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Found 77 results

  1. This may be related to the bug other people have reported about the game reverting to a previous state - I'm playing career mode on the PS4. With some contracts - so far, I've mainly had this problem with equipment tests for the R&D vendor - I will complete the test and satisfy all parameters, get the green text that says the contract was completed, end the mission, recover the craft, go back to mission control - and there's the same contract in my 'active' list, waiting to be completed. This has happened repeatedly with parachutes and solid fuel boosters tests for the R&D vendor. If you need a gameplay video I can probably make one, since it seems to happen consistently. I haven't diligently tracked what's happening to my funds and reputation balances (or KSC local time) through all this, so I can't tell you if the entire game is simply reverting to an earlier state or not. But I can't imagine why it would happen with equipment test contracts and not with, say, orbital rescues which don't seem to have the same issue. EDIT: Shutting the PS4 down completely and restarting it apparently fixed the problem with one of the contracts - when I flew the same "haul the parachute up to 5-8k meters" mission again, it registered as completed.
  2. Xbox One EE Cursor controls Career mode, hard setting, purchase of upgrades disabled because it doesn't work Bug: Contracts vanish from the list, moving from the mission control building after accepting a contract to the VAB then to the launch pad - upon arrival at the launch pad the selected contract was no longer present - returning to mission control indicated it was not on the "available" list, checking the "current" contracts showed none currently in progress, the "completed" tab was also empty despite half a dozen contracts having been undertaken and completed, cashed in etc. Notification messages for completion of contracts still present, but not in mission control. Expected behaviour: once selected a contract remains active until completed or discarded
  3. Hi, I'm playing a career mode game, and upgraded the Mission Control building to Level 3 (maximum) a long time ago. The game says this upgrade should allow "unlimited number of active contracts". Although the upgrade did indeed remove the hard limit on the number of contracts, I found that the game simply didn't offer me any more contracts once I had 14 active. Whenever I'd complete a contract, I'd be offered a new one, one-for-one, but no more than that. One day when I completed a story contract, the game offered me two in its place, which expanded the "rotation" to 15, but a few contracts later, for no apparent reason, I completed one and was not offered a new one, reducing it back to 14. The other day I completed a non-storyline contract and was offered two in its place, so it's now back up to 15. Does anyone know what's going on here? Is this "intended" behavior by the game? An arbitrary technical limitation perhaps (e.g. due to the contracts being stored in a fixed-size array in the game code)? I would really like to be able to have more than 15 active contracts. Right now, more than half of the effective "slots" are tied up with long-term missions that I can't (or don't want to) start yet - e.g. I need to unlock the requisite tech tree nodes to complete ore contracts, and I don't want to skip any of the storyline contracts (thus I can't escape Kerbin until I've finished exploring Minmus, since that would skip that contract). This leaves only a few slots for active turnover of contracts, which makes it difficult to e.g. get enough tourists on the books to fill up a big, efficient craft to take them to the Mun. Is there any way to "fix" this? Perhaps a setting, or a mod? It seems weird for the "size of the market" to be effectively capped like this; one would expect the market to increase as I demonstrate the ability to perform more ambitious missions more efficiently. Thanks!
  4. Контракты

    "Отказ от выполнения контракта не считается провалом и не накладывает никаких штрафных санкций. Вместо этого, при аннулировании договора, аванс возвращается обратно, а репутация остается без изменений. Это можно использовать для контрактов, срок выполнения которых заканчивается раньше возможности их завершения"(С)Википедия- не считаете ли вы это не совсем правильным?! Имхо! Было бы прикольнее, если ты уже взял контракт, то отмена его считалась бы ПРОВАЛОМ и штрафовали бы тебя по полной, так же как и если выйдет срок, а если просто хочешь в списке контрактов отменить, чтоб появился другой вариант то снижалась бы только репутация!
  5. My main gripe with this game is the following: The contracts. And no, contract configurator is not the answer. I really want to play career mode but spend 2 hours trying to find a hand full of coherent contracts by spamming "decline" until something useful pops up! So I start with a "plant flag on mun" for example. Then cycle through some nonsense missions test solid fuel booster in orbit around X.. or test jet engine splashed down.. please someone put some intelligence into the RNG! If I have selected a plant flag on mun mission offer me tests that involve the MUN! Also allow me to do multiple tests on the same part, I am not going to take 3 different engines there am I ?! So allow me to test engine X in sub-orbit, orbit and surface of mun for example. I would like to go to the mission control building. Pick a mission on offer and tweak it. Don't like the part? Change it. Don't like the location? Change it. Don't like the altitude of the orbit? Change it.. etc. Rather than having to decline missions repeatedly for 30 mins till i get a mission for the part i want in a location I want. My latest discovery "test fairing X on launch pad". In my innocence I thought there would be a test button like the heat shield. HA! No they expect you to pop the bloody thing ON THE LAUNCHPAD! Made me rage quit again. I can't be the only one frustrated by this?
