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Found 63 results

  1. I will not provide support if you don't follow these simple instructions. To many mods out for KSP for me to be chasing things that might not be related to Mission Controller 2. Version Of Mission Controller for KSP 1.3 Released. Contract Types Single Delivery Satellite Contracts Using MCE Ground Stations. 6 Satellite Network Contract Using MCE Ground Stations. Science Contracts Ionazation and Mass Spectomety. Repair Contracts (satellite and Station) Historical Contracts. Covering Russian and American space programs. Early Career Mode Contract. In game custom contracts, satellite, crew transfer, cargo transfer and orbit or landing. MCE revert button. Charges you % of ship cost for reverts. The New Satellite Contracts. The new satellite contracts introduced in version 1.2 of MCE has added a completely new type of contract for KSP. With many different flavors of Missions. Types Of Satellite Contracts Communications Core: With Frequency Adjustment And Module Selection Naviagtional Core: With Frequency Adjustment And Module Selection Weather Core: With Frequency Adjustment and Module selection Reasearch Core: With Frequency Adjustment and Module Selection Each contract type has its own associated part that goes with it. These parts are my first custom made parts that I have ever created. Single Delivery Contracts These new contract types also bring many flavors of objectives. One of the main objectives is to deliver a single satellite to either Polar Orbit Or more common KeoStationary orbit. Core Adjustments in VAB This is where the new parts come in. One of the objective of these contracts is to add a Certain Satellite core to your vessel. The satellite cores are split into the 4 types above. You also need to set up a Module type that the Customer wants installed into the core. You can adjust these inside the VAB with Tweakables via right clicking on the already placed part. You also need to set a Frequency that the contract requires. You can do this the same way with a tweakable while inside the VAB and right clicking the part. Start Data Linkup This is an objective of these types of contracts. Once you get the vessel into the Objective orbit and you have the correct Module installed and Frequency you can right click on the part while in flight and complete this object by pressing the "Start Data Linkup" Keep A Line Of Sight Of Ground Station This is an objective that works very similar to the Default KSP Keostationary contract the only difference is that the ground station is connected via Frequency you set previously while building your satellite. this is important only a satellite with the right frequency can establish a link with the target ground station and finish this objective. Get to KeoStationary Orbit This is an easy objective you must get to the designated APA and PEA orbital heights the contract requires. For most contracts this is a keostationary orbit. Some Satellite types do have different types of orbits though so pay attention. Attention You can only set the frequency and module type while in the VAB. You cannot change these while in flight. If you get the wrong settings you will have to launch a new vessel. Also be aware that a Satellite core can only do 1 Data Link download. They cannot be reused for other missions. So make sure the settings are correct. Network Contracts The big daddy of satellite contracts. The network contract requires you to launch 6 Satellites and build a network around kerbin. All 6 satellites work the same way as the above Single Contract Missions. They all require Satellite cores (all the same) Satellite Modules (again all the same) and finally Frequencies. Every satellite has a different frequency set to a different Ground Station. You must set each satellite to the correct frequency while in the VAB. You can also launch Multiple satellites at the same time. But make sure your not setting the Frequencies while in Symmetry mode! Do not place Satellite cores down in Symmetry mode either or every time you change a frequency the others will change also! Ground Stations There are 6 ground stations added by mission controller. They split kerbin up into 4 quadrants on the equator and 2 quadrants on the poles. While a contract is active or available these GroundStations will show up in the map view via KSP FinePrint Icons. All ground stations are located in the same place and are named. While in flight you can see ground stations that are assigned to your contract in flightMode. Science Contracts The science Contracts offered by Mission Controller consist of: Ionization Scan of Orbit You must load you vessel with the Mission Controller Part Ionization Chamber and launch a vessel to the Target Celestial body the contract requires. When you arrive in orbit you can conduct the Ionization Scan to complete the contract and get some Science! The scanner takes a little while to conduct its studies so just wait for the timer to run down and the contract will complete. Land And Conduct Mass Spectrometry Analysis You must build an Unmanned lander and place the mission controller Part Mass Spectrometry Tube and launch your vessel to the target celestial body and land. Once landed you can conduct a Mass Spectrometry Scan to finish the mission. the scanner takes a little while to conduct it's studies so just wait for the timer to run down and the contract will complete. Repair Contracts One of the last parts that Mission Controller adds is what is called the Repair Panel. This panel is a required part for most Satellite type missions. Once enough satellites are in space satellites have a random chance of breaking. If this is the case a repair contract will pop up giving you an option to launch to the satellite and conduct repairs. All you need for these missions is an Engineer kerbal. Once you reach the satellite EVA your Engineer and head to the Repair panel that is attached to your Satellite or Station. Open