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Found 69 results

  1. Hi, have't played in almost two years. I'm looking for a more logical contract structure and progression for career mode. I've managed to dig up a few threads of mods, but most were with some issues so I'm not sure what to get. I need something that prioritizes unmanned flight in the beginning and possibly also enhances/streamlines progression contracts (such as provides more than one, and doesn't create silly bottlenecks like "you have to rendezvous in Minmus orbit before you can get the next contract"). It needs to work in 1.3.1. I'm running Remote Tech, KAS and TAC life support, I have no other mods that impact the game in a significant way (just parts mods or cosmetics). Please help a Kerbonaut out.
  2. Playing from 1.2.0 (now 1.3.1) on my save I never seen Contract with class"A" asteroid for other celestial body then Kerbin. Is this stock bug, can somebody test this on stock game. My installed mods not changing contracts.
  3. A new asteroid spawns, with the perfect orbital parameters to flyby Kerbin, maybe even touch the atmosphere or hit Kerbin itself! The end of Kerbalkind approaches, while the player on the other hand is trying to build a ridiculous tree swing on one of the Mun arches... I am looking for a mod which will add a contract for every asteroid that is on a near pass trajectory with Kerbin. These contracts get completed once the Asteroids trajectory is no longer a threat. It should be simple: - Default: If you don't want to do it, then just don't take these contracts. If you do take them, you get the usual penalty for canceling them etc. - Hard: These contracts are forced upon you, there is no backing out. Long term time-warping will be a real problem this way, but to each his own. Maybe you HAVE to leave a kerbal behind on each asteroid, their name changing to Bruce Willis for a moment
  4. So, I"m not sure if this is a bug, or if this is considered normal, but I cant seem to complete tourism contracts that require you to orbit the sun. I've figured out a work around, but it doesn't seem quite right. My problem is that I can not get "Orbit the Sun" mission parameter to go green, even though I'm clearly orbiting the sun and do not have any encounter with any planet. I get "Flyby the Sun" to complete, but "Orbit the Sun" will not complete UNLESS the kerbal's vessel is the active vessel when orbit is acheived. Like I said, I've been able to figure out two ways to make it complete once I am in orbit around the sun, but I shouldn't have to do it this way: 1) I had a transfer stage that had a lander docked to it that made it to solar orbit ("Orbit the Sun" was not complete for 2 tourists). The kerbal tourists that needed "Orbit the Sun" were in the lander. The transfer stage was the root vessel. I undocked the lander from the transfer stage and suddenly the two tourists mission parameters of "Orbit the Sun" went green. 2) On another occasion, i didn't have the same lander/transfer setup so I couldn't just undock. I set up a maneuver to re-enter Kerbin SOI, then right after I'm in Kerbin SOI, I set up another maneuver back to solar orbit and just keep the vessel active while it leaves Kerbin SOI and enters Sun's SOI. I've tried playing around with KLM to see the data in the save file. It appears that my kerbal's are not getting "Orbit,Sun" attribute added to their Roster / Flight_Log. I was thinking maybe there was something with Kopernicus causing an issue with solar orbit identification, and I tried removing that, but it didnt help. Does anyone have any other ideas as to what could be causing this? Here is my Game data directory and a screen shot with some "proof" of flight condition/situation.
  5. Seriously, as per title. The contract system loves to get stuck on demanding activities you don't care about in places you've already explored. Could we consider some of the following... Not having rendezvous/dock/crew transfer as an "explore" type contract at all. It's nothing to do with exploration. Ending all further "explore" contacts for a body once it has had a flag planted on it. If players have got this far, they'll either go back for other reasons, or don't want to go back. Having at least two explore contacts available at all times, and not allowing them to be the same body, or parent body if a moon. Increase randomisation of exploration contracts. Duna this week, Eve the next, Eeloo, Jool, Dres... any time, any order. Let players decide whether to take them or wait for next week.* Allow blacklisting of bodies for contract purposes. Literally a ticklist of "never offer me these". Allow players to nominate the target of exploration and provide bonuses based on that. * I don't often feel that RNG is a good answer in games, but in this case, we really need more RNG. I have put boots on Mars, Deimos, and Phobos, yet I haven't even been invited to flyby Venus or Jupiter (yeah, I'm playing RSS but that shouldn't matter to the contract system). It leads to a very silly progression and is likely to have players just ignoring the exploration contracts forever.