  6. I accepted a contract to put a satellite in orbit around Minmus. When I try and get the orbit close to the required orbit I can't get the contract to complete. Does anyone know how close you have to get to the required orbit to complete the contact? I had the periapsis within 5km and the apoapsis spot on but apparently I wasn't close enough. Also does anyone have any general tips with matching orbits? I am at the start of career mode with very little science unlocked and even with my weakest engine with tiny thrust the orbit changes lots in seconds. I would imagine Minmus isn't the easiest one to start with as well.
  7. I've finished my first Eve/Gilly mission in my current career save, and what does the next exploration contract entail? Go back to Gilly, where I've already been, and transfer crew between vessels, which I've already done. I think to myself, "I'll just warp time and hopefully get that Jool or Bop contract". I do that, what do I see? Transfer crew between vessels around Ike, which I did ages ago. Warp again, "Dock around Mun", already done that. It's giving me repeated contracts to do mundane tasks that I've done before and I'm not getting contracts to go any further than Duna, and it's really beginning to annoy me.
  8. What it says on the tin: Would it possible for Kerbals that go MIA (i.e. their craft goes beyond physics range and is despawned) to be available for rescue as a contract? They could simply get spawned at the location their craft was despawned at when the contract is taken.
  9. Hi, i 've got a problem with asteroid contracts which come with the condition "Have a previously undisturbed Class X asteroid in tow" resetting whenever i save&load. Specifically i'm dealing with a contract to put a Class E into orbit of Minmus which is quite time-consuming with ISRU and low dV changes, but i can not save my progress because whenever i have my vessel "docked"(3 Klaws i rammed into the rock) and saved, the asteroid in question is not registered as previously undisturbed/part of the contract anymore. Meaning i can't solve the contract. The same problem arises with another contract which asks for station building around Duna on a previously undisturbed asteroid (i think, the condition also resets when changing vessels on map mode), making rendezvous with station parts after orbital insertion impossible. Is there a trick to circumvent this? Like savefile hacking to make the asteroid a viable target again or sth?
  10. I want to get more contracts but the game isn't offering any. I have a fully-upgraded Mission Control, so I have unlimited space
  11. By which I mean to suggest that anything that is not flyby, gather science, orbit, land on, or plant a flag on is not really "exploration". Some of the most galling offenders are: rendezvous two vessels dock two vessels transfer crew between vessels return from ...which have nothing to do with exploration. The first three are dull and mundane tasks dressed up as purposeful. If you're going to return, you'll return. If you're naturally sending a multi-part vessel, you'll do some docking. If you're just doing a one-launch mission, none of these things may happen. I would also suggest that once a player has achieved orbit around a body, then all moons of that body become viable options for the explore contract generator, and one other un-visited planet where available. This would result in the target of the explore contracts actually changing, since there would be a significant pool to draw from. As it stands, it's all too easy to get stuck with "return from orbit of Laythe" while your probe is happily touring all the Joolian moons. I'd sure have thought the news networks would be interested in sponsoring a landing on Pol or Bop, but apparently the only thing they want is a piece of the probe that orbited Laythe.
  12. I'm playing the Alien Space Program mod and I can't complete the "Launch our first vessel" contract on Tylo or Minmus. Is there a way to manually complete the contract so I can actually do things in career mode? I think it's got something to do with airless worlds, because Duna still works.
  13. Pretty much exactly as it sounds. I very recently managed to update my 1.2.2 save to 1.3.1--which realistically probably took ~10 hours of reinstalling every mod and testing to see what worked and what didn't--and was settling down to play when I realized that ever new contract the game generated for me is missing the contract agent (provider) name. It's just blank. All other data is present. Most of my existing contracts have names. And they all have the flag graphics loaded up. Some tests seem to suggest this is only for modded providers, since things like "Kerbin's First" and "Sean's Cannery" still show up. I have no idea what could be causing this. I went ahead and installed Contract Configurator, which was something I'd overlooked, but the new contracts generated don't seem to be fixed. If I open up the actual save file, my contracts all seem to have agent names listed in the file, the game just...doesn't want to load them up? I've never encountered this issue before.
  14. The contracts that ask to launch a new probe and reach a specific orbit don't work. It's like they don't "see" what i am doin', they don't mark anything. I read all, i'm nah stupid, they don't even mark "build a new probe that have an antenna and can generate power" which is stupidly easy... I have those mods: Redux, alarm clock, FMRs, KerbalReusabilityExpansion, recovery controller, module manager 2.8.1. KSP 1.3.0 1804. New career. EDIT: i solved reinstalling th' game...
  15. Add-on for Satellite Contracts

    I am a bit bored with the basic "put a satellite here" contracts, and wanted to spice it up. I use Contract Configurator for Clever Sats but even still it hasn't quite scratched the itch. I thought that being given a randomly generated satellite (sizes/parts/layout) and told where to place it might be a fun spin on the existing satellite contract model. It could be displayed as a popup when entering the VAB (similar to the passenger UI when on the launch pad) where you would select the contract and it would insert the part for you to start attaching items to. Alternatively, the contracts could specify satellite requirements themselves (similar to the space station check lists that already exist) Must generate power Must have x units of electricity Must have x science experiments on board Specific number of satellites per rocket (if even possible?) Could also name specific parts to be installed on the satellite, but might be problematic with multiple part mods installed. Does this exist as its own add-on or as an enhancement to an existing add-on?