it up and select the option to Test the system. After this is complete conduct repairs to finish the contract. Custom Contracts! There a 3 different types of custom contracts you can build yourself while Playing Kerbal Space Program and Mission Controller. Custom ComSat Contract: Made for your RemoteTech Needs. Just select the Orbital Periods you launch and turn on the contract and they will show up in your Mission control Center. Custom Supply Contract: Have a Life Support Mod? Or other type of resource mod? Use this contract to make custom missions to supply your stations with the supplies they need. Mission controller can support any supply added by any mod. If its not part of mission controller now, you can add it yourself by editing the Mission Controller Config file. Custom Crew Expedition: Need to have a crew on the station or base. Mission Controllers Custom Crew Expedition allows you to set up crew rotations to your bases and space stations! Historic Contracts. (Can Be Turned Off) Mission Controller has a wide range of Historical missions. If these types of missions are not what you want to do you can shut these off in the settings menu available from the Space Center overview screen. Just click the MCE Icon to open up the settings tab. Vostok 1 Vostok 2 Voskhod 2 Tiros 1 Tiros 7 Tiros NOAA - N Mariner 2 Mariner 4 Mariner 10 Voyager 1 Apollo Missions + Extended Duna Missions Luna 2 Luna 16 Agena Target Vehicle Agena Docking Launch Of SkyLab Expedition 1 To SkyLab Expedition 2 To SkyLab Expedition 3 To SkyLab This mod includes version checking using MiniAVC. If you opt-in, it will use the internet to check whether there is a new version available. Data is only read from the internet and no personal information is sent. For a more comprehensive version checking experience, please download the KSP-AVC Plugin. Curse Download KSP 1.3 (MCE 1.4.5) GitHub Download KSP 1.3 KSP Version. (MCE 1.4.5) Source Code License Mission Controller 1.4.5 Update. 1. Fixed a bug where MCE Buttons would not show up on New games, and sometimes older games. If this problem persist please report it to me ASAP. you might get duplicate buttons when you load up the New version. Once you do a scene transition IE from SpaceCenter to VAB this should correct itself.. And never come back.. If does Report please. Mission Controller Update. 1. New Gui Using the new Untity Assets and Kerbal Space Program PopupGui 2. All settings are now located in KSP settings menu. (Intergrated) 3. New Custom Contract Land and orbit. (This is first step towards a new type of custom contract) 4. Repair Contracts no longer use MCE random. You should get them more often now using KSP Contract weight system. 5. Started the first stage of Localization. 6. MCE Revert is back. Use this revert for a non cheaty version that now cost you a % of your ship cost to use. Can be turned off/On in settings. 7. Other minor fixes to other Contracts. I have also started converting MCE Contract Paramenters and contracts to using any new Default Paramenters that Mirror my old versions. Mission Controller Update. 1. Fixed Research Core Science Not working. 2. Fixed Weather Core Science Not working. Mission Controller Update. 1. updated for KSP 1.2. 2. Changed out a good portion of the Satellite contracts to use the default KSP Orbit Goal, instead of the old MC2 AP and PE goals. Now you get KSP orbit in game Representation of orbits, just like the default Satellite contracts. 3. The Communication Core has a 2nd role as Direct Communications link. Equal to the Communotron-16. 4. The navigation Core has a 2nd role as a Relay Communications Link. Equal to the HG-5 Relay System. 5. The Communication Core and Navigation core are now located in the Communications Tab. 6. The Weather Core, Research Core, Mass Spectrometry Tube, Ionization Chamber are located in the Science Tab. 7. The Repair Panel is still located in the Utility Tab. 8. The weather Core can now do science, and give you science points. Version 1.3.7 For KSP 1.12 1.Recompiled for KSP 1.12 with AVC Updated. 2.Fixed an Apollo-Duna fail load on TargetBody4. 3.Fixed KEOSync Orbits for Satellite network contract. Should have the right values now. 4.Fixed Rover Waypoint Drive Contract showing up multiple times in contract list. version 1.3.6 For KSP 1.11 1. Fixed issue with some more errors in Contract Save and Load configs. 2. Fixed issue with lower res games having issues with GUI Screens. (hopefully). [b]Version 1.3.4 (KSP 1.1 Update)[/b] 1.Fixed the issues with APA and PEA in most contracts I hope. 2.Only the Satellite Network Contracts have a set value for KEOSync orbits now.. All other contracts can have random values to help spice it up a little. 3.Messed a little with the randomness of Repair Contracts. 4.Worded some of the missions a little different. 5.MCE should work with RS and other Solar System modification mods that change the size of kerbin and other bodies. 6.Adjusted some prices to make Contract Payouts a little less 7. Increased Repair Contracts again. 8. Fixed a few mission Description problems 9. fixed a lot of possible NRE issues, especially at part load and MCE modules. 11. .fixed an issue with Repair contracts and a possible NRE when the Check for Repair Part doesn't pass. 12. .fixed issues Up to and including all Apollo Historic missions I could find. I still have more work to do on finding any issues with the later historic missions. 13. .Searched for in code errors that have been around and trying to squash them. These don't cause many problems in game but might help reduce More NRE issues. 14. Added new contract Land Rover, and Drive Rover. This is a WIP project and might not work totally correctly yet. But the mission has two parts, Land your rover on (Duna is only planet this release) specific waypoint. The waypoint is represented in the Map view during the game. You do have a small margin or error for the LZ. But you have to be pretty close when landing the rover. The next part is a 2nd contract that adds a new waypoint for you to drive your rover to. This one is pretty self explanatory. Again this contract is a WIP. I have not had much time to test it out and any possible issues. I will continue to work on it as I get time though. 