  6. At first: Sorry for my bad english (..) Dear KSP Community, I'm new to KSP and making my steps in the Carrier Mode (Normal Difficulty, newest Steam version, no mods) There are a lot of Contracts where it is displayed, that you get as example 6 Science Points for completion. Why? Do i have to do something special to get these Contract Science Points? Do i have to complete these Contracts in the first attempt? (I use revert flight when i crash) Thanks for you help
  7. Career Evolution Contract Pack The smart contract pack that fixes many of the issues in stock career mission progression. I only play Career mode in KSP because I need to have a direction, a mission, a plan. The contracts give me something to do so I can plan my missions around them. However, I have not played stock career mode since my first career. Thanks to @nightingale and his Contract Configurator mod, I haven't had to. There are amazing mod packs created by @nightingale, @severedsolo, @inigma, @Yemo and many many more. The issue I had with all of these modpacks is that they work together to some degree, but the do not necessarily progress logically because they are all from separate packs. WHAT IS THE CAREER EVOLUTION? It is a Contract Pack that takes the player from uncrewed launches like sounding rockets, to the first satellite into crewed launches that explore the solar system. There are contracts for uncrewed exploration of the solar system as well as crewed exploration that includes space stations, surface bases and more. It uses a logical progression so you will explore your nearest planetary neighbors before getting contracts for the rest of the solar system. You crawl before you can walk before you can run. WHAT ARE THE MISSIONS? Early Space Program (No Crew) Satellites (No Crew) Mun & Minmus Exploration (No Crew) Crewed Milestones Planetary Flybys, Orbits & Landings (No Crew) Space Stations (with MUCH influence and code from @severedsolo great pack) Crewed Flybys and Landings Surface Bases (with MUCH influence and code from @severedsolo great pack) WHAT ELSE DO I NEED TO KNOW? These contracts support all modpacks where the HomeWorld is the 3rd planet from the Sun. This means Stock, and stock resizes, RSS, all RSS resizes as well. This currently does NOT support Galileo's Planet Pack but I am looking at ways to remedy that. I HIGHLY recommend Stock with Outer Planets Mod by @CaptRobau or one of the RSS variants. The contracts are designed to take advantage of the extra planets. You MUST use a Unmanned first Tech Tree. These are the ones I recommend: Historical Progression Tech Tree by @pap1723 (me) Unmanned Before Manned by @Yemo Engineering Tech Tree by @Probus REQUIRED MODS Contract Configurator from @nightingale Module Manager DOWNLOADS GitHub SpaceDock License: CC-BY-NC-SA
  8. I've received all green checks when attempting to get the RT-5 Flea test contract, why doesn't it mark it as complete? I've been able to get this several times, but the game won't mark it complete.
  9. I had a contract "expand station X around Kerbin". Oh, men.. what an action it was! 135 ton rocket full of fuel, space for 5 more kerbals, solar panels (there is always not enough power for the lab), 8 monoprop tanks, newly discovered gravioli detector, all controlled by a probe core (Kerbals need rescue missions). The start was a great test for my "launch2" kOS program. In mere 3 orbits the "extension" was 2 km from the station, 60m/s relative speed.The docking was a masterpiece! Two Clampotron-Juniors (the tech was too low for bigger ones) clicked on the first attempt! (Thanks Docking-Port-Alignment mod!). And then... Then... Nothing. Just a brief note from Kerbin Word-First - "Congratulations, you have just started constructing your station on orbit". I call Gene Kerman - "Where is my money for the contract?" And he was like - "What money? The contract got just cancelled." - "Whaat??" Has it happened to you, guys? Is that all because of that fine-print "Be in command of Kerbin Station 1"? Shall I be moving The Station instead of the "extension"? (It had no RCS, so no way..) Or what?
  10. Hi guys, So I saw this contract and it would gave me a lot of money, so i accepted it. The agency wanted me to make a satellite and send into a specific orbit around the mun. I am now orbiting the mun but the inclination is terrible. How can I change it? I tried Normal and Antinormal maneuver nodes but none of them worked. Delta V=2251m/s Bye for now. EDIT: Lol nope i figured it out.
  11. Hello All. I have accepted a sun flyby contract and I'm having a small issue. The game does not allow you to set the sun as a target, therefore, I am not sure how to aim for it. This is my first attempt at leaving Kerbin space before accepting the explore Duna contract. Any tips?
