open the developer console so I can debug a plugin I'm creating. I'm not talking about the cheat menu, I mean the actual output window in which I could check what messages Debug.Log() and print() would show. Googling this problem has only managed to show me results that have to do with the cheat menu, which is not what I'm looking for. Hopefully someone can help. Thanks in advance.
  7. When will the console versions be updated? since pc versions got the 1.2 but nothing was said for consoles.
  8. I have a few concerns, I want to keep playing my current save on PS4 but I am grinding my teeth at the thought of limping this save through the next few weeks to have the PS4 patch wipe out my progress completely. Should I just stop playing until its sorted out? Why am I expected to wait for something that should just work??? I didn't sign up for this!!! PULL UP SQUAD. PULL UP.
  9. So, the game is a complete mess on Xbox One (haven't played PS4 but I'm guessing it's much the same). I'm not going to use this post to rant about the problems, I'm sure the Devs are well aware, and if not, there's plenty of other posts to reference. I was an early access player on PC and feel like I've helped support the devs, at least in a small way, to make KSP a great PC game. However, the console version is a straight port with no thought or redesign of the control scheme. It is not "fun" anymore. How do I get a refund?
  10. Assuming KSP gets the necessary patches for it to run long enough to play it, and save files for more than a day, are there any plans for DLC? The PC mods are amazing, and while I'm sure the consoles could in no way handle that same mass, could we still a few specialty items like fancy antennas, solar panels, command pods, science experiments, and craft containers?
  11. So, theres been now Close too 3 weeks since release. And even tho this game was released With what i'd Call gamebraking bugs, theres still no News... or even a Word from anyone (Squad or FT) about any upcomming patch. A patch that probably been a hotfix patch. Its not that im expecting the first patch too be upgraded from 1.0.1, but beeing able too save the game, without Extreme limits would be Nice. There are other, what i'd Call gamebraking bugs too, but not beeing able too progress at all, means this Product as it is, is broken. So any News on a Patch yet? And Yeah "blabla console systems are harder becouse of this and that blabla" but trust u me, there Isnt many games out, With these kinds of bugs (wich seriously i'd expect from the betatimes of Kerbal on PC, not a GOLD Console 1.0.1 Version), that would have either left the game unthouched for so long or maybe given theyr custumers a Word.
  12. Playing on: Xbox One Issue: Don't have the full Warp available that exists on PC Details: I am enjoying the my initial forays into the game on Console after having played almost 1000 hours on PC. I am no stranger to glitches and issues with the game. However, as I have been getting further into the game, getting into orbit and the like the lack of being able to go to full Warp to speed up time has become problematic. Apparently there is only the 4X Physic Warp, which is fine in atmo, but when I am trying to get around to the other side of a 300km orbit, that is many real minutes of just sitting. I can't imagine what it will be like waiting to get to the Mun or the outer planets. I am going to assume it is a bug, but if it is not, please consider fixing this in some way, otherwise the game becomes very cumbersome and not very fun. Easy enough to repro, just get into an orbit and try to warp to the other side of your orbit. Thank you.
  13. Not a support request, but a suggestion: I see KasperVld already added a sticky to explain how to request help, meant for console players. This is good. May I suggest a second sticky that adds some hints on 'how to help console players'? Most (all?) of the experienced KSP players in this forum have been playing on computers with keyboards, mice, joysticks, and an OS that allows them a lot of freedom and flexibility in doing things to edit/change/enhance the game, including modding. This community is very good at offering advice of all sorts based on this, from the quick tips to in depth analysis and solutions... but a lot of it could be unusable for console players. Console players may not have the option to 'press mod-F5, you know, on your keyboard' for a named quicksave, or 'rightclick to open the part menu', or 'install <fav mod XYZ> to get a read-out', or 'check the log for errors'. I for one have none of the consoles, and have zero idea if any of these things even have an alternative on consoles, let alone which one that is. I may know the answer to a question or how to solve a problem, but without knowing what can or cannot be offered, or what the standard console controls are replacing the keyboard and mouse buttons, anything I write may be next to useless and probably only frustrating to the console player. So... maybe a post can be compiled and stickied that lists things NOT to suggest to console players, because they don't have those options (mods? pressing keys? clicking mice? etc), things not to ask of console players (can console players 'provide logs' - stated as a requirement sometimes), a table of controls 'translations' for common things, like what replaces the left and rightclicks, or the most common keys, or even UI element differences, anything else that can be foreseen to cause confusion when a PC player tries to help out a console player. I think having something like that stickied up will help avoid confusion and frustration, promote cross-platform assistance, and generally help the console players to benefit from the existing experience and helpfulness of the community.
  14. playing on Xbox and I've got multiple maneuver nodes in place and when I try to delay the first node, it moves the node to a completely different place and messes up all my other nodes. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? And if I am doing something wrong, could you explain what I should be doing instead?
  15. It works finally got my other controller back, just surprised it didn't work on my other controller.