15. Added Mini AVC to Mission Controller to help control possible version conflicts. [B]version 1.26[/B] Fixed issue where Repair Contracts not showing. Had to get rid of the ability to choose your own Chance percentage in config file. This is a quick fix to get them to show up again until I can look into changing this later. [B]Version 1.25[/B] 1. Fixed the Great potatoes Bug mystery. Satellite contracts had a strange requirement for a Potato? This was not an intentional feature. What happened was that I have always used a default mission objective from default KSP contracts. That is the satellite has Power and is new.. This was from the fineprint contracts that ship with the game now. When 1.05 for KSP came out the contract. Parameters for fine print were MOVED to a new location and some renamed. I found what I though was the new name for Satellite has power and is new.. But I guess it is not the case. Sorry for lack of checking on that one, that part is my fault. 2. I raised the default error of margin for APA and PEA from 1000 to 5000. 3. Shipped the up-to-date config file with new version. The older version had an older config file.. Was not a big deal the config file rewrites itself if its not correct, but still rather have the right one for you can edit the config file before starting for the first time. [B]Version 1.24[/B] 1.05 compatible changed a few things that made MC2 not work right in 1.05 of KSP. All should be good now. [B]Version 1.22[/B] 1.Fixed the Issue with Low and High Frequencies not being able to be selected. 2.Added a Margin Of Error for Low and High APA values in config file. 3.Added Payment Modifier in the Config File for contracts. 4.Satellite Contracts should no longer have random parts for Mission Controller. [B]Version 1.2 Released[/B] 1. Completely redid satellite contracts. Satellite contracts now require new parts! They are also very different and use Frequencies to communicate with ground stations to complete contracts. Most missions require KeoStation Orbit and to keep target ground stations in line of sight at all times. 2. Single delivery Contract Missions. 3. Network Contracts: Construct a 6 satellite network above kerbin. This is the big daddy contract of MCE. Pays well, but takes time and knowledge to complete. 4. Lots of code clean up no more Kerbal Insurance. (out of scope for this mod now) 5. Brand new Parts for satellite contracts. Communication Core, Navigation Core, Weather Core, and Research Core. Check the forum page for info on new contracts and how to complete them. In game explanation is also pretty thorough if you don't like to read. LOL. [B]Version 1.21 Released[/B] 1. Fixed the duplication bug of Historical Contracts. Only 1 should show up now in your contract list. [B]Version 1.12.3 [/B] 1. All part textures converted to DDS format. 2. Fixed Apollo-Duna Orbital Mission Transmit Science from ground. Suppose to be transmit science from Space. 3. Fixed payout for Apollo-Duna Orbital Mission. Was way to much. 4. Fixed Apollo-Duna payout for Build Station. Was way to much. 5. Other small fixes forgot about. With this update make sure to delete your Old MissionControllerEC folder completely. Or you will get duplicate part textures! DDS and PNG. Bad idea. [B]Version 1.12.2[/B] 1. Removed the need for any future RSS config files. Mission Controller 2 will figure out the Orbits of all bodies on its own.. (I hope) 2. Removed Civilian Contracts. 3. Fixed Repair Contracts. The contracts no longer have SpareParts as requirement. (forgot to remove last time) 4. Fixed Repair Contracts. The descriptions for the contracts now should read new method for Repairs. 5. Did a small pass on some of the contract payouts. This might take awhile as I get a look at what contracts are paying and bring more changes. 6. Removed some other legacy code no longer used. 7. Added Supplies From USI Life support to the Custom Resupply Contract. ChangLog 1.12.1 1. KSP 1.0 Version compatible. 2. No more hire Cost (1.0 has it) 3. Civilian Contracts Turned off (possibly removed next version since 1.0 has civ contracts) 4. No more in editor Parts reader (1.0 has some sort of System) 5. No more dependencies. (you only need mission controller now to run MC). 6. Another Revamp of Repair Missions. No longer require SpareParts or any type of resource. All you need now is a Kerbal Engineer to fix satellites. Or stations. 7. Added Apollo 17 (Minmus) 8. Added new expanded Apollo Missions with 9 new single contracts covering the Set up and landing on Duna. 9. Rewrote the Orbit Research and Landing Research Contracts to be more NASA Like. 10-. The parts have had a overhall pass and renamed. They reflect Real World Early Tech found on early Probes. Orbital Research Is now Ionization Chamber and LanderResearch is Mass Spectrometry Tube. (will be save friendly transfer) 11. Most other contracts that remain have been been made more Realistic in explanations.. Like historical missions. [B]Version 1.11.0 Mission Controller For .90.[/B] Please delete your whole MissionControllerEC folder before installing this update. 1. Added 2 new Historic Contracts Covering the United States TIROS Program (Television Infrared Observation Satellite) (3 Contracts) And the United States Mariner Program. Mariner 2 (Eve) Mariner 4 (Duna) Mariner 10 (Eve and Moho) and Renamed Mariner 11 and 12 (Voyager 1 To Jool System). 