  12. All Rights Reserved : MaErDa Corporation is always looking for new Slaves, i mean Cooperatives. If you are willing to join our sect, i mean our Cie You can apply at [1.2.2] MaErDa Corp : Dev Blog V0.7 with the followed form : Slave Nickname : Slave's desirability to being a slave : ___/100 Slave's softwares licenses : (3dMax,Maya,Zbrush,Substance Painter,Etc) Slave's Skills : (Modeling,Texturing,Coding,Tuning,Concepting,UV mapping,Animation,etc) Slave's Portfolio : Slave's Contact Info : Misc : Contract List : Sketchfab Preview : MaErDa : Power Generator New Contract ! Contract rewards : 2 Whips and a slave collar, i mean an i-Collar (-1 Reputation)! Contract Reputation Exigence : -0 Contract Deadline : 100 years Contract Description : Use the model and textures provided to fully integrate the MaErDa : Power Generator into the MaErDa Beta Tester Pack techtree. Objectives : Import Model with textures. Config Attachments Nodes. Config Power Generator Modules. Animate Emissive Map for On/Off Animation. Scale Variants for each sizes (5m,3.75m,2.5m,1.25m,0.625m,etc). Balance Stats and final testing. Import in MaErDa Techtree Copy the New Prototype Upload the Final Prototype on the MaErDa Dev Blog Find a way to explode with the power generator or Claims your rewards and your credits. MaErDa : Power Generator Prototype Files (Top Secret) All Rights Reserved : Sketchfab Preview : MaErDa : Engine Leg 1 Concept New Contract ! Contract rewards : 5 Whips Contract Reputation Exigence : -1 Contract Deadline : 100 years Contract Description : Use the model and textures provided to fully integrate the MaErDa : Engine Leg 1 into the MaErDa Beta Tester Pack techtree. Objectives : Import Model with textures. Config Attachments Nodes. Config Engine & Landing Leg Modules. Must use Warnium + Oxidier or Air (Switch Mode) Animate Emissive Map for On/Off Animation. Scale Variants for each sizes (5m,3.75m,2.5m,1.25m,0.625m,etc). Balance Stats and final testing. Import in MaErDa Techtree Copy the New Prototype Upload the Final Prototype on the MaErDa Dev Blog Find a way to explode with the Engine Leg or Claims your rewards and your credits. Secrets Projects Files Provided on Demand. (Reputation -1 needed) All Rights Reserved : Sketchfab Preview : MaErDa : Warnium Container 1 New Contract ! Contract rewards : 5 Whips Contract Reputation Exigence : -1 Contract Deadline : 100 years Contract Description : Use the model and textures provided to fully integrate the MaErDa : Warnium Container 1 into the MaErDa Beta Tester Pack techtree. Objectives : Import Model with textures. Config Attachments Nodes. Config Ressource & OverHeat/OutOfJuice Modules. Must use Warnium ressource Animate Emissive Map for On/Off Animation. Scale Variants for each sizes (5m,3.75m,2.5m,1.25m,0.625m,etc). Balance Stats and final testing. Import in MaErDa Techtree Copy the New Prototype Upload the Final Prototype on the MaErDa Dev Blog Find a way to explode with the Engine Leg or Claims your rewards and your credits. Secrets Projects Files Provided on Demand. (Reputation -1 needed) All Rights Reserved :
  13. Hello All. Enjoying my time with KSP very much. I have learned a lot. However, I am currently stumped on a contract I can't get in position for. I am trying to measure temperatures while in space flight above the Mun, but I cannot seem to get into position. I plan a maneuver that appears to line up with the zones needing measured, but when I come around my orbit where I thought I would be above the correct positions I am always off, and not by small amount, but several degrees off. Any pointers on this matter?
  14. Something odd that I don't quite know how to describe: Recently, I rescued a Kerbal from LKO. I got her back safe and sound, but then she disappeared from the Astronaut Center without a trace-- but her capsule is still in orbit. I went to the tracking station to terminate it, but all I can do is to "track" and "untrack" it, as if it were an A-class asteroid. Thinking of sending a mission to deorbit it or plant KAS explosives on it, so it's actually giving me some mission ideas, but I'm still not sure how it happened. Any ideas? I run several mods, primarily parts mods in addition to KCT, Stage Recovery, and KIS/KAS.
  15. I'm using SCANSAT on a 1080 screen. The accuracy required to meet the contract is sub-pixel (aka impossible to eyeball). I have no idea how the heck I'm suppost to do this. Kerbin, above 70km, sub-orbital (I just drop my perapsis under 70km for a moment as I pass- works on the possible contracts.)
  16. The thing that seems really wierd to me are the space station, base and satelite contracts, since you dont actually need them to stay there. I have exploited this many times. Having a lander that has enough crew members, solar panels and a docking port, puting it into orbit, wait for the contract to fininsh, then do the landing and head home. The station/base should be, when all requirements are met, "given" to the contract company for some time or forever. The vessel is still trackable, but no longer controlable. What do you think?
  17. High-G Thrill Ride (GIF)

    While I really should be finishing up my 0.235 Rescue Mission, I've started a career game in 1.2. The contract for tourists wanting to pass out with a high-G flight was a new one to me. So I threw this together. It could do with some optimizations, but it did the job. Too bad I didn't read they also contracted to go to orbit (easy second mission). I've also just installed kOS. This was a very simple script to run this. Probably would have been faster to do it manually.
  18. If I launch a single rocket with a command module and lander into orbit of the Mun, let's say, I know that if I immediately decouple the vessels and then dock them together, it won't fulfill the contract because it came from the same launch. But when I land the lander on the surface and then meet up with the command module again in orbit the second time, will that satisfy the contract? I'd like to not have to build additional rockets just for the purpose of the docking and see if I can knock it out instead during another contract mission. Thanks!