  16. Is there any way to toggle the display of contracts in the Tracking Center? I'm not crazy about how when I go to the Tracking Center my display is all mixed up with all the possible orbital changes, etc. I guess I could just go to Mission Control and just decline everything, but I would have to just keep doing that when new contracts appear. Is there any way to simply toggle them on/off? Thanks!
  17. I'm running the latest build (1.3) on Windows and I'm not seeing a single contract for taking tourists on suborbital flights. I read that once you've gotten into orbit they won't show up so the farthest I've achieved so far has been suborbital (to space but nothing sustained). Was this bad info or am I missing something? I have completed and denied several contracts to get some tourists to show up, but that hasn't worked at all.
  18. Hi, On my career save I start a satellite contract. It's the second time I accept that kind of contract and I got no problem with the first one. But when I deliver my probe I don't validate the contracts due to some "parts" problem (see the screen below). My probe is not recognized as a "new unmanned probe with antenna and power generator" : However I've two antenna (a relay and a simple one), two solar panel, no crew (no Kerbal fits into a Probodobodyne OKTO isn't it?), and my probe can't be newer than a probe which I can "Revert to VAB" as far as I understand... So what am I doing wrong?
  19. All of my contracts are either rescue someone from orbit or to launch a satellite in some incredibly specific orbit. The satellite part seems impossible at my current tech level so im left with rescue contracts but im not sure where to even start.
  20. Hello to you all an this Monday morning. I hope everyone had a pleasant weekend. I have an unusual question, perhaps bug, I need answered or pointed in the right direction for. I have a contract to put a satellite in a designated orbit around Minmus. The satellite I dispatched for this contract is called Minmus Satellite IV. While in route to Minmus to complete the contract another contract became available to alter the orbit of Minmus Satellite IV that was orbiting Kerbin to a different, and outlandish, orbit of Kerbin. Is this a glitch? It's asking me to change a orbit on a satellite that isn't even in a completed position yet. If it's not a glitch, what's the reason for this? I have had other contracts to alter orbits on satellites, but they have been satellites that have been in set positions for some time. I am slightly confused about this and could use a pointer or two. Do I accept the new contract? Do I decline it?
  21. 'Explore' Contracts

    So, in Campaign, I have tried to go to planets in the order the explore contracts give them to me, for a sort of storyline/progression even after I have finished the tech tree. However, this is just getting annoying. Explore Ike: perform a rendezvous around Ike, perform a docking around Ike. Explore the Sun: Rendezvous two vessels, perform a crew transfer. Explore Gilly: Return to Kerbin from orbit of Gilly. Now, I want to explore new planets, and I am nearly done with these moons and planets. However I keep getting more contracts for Ike and Gilly, and even the Sun. I just finished the Explore Ike contract using a probe with a claw on it, and then got a contract to do a crew transfer around Ike, and I have no other easily available ships to do that with, from my Duna base. These contracts just start to feel more annoying after I've already done X around Y so many times. The return missions are annoying as well. When I first explored Gilly, it told me to return from a Gilly flyby. I sent a probe, returned it to Kerbin. A contract for orbit Gilly + return then is available. Since most of the time I either send one-way probes to moons/planets or I send refuelling bases, it means I either have to send another vehicle to go there and return, or sacrifice one of the vehicles I already have there to go back, which means sending a duplicate again, which gets boring after I've sent two different vehicles to the Duna system for Ike returns. What are your opinions on these Explore contracts? Personally, I believe it would be better with just Flybys, Orbits, Landings, Flags and Science but that's just my opinion. And also, is it true that going to a location early skips all Explore contracts for that location?
  22. Hello, A lot of contracts say test this part at this altitude with this speed and it can take hours of trial and error (for a newbie like me) to test 1 part. I want to progress in career mode but at this rate, I'll never get anywhere... so I am wondering is there an easy way to calculate what speed your ship will be doing at altitude X with certain settings? I find it incredibly frustrating to do these kind of contracts, I literally make a note of my engines/settings/stages and then what speed I was doing at what altitude, adjust, try again, fail, cry, adjust, rinse, repeat... Thanks, Ryan
  23. Like Principia? Want contracts utilizing Lagrange points? Now you can have them. This mod extends Contract Configurator to let you configure contracts that can make sure your within a range of distances between two celestial bodies (a parent and a child), as well as an angle between the child body's prograde vector, and the line between the vessel and the child body (useful for differentiating between L4 and L5). Download: Github View the Source Installation: Copy the GameData folder into the KSP root directory and merge them with the existing GameData folder. This will not make contracts. View the github repo on how to configure your own contracts. Feel free to make some and share them with others! Changelog:
  24. In my career game my mission control stopped offering contracts. Fortunately, i have fixed that thanks to this reddit post However, now i am being bombarded by ~50 contract offers. Is this because my reputation is ~50? Or is it because I raised the contract limit to 30? If I am being offered so many contracts because of my raised limit, how can I bring the number of contracts being offered in mission control down a few notches to feel less cheaty? Thanks in advance!