2. Added the ability to Add your own resources to the Station supply Contracts. These Resources can be changed or added in the config file. What it looks like. [CODE] SupplyResourceList { Item = LiquidFuel Item = Oxidizer Item = MonoPropellant Item = XenonGas Item = Food Item = Water Item = Oxygen Item = Kibbal } You can either change the Item or Add a whole new one like this. SupplyResourceList { Item = LiquidFuel Item = Oxidizer Item = MonoPropellant Item = XenonGas Item = Food Item = Water Item = Oxygen Item = Kibbal Item = NewStuffAdded (has to match the resource name in the resource.cfg files of mod, or game) } 3. Fixed and issue with the Jr docking port in Agena Contracts. This was actually a bigger problem that had nothing to do with the Jr docking port so this fix actually fixes many issues that this was causing. 4. Fixed an issue I thought was only with SkyLab Docking in Contract 2,3 and 4. But again this was a bigger issue with some of the Parameters not working correctly with ID changes. Now The Docking and the Time start for these types of contracts have been changed to first check the docking Id, and if those fail to check the vessel name. This should pretty much kill any more issues with these types of Contracts. On a plus side if you do end up having issues you can now just change the name of the Station to match the Contract Docking name and things should work if you need. 5. Fixed some typos in some of the contracts pointed out earlier in the thread. Version 1.10.1 1. Updated Landing Parameter again, I think I have eliminated about 75% of the chances of this event firing while waiting to launch. It still happens in rare instances but its about as close as I can get. 2. Added new contract Early years. This contract is to help out what I think is a huge hole in the early years of a campaign game. The basic idea is to launch a vessel (rocket) with early tech and land in a specific Biome on kerbin. Once landed conduct any type of research to conclude the contract. A lot of the early contracts are very difficult (hardcore mode) because you don't have the tech to do the fineprint contracts in early years without it being a grind fest. This helps if you turn off PartTest contracts and rescue kerbals to fill those gaps. The contract does not pay huge amount so you won't get rich off it. Once satellite contracts start popping up this contract does not appear anymore! 3. Fixed agena contract showing up to early in game. Version 1.10 for KSP .90 Beta Than Ever 1. Updated for KSP .90 Beta Than Ever. 2. Fixed an issue with Vessel Must Survive option being triggered when other parts of vessel are destroyed. 3. Fixed the Agena Contract 2 requiring Docking Port Jr. This been changed to just require a docking port of any kind. Version 1.09.4 Released (Dec 2 2014) Fixed issue with Historic Contract SkyLab 2 still using Repair Parts. Been changed to new SpareParts and should complete goal now.
  2. I'm running the latest build (1.3) on Windows and I'm not seeing a single contract for taking tourists on suborbital flights. I read that once you've gotten into orbit they won't show up so the farthest I've achieved so far has been suborbital (to space but nothing sustained). Was this bad info or am I missing something? I have completed and denied several contracts to get some tourists to show up, but that hasn't worked at all.
  3. Contract Pack: Historical Progression This contract pack is designed to take you through the history of the human space program. This entire contract pack was inspired by Whitecat106's Historic Missions contracts. He has created an incredible selection of close to 700 missions! For me, that is too much, and I wanted to go through the history of human spaceflight and progress how we have done in real life. I did not want to have to launch a mission that was almost the smae thing over and over again. This contract pack takes you from the first sounding rockets to New Horizons and into the future. You will be tasked with recreating some of the most ambitious missions like the Apollo Program, Voyager and the International Space Station. It is up to you to guide the Kerbals into the cosmos through a historical progression. Some of these contracts are very involved and require you to use gravity assists to accomplish the contract parameters. Others give you the option to complete certain goals in order to gain bonuses. For example, in your Space Shuttle contracts, you get bonus funds if you land your shuttle on the Runway back at KSC. One of the best examples of this is the MESSENGER contract. It requires you to enter a polar orbit of the first planet in the solar system. We will use the stock system with the Real Solar System planets as an example. MESSENGER Contract Parameters General Goal: Design an unmanned craft to Orbit Moho (Mercury) with a minimum Inclination of 70 degrees Design an unmanned craft with an antenna (also with 3 SCANsat scanners if you have the mod installed) Launch MESSENGER Enter Orbit of the Sun OPTIONAL BONUS: Flyby Kerbin (Earth) for a gravity assist OPTIONAL BONUS: Flyby Eve (Venus) for a gravity assist OPTIONAL BONUS: Flyby Eve (Venus) again for a gravity assist OPTIONAL BONUS: Flyby Moho (Mercury) for a gravity assist OPTIONAL BONUS: Flyby Moho (Mercury) again for a gravity assist OPTIONAL BONUS: Flyby Moho (Mercury) for the third time for a gravity assist Enter Orbit of Moho (Mercury) with a minimum Inclination of 70 degrees Transmit Science Data from Space around Moho (Mercury) If you have SCANsat installed, have 80% mapping of Low Quality, Biome and High Quality Most of the missions are not that difficult or that involved, but MESSENGER was launched in 2004 after more than 50 years of spaceflight and we knew some new tricks to help us achieve an orbit. HISTORICAL PROGRESSION CONTRACTS REQUIRED MODS Contract Configurator - Module Manager - HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED MODS These are not nessecary to use the contract pack, but it makes the pack much better Historical Progression Tech Tree @Yemo Unmanned Before Manned - This lets you start with the proper probe cores instead of manned missions, the contract pack might not be possible to complete without this or something similar Outer Planets Mod - If you are playing with stock KSP, this will give you the extra planets that simulate the