  19. Hey peeps, Is there a way to stop the game generating "dock two vessels around <body>" as a contract? I don't want to do them. I'm running 3.2x, launches are expensive and I don't want to waste my time on sending so much as a pair of microprobes up. I've landed on and returned from both moons, I want to move on, and I don't want to have to go on a docking spree first before I get some contracts for other planets... Ideally I'd like to never see this type of explore contract again. Sometimes I want to dock in orbit, sometimes I don't, there's no need to nag me about it. On the brink of hyperediting things into places because I'm so sick of seeing this missions. Thanks!
  20. So I got a contract where I have to take pressure readings in 4 different locations at the surface. My tech is quite low but I can just about build a simple airplane (my first airplane which works btw) which can take me to the locations... My problem is that it is quite impossible to land in the rugged hilly terrain and I cannot get to ground level.... So what to do? One solution is to build a bigger airplane and attach a rover to it... (if that is at all possible at my current tech level) and then drop it near the targets... Another is to add parachutes to the plane and hope I can land it like that, and then maybe drive it around.. Probably not going to work since the wheels break off rather easily... Or maybe I can just fly the plane really really low and take the reading while flying? Will require some skill though since my plane is wobbly and the ground is hilly... How do you solve contracts like this? I mean, these are some of the first contracts that are offered so they *should* be easy? First time I tried the career mode - I usually just build big rockets and shoot for the stars so this kind of challenge is rather new. Br Michael
  21. I accepted a contract to rescue a kerbal from the Mun and to recover a piece of debris to Kerbin allow with her. However on arrival at the location on the Mun of the pair, I found I had a slight issue, in that the debris part to be recovered was a command seat. As far as I knew this was an un-grab-able part, but I gave it a go, maneuvering my vehicle over the top of it, then activating the grabber and raising the landing gear to drop on top of it, but as expected the grabber unit do not latch on to the command seat. Other than sending another vehicle up with a cargo bay that opens at ground level, then using a kerbal to nudge it slowly into it (not really a dependable solution for a contract) I can't see any way of satisfying the contract requirement of bringing the part back to Kerbin. So my questions would be 1. Am I correct in thinking that command seats are not grab-able and 2. If so, has anyone had contracts that required the recovery of other seemingly impossible to recover items. Actually a 3rd question would be if I'm just being an idiot and forgetting something obvious as a solution. BTW... I'm looking for a stock game solution to this. Thanks.
  22. Sun: Flyby Vs Orbit

    When it comes to tourists contracts, what's the difference between a sun fly-by and a sun orbit requirement? Or is it just the wording that's different and they both just need you to pop out of Kerbins SOI and back?
  23. I've just accepted my first contract to expand a base that was built for a previous client. The current contract requires accommodation for 28 Kerbals. Does that mean the new, add on part must have 28 berth's, or that the base as a whole (including the 6 berth's from the original base) must have 28 when the new part (with 22 extra places) is attached?
  24. The challenge is simple: make a Fire-and-forget rocket that sends tourists to LKO and back. RULES No shenanigans. Shenanigans are allowed, but will put you in a separate category. Tourists must come home safe. It doesn't need to recover itself. No control of the craft whatsoever after launch. Optimally, there would be no probe core or crew pod the craft. (You may put tourists in a crew pod) Orbit is "PE > 75km" You may do whatever you want on the pad; no input after you leave the pad -- Bill has a quadcopter you can take apart for it's R/C circuits. No alt+F12 menu CATEGORIES Stock - 100% stock install. KER & other informational mods are allowed to show your orbit in screens. KOS - Stock with KOS installed. All other rules apply. (Trivially easy, so not very interesting...) Shenanigans - KOS or Stock, but you can do things like using cannons on the pad. Modded - All mods are allowed, except cheaty mods like hyper edit. Too easy. Lo-tech - Tier 3 or lower. You can use KOS if it's doohickey is tier 3 or lower. If KOS's doohickey is >= Tier 3 you can use it. SCORING score = [Mass on the pad] / [# tourists]. Lowest score wins. e.g., 50 tons & 10 Kerbals = 50/10 = 5. 50 tons and 5 Kerbals = 50/5 = 10 Stock highscore: ICMM ∞ KOS highscore: ICMM ∞ Shenanigans highscore: ICMM ∞ Lo-tech highscore: ICMM ∞ Modded highscore: ICMM ∞ More scores My entry I will do this later today! SUBMIT Preferably, record a video. OBS works well and is free. If you submit an album... Honor system. Craft file should be supplied so we can confirm that it works. BADGE If someone would make one, that would be awesome! Separate badges for each category, please.