outer solar system and will allow you to explore these places with contracts like New Horizons and Voyager 1 and 2 Real Solar System If you are up for it, you can recreate some of the most famous missions in different scaled Real Solar Systems Real Solar System - Half Size Real Solar System - Stock Size Real Solar System - DMagic Orbital Science - This gives you more science experiments to use on your various missions around the solar system SCANsat - This provides you with parts to map the planets in the solar system. The contracts have support for Scanning missions if SCANsat is installed. Life Support Mods There are many to choose from, but I reccomend picking at least one of them. Some of these contracts are setting new duration records in space and there is no real challenge to them without having Life Support of some kind. OTHER MODS TO CONSIDER There are many part mods to consider that will give you the ability to construct realistic looking, or in some cases replicas of the spacecraft that are simulated in this contract pack. Bluedog Design Bureau (NASA / ESA) FASA (NASA) @raidernick Awesome Collection of Mods Skylab US & Soviet Solar Panels Pack Salyut Stations Soviet Spacecraft Soviet Probes US Probes Pack US Rockets Pack Antares & Cygnus Tantares NOTES The contract pack removes the World Firsts and Explore Body stock missions as we are already covering this with the pack This contract pack works with all planet packs, but you will experience some weird contracts if your Home planet is not the 3rd rock from the sun Full support for Stock, Stock x2, Stock x6.4, Outer Planets Mod Full support for Real Solar System, Half Size Real Solar System, Stock Size Real Solar System I do not know how this will play with other Contract Packs unless listed below, as it is designed to go through all major "firsts" of our space history so will duplicate similar contracts from other packs Most missions cannot be cancelled nor will they expire. There are a set of optional missions and more will be coming down the line. These optional missions can be cancelled and do not need to be completed. COMPATIBLE CONTRACT PACKS Anomoly Surveyor AntennaRange Relays Clever Sats Field Research Giving Aircraft a Purpose (GAP) Kerbal Academy Maritime Mission Pack RemoteTech Contract Pack SPECIAL THANKS @nightingale for creating Contract Configurator as well as helping me with many questions along the way @severedsolo for answering some questions I had about some contracts @Whitecat106 for inspiring me with your Historic Missions pack @TheReadPanda is streaming a career with the Contract Pack active DOWNLOAD Github Spacedock INSTALLATION Make sure you have Contract Configurator and Module Manager Installed as they are NOT included with the download Download the Contract Pack Copy to GameData folder Enjoy! FUTURE PLANS Add Remaining Missions Falcon Flight 20 - First Powered Landing of First Stage of Rocket Moon / Mun contracts will require specific biomes to be reached (want to stop players from landing on the far side) Add a requirement to deorbit and destroy Space Stations after Add additional SCANsat mission support Add additional DMagic Orbital Science Mission Support Add OPTIONAL MISSIONS Additional Mars / Duna Missions Landers Phoenix Insight Orbiters Mars Global Surveyor MAVEN Rovers Spirit Opportunity Curiosity ISS Construction Apollo Applications Program Manned Venus Flyby (this was a proposed mission using Apollo hardware) Future Missions OSIRIS Rex Asteroid Redirect Mission Mars Sample Return Mission Europa Mission Red Dragon Mars 2020 LICENSE CC-BY-NC-SA ( CHANGELOG
  4. Still working fine for 1.3 Initial release of the revamped, scaled down, Additional Progression Contracts mod. This is a replacement for my old "Advanced Progression Contracts" mod, since most of the contracts in it were merged into the base game by Squad. DOWNLOAD Requires Contract Configurator 1.15 or higher. Contracts included on launch: Send the first probe to another planet. Send the first manned flyby of another planet (and return). Send the first manned landing on another planet (and return). Land a rover on the Mun. Land a rover on Minmus. Land a rover on another planet. Perform an EVA in Solar orbit. Future plans: More contracts itemized for planet moons. Jool-system specific contracts (Jool 5 challenge, etc). Repeatable "send a probe to X planet" generic contracts - the ones in stock are often a bit too specific, and don't usually help career-mode missions get funding. Unmanned probe sample-return missions (to Mun, planets, etc) More stuff to do with rovers - distance records, etc (as soon as I get the contract scripting logic for it to work correctly) In-atmosphere aircraft circumnavigation. (as soon as I get the contract scripting logic for it to work correctly) Ideas people suggest/request Released under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
  5. Add-on for Satellite Contracts

    I am a bit bored with the basic "put a satellite here" contracts, and wanted to spice it up. I use Contract Configurator for Clever Sats but even still it hasn't quite scratched the itch. I thought that being given a randomly generated satellite (sizes/parts/layout) and told where to place it might be a fun spin on the existing satellite contract model. It could be displayed as a popup when entering the VAB (similar to the passenger UI when on the launch pad) where you would select the contract and it would insert the part for you to start attaching items to. Alternatively, the contracts could specify satellite requirements themselves (similar to the space station check lists that already exist) Must generate power Must have x units of electricity Must have x science experiments on board Specific number of satellites per rocket (if even possible?) Could also name specific parts to be installed on the satellite, but might be problematic with multiple part mods installed. Does this exist as its own add-on or as an enhancement to an existing add-on?
  6. Is there any way to toggle the display of contracts in the Tracking Center? I'm not crazy about how when I go to the Tracking Center my display is all mixed up with all the possible orbital changes, etc. I guess I could just go to Mission Control and just decline everything, but I would have to just keep doing that when new contracts appear. Is there any way to simply toggle them on/off? Thanks!
  7. Contracts Window + v8.1 Download from SpaceDock Download from CurseForge Alternate Download: GitHub Localization is supported and the following translations are included in the download package: Russian | Chinese | Polish by @vladimir_v| by @QAQdong| by @Moskit -------------------- Consider donating if you like what you see here. * Money will not go directly to development or upkeep of this addon -------------------- Source is available at GitHub A new contract monitoring window designed to give more information and be more flexible than the stock window. This window gives players a number of options for displaying contracts. Grouping and ordering of contracts can be modified and contracts can be placed into custom mission lists. All contract and parameter reward and penalty values are displayed, along with the amount due to any strategy modifiers. The contract reward modification section of this addon has been removed. Its functionality has been moved to a new, separate add-on that can be found here. The top bar has several buttons that are used to adjust contract ordering and display options. The top-left icon opens a new window with options for changing sort order based on several criteria. The next icon toggles between ascending and descending order for the selected sorting type. The eyeball icon on the right toggles between the active and hidden contract list. Each mission list has its own active and hidden contract lists. The top-right icon opens a new window displaying all of the existing contract missions. Selecting a mission will switch the primary display to those contracts. The primary mission is always at the top of the list and contains all contracts. The bottom bar has several buttons that control various window options. The version number is displayed on the left. Tooltips for most buttons can be toggled on and off with the next icon. The spinning arrows icon is used to reset the window and primary contract list. A confirmation box will open upon pushing this button. This should generally not be needed, but if there are errors in the contract window (no contracts displayed, no "MasterMission" contract list, the window is too small, etc...) this can be used. All window size, font size, and position options will be reset; the internal list of contracts will be updated with all active contracts and the "MasterMission" will be reset with this internal list. All other mission lists should be unaffected, these can be manually deleted if there are any other problems. The aA icon controls font size for most of the window's labels. Each font is increased by one unit. The next icon toggles the overall window and texture element size. It also increases the font size by two units. Between the font and window size options there are four available font sizes and two window element size options. The arrow icon in the lower-right is a re-size handle; it can be dragged to increase or decrease the window size in either dimension. Each contract has a title bar above it with information and options for the contract. The contract difficulty, or prestige, is displayed on the left with one to three stars. The time remaining for the contract is shown next. It updates every five seconds (at high time-warp several days can go by during this period) and switches to days and hours, and turns yellow, when the counter gets low. The year/day time is dependent on your selection of Earth/Kerbin days in the KSP settings menu. The A icon can be used to display the flag and name of the contract's agency. The eyeball icon can be used to move the contract into the hidden or active contract list. The pin icon can be used to pin the icon to the top of the list, regardless of sort type or order; a contract's pinned state is persistent. The checkbox icon can be used to move the contract into a different contract mission list or create a new one. The blue icon at the end can be used to display contract notes if they exist; these are different from individual parameter notes. The primary contract and parameter display shows the same information as the stock window. In orange is the contract title. It is a button that can be pushed to collapse or expand the contract's parameters. When completed the contract text will turn green; when failed it will turn red. The contract parameters are shown in white. When completed these will turn green. Contract parameter notes can be displayed using the blue icon. Sub-parameters are offset slightly and are shown in a darker color. When all sub-parameters are completed they will be collapsed into their parent parameter and no longer displayed. The rewards for each contract and their parameters are displayed on the right side of the window. Funds, Rep, and Science rewards are displayed depending on how wide the window is. Rewards are in green, penalties are in red. The amount of any reward/penalty due to strategies, if any, is displayed in parenthesis. When the green checkbox icon is selected the mission list will appear. The current contract mission lists are displayed in this window. A green checkmark indicator on the left indicates that the currently selected contract is already in that mission. The green number to the right is the amount of contracts in that list. The red x box on the right can be used to remove a contract from any mission that it is present in. Selecting any existing mission will add the contract to it. Selecting the "Create New Mission" option will open the mission creator window. New missions can be created after giving them a name. Missions must have a name, can't use the same name, and must be under 20 characters. All progress nodes, their rewards, and in some cases, information about when they were completed is shown in this window. There are four types of Progress Nodes. Interval Nodes: These are nodes with multiple levels of progression, such as the altitude or speed records. Standard Nodes: These are nodes not specific to any one Celestial Body. Point of Interest Nodes: These are nodes completed by visiting anomalies. Celestial Body-Specific Nodes: These are nodes which are given separately for each Celestial Body Interval progress nodes. Standard progress nodes. The mission title bar is shown at the top of the window. The Title Bar is a button that can be used to switch to Progress Node mode. The edit mission window is opened with the pencil icon in the mission title bar for all but the Master Mission. Change the name of any mission. Delete any mission; this won't affect the contracts, and all contracts are still available in the Master Mission list. ChangeLog: This add-on uses TriggerAu's KSP Plugin Framework code Released under the MIT License.
  8. Like Principia? Want contracts utilizing Lagrange points? Now you can have them. This mod extends Contract Configurator to let you configure contracts that can make sure your within a range of distances between two celestial bodies (a parent and a child), as well as an angle between the child body's prograde vector, and the line between the vessel and the child body (useful for differentiating between L4 and L5). Download: Github View the Source Installation: Copy the GameData folder into the KSP root directory and merge them with the existing GameData folder. This will not make contracts. View the github repo on how to configure your own contracts. Feel free to make some and share them with others! Changelog:
  9. All of my contracts are either rescue someone from orbit or to launch a satellite in some incredibly specific orbit. The satellite part seems impossible at my current tech level so im left with rescue contracts but im not sure where to even start.
  10. Hi, On my career save I start a satellite contract. It's the second time I accept that kind of contract and I got no problem with the first one. But when I deliver my probe I don't validate the contracts due to some "parts" problem (see the screen below). My probe is not recognized as a "new unmanned probe with antenna and power generator" : However I've two antenna (a relay and a simple one), two solar panel, no crew (no Kerbal fits into a Probodobodyne OKTO isn't it?), and my probe can't be newer than a probe which I can "Revert to VAB" as far as I understand... So what am I doing wrong?
  11. Hello to you all an this Monday morning. I hope everyone had a pleasant weekend. I have an unusual question, perhaps bug, I need answered or pointed in the right direction for. I have a contract to put a satellite in a designated orbit around Minmus. The satellite I dispatched for this contract is called Minmus Satellite IV. While in route to Minmus to complete the contract another contract became available to alter the orbit of Minmus Satellite IV that was orbiting Kerbin to a different, and outlandish, orbit of Kerbin. Is this a glitch? It's asking me to change a orbit on a satellite that isn't even in a completed position yet. If it's not a glitch, what's the reason for this? I have had other contracts to alter orbits on satellites, but they have been satellites that have been in set positions for some time. I am slightly confused about this and could use a pointer or two. Do I accept the new contract? Do I decline it?
  12. Hello, A lot of contracts say test this part at this altitude with this speed and it can take hours of trial and error (for a newbie like me) to test 1 part. I want to progress in career mode but at this rate, I'll never get anywhere... so I am wondering is there an easy way to calculate what speed your ship will be doing at altitude X with certain settings? I find it incredibly frustrating to do these kind of contracts, I literally make a note of my engines/settings/stages and then what speed I was doing at what altitude, adjust, try again, fail, cry, adjust, rinse, repeat... Thanks, Ryan
  13. 'Explore' Contracts

    So, in Campaign, I have tried to go to planets in the order the explore contracts give them to me, for a sort of storyline/progression even after I have finished the tech tree. However, this is just getting annoying. Explore Ike: perform a rendezvous around Ike, perform a docking around Ike. Explore the Sun: Rendezvous two vessels, perform a crew transfer. Explore Gilly: Return to Kerbin from orbit of Gilly. Now, I want to explore new planets, and I am nearly done with these moons and planets. However I keep getting more contracts for Ike and Gilly, and even the Sun. I just finished the Explore Ike contract using a probe with a claw on it, and then got a contract to do a crew transfer around Ike, and I have no other easily available ships to do that with, from my Duna base. These contracts just start to feel more annoying after I've already done X around Y so many times. The return missions are annoying as well. When I first explored Gilly, it told me to return from a Gilly flyby. I sent a probe, returned it to Kerbin. A contract for orbit Gilly + return then is available. Since most of the time I either send one-way probes to moons/planets or I send refuelling bases, it means I either have to send another vehicle to go there and return, or sacrifice one of the vehicles I already have there to go back, which means sending a duplicate again, which gets boring after I've sent two different vehicles to the Duna system for Ike returns. What are your opinions on these Explore contracts? Personally, I believe it would be better with just Flybys, Orbits, Landings, Flags and Science but that's just my opinion. And also, is it true that going to a location early skips all Explore contracts for that location?
  14. In my career game my mission control stopped offering contracts. Fortunately, i have fixed that thanks to this reddit post However, now i am being bombarded by ~50 contract offers. Is this because my reputation is ~50? Or is it because I raised the contract limit to 30? If I am being offered so many contracts because of my raised limit, how can I bring the number of contracts being offered in mission control down a few notches to feel less cheaty? Thanks in advance!
  15. I am running a 10x scale game using Galileo's planet pack in 1.2.2. I am getting kerbal rescue contracts (standard) for low Gael(Kerbin Equivalent) orbit. The only issue is that the orbits are often within the atmosphere - their AP is just in space but the PE is as low as 40-50km. Is this intentional?
  16. cannot run test

    I am trying to complete the contract that wants you to test poodle engine. I ran the test on kerbin somehow. But I just cant run test on orbital fligth and altitudes from 80000 to 90000. pressing run test doesnt do anything nevermind... I got it You have to be in an orbit, at 85000m altitude.
  17. The thing that seems really wierd to me are the space station, base and satelite contracts, since you dont actually need them to stay there. I have exploited this many times. Having a lander that has enough crew members, solar panels and a docking port, puting it into orbit, wait for the contract to fininsh, then do the landing and head home. The station/base should be, when all requirements are met, "given" to the contract company for some time or forever. The vessel is still trackable, but no longer controlable. What do you think?
  18. Hey, For me, at least career mode isn't for most fitting, because i cant build whatever i want. So Science mode is mainly what i play, But i think there should be more career stuff in science. Example: You can upgrade Facilities by science points instead of fully upgraded ones. And another main thing is that contracts in science mode, because sometimes it gets boring. I am glad that kerbal experience can be turned on at science mode, but it still needs more career options. Of course this can be achieve by playing career and max out money and then remove science points when upgrading facilities and reconfig contracts, but it does not feel same. i am really glad if these thing get added to KSP. Cheers.
  19. I'm looking for a way to remove the "Dock Two Vessels" and "Transfer Crew" requirements from Exploration contracts. They're neat for the first time around Kerbin but I don't want to do them for every single world to explore. Is there a simple way to go about this? I couldn't find them in the Contracts.cfg file (GameData\Squad\Contracts) and I don't have any particularly decent modding knowledge.
  20. Another contract suggestion, this time involving rescue and recovery contracts. As you can see from this screenshot, the contract generator is placing parts in orbits dangerously close to other bodies and intersecting their SOIs. This will eventually result in the craft being either slung out of the system or, in the case of the example, crashing into the body before the rescue craft can reach it. Owing to where the generator places orbits, situations like said example are thankfully rare around Kerbin, but can be a major nuisance elsewhere, especially around Duna, where parts for retrieval are frequently intercepted by Ike and destroyed or ejected into solar orbits before they can be reached. As such, the contract generator should run a basic check on the orbit it is generating a craft for retrieval or rescue in and, if the orbit crosses another SOI, abort the generation and try another orbit.
  21. Hi all, since 1.1 pre-release I am playing a new career game and I have (unluckily...) sent a bunch of tourists out to a Mun/Minmus sightseeing trip w/o any chute to re enter Kerbin atmosphere. My fault of course, then I suddenly realized I could not bring them home safely if not by strapping some chutes to the craft - an auxiliary chuted&clawed skycrane seems like the only feasible option in stock. If tourists could be allowed to go EVA just for switching vessel or to man a command chair that could bring at hand a few more "quality playtime" opportunities. They obviously should not be allowed to collect samples or reports and to gather and move samples from pod A to pod B. Just sayin'.
  22. After being offered this contract. I was curious see if anyone else has gotten impossible or extremely hard contracts. I'd like to see them.
  23. Good Day Forumiers, I noticed yesterday that once I have 15 current contracts, no more seem to appear at Mission Control. As soon as I completed a couple of contracts, two new ones appeared. Is there any way to increase the total number of contracts you can have? Not being aware of this limit, I've accepted quite a few long term contracts in Dunas SOI and have another year to wait before the next transfer window opens.
  24. Hi all, I've used Stock No Contracts but all of a sudden I've started getting part test contracts in my game again. I've even tried deleting the relevant contract types out of the Squad contracts.cfg. And they still turn up! What is going on?! I even tried removing all mods and starting a new career from scratch with the editing contracts.cfg. Still no joy. Any help?