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Found 12 results

  1. This is just a funny idea I had, but what if you had a mod that you could toggle on and off while on a mission. When toggled on, it would purposely add a user-defined number of seconds of input lag. It does take time for signals to move the sorts of distances involved in space after all (from Earth to the Moon is what, about a second?) If you wanted to make it a more automated "challenge" mod, rather than a just-for-fun thing you toggle, you could have it add some amount of time for any vessel in a sphere of influence without a manned vessel it can connect to. Naturally, to avoid the problems that would occur with signals taking multiple hours to get around the Kerbol system, you could act like the signals still do travel much faster than the speed of light in our universe, or just do something like add one second each time the signal has to change sphere-of-influence on its way from a manned ship to the unmanned vessel you are controlling. Or, you could input some controls, then hit a button to carry out what you input to simulate having to wait a while for the signals to reach the target. I mean, yeah, the assumption is that most unmanned KSP vessels have an onboard AI that operates them to a partial extent, but sending of actual commands should realistically take time and add to the challenge, right? Speaking of challenges, I could totally see there being challenges to launch a rocket to the mun and back with something like 2-3 seconds of input lag or something the whole way. Much crashing I imagine.
  2. I need some help regarding setting up a joystick. I've set up all the inputs and everything, but I've noticed that when pitching up and down, my planes will pitch up/down for a bit, then stop, even if I'm still pulling the stick back. I've never used a joystick before, so I don't know if this is supposed to happen or not.
  3. Okay, I know people may say this is because of power or antenna on 1.2, but for some reason, every time I get close to another one of my ships (i.e. attempt docking) with it. I can get about 20km away, and all of a sudden everything on the ship stops working.... permanently. These are not large ships, and even the in game tutorial is doing this. When I was in career mode, I put everything in, made sure I had the antennas up, had several battery packs for my probe core and/or command module and the reaction wheels, as well as RCS. Even the RCS didn't work when I asked it to. The whole ship just went dead. It's become very problematic for me to build stuff in space because of this. I've tried three types of control systems (mk1 pod, probodyne, and the mk1 lander pods). I tried looking it up and seeing if I was doing something wrong. I don't know because I'm a new player and got the game just a few days ago on steam.
  4. I played KSP during 1.1 for several days and i do understand how the game controls work. When 1.2 released i decided to begin a new game in career mode. For some reason now in the new game the games default controls for flight in a completely unmodded game version 1.2 DO NOT WORK. To be more exact, I'm just starting again so of course the first few steps are building small rockets etc etc (you know the drill) as i launch the first rocket to get into space the games DEFAULT keyboard controls do absolutely nothing at all to the rocket, i mean absolutely freaking nothing the gauge that shows you your pitch yaw roll inputs are all sitting there perfectly still as if receiving no input form me what so ever as i hit the WASDQE buttons. However the camera is receiving those keyboard inputs and the keyboard that (at least in the past game) should be giving control input to the rocket are instead moving the camera all over the place as the rocket goes straight up and only straight up. What am i missing here????? As far as i know i changed no settings at all from my last game to this one. Did i hit some stupid little toggle somewhere or something?
  5. Hi all, As a longtime KSP fan who was very disappointed with KSP's dodgy control scheme and lack of configurability on consoles, there's no doubt that Squad/Flying Tiger must know how fans feel about the control scheme by now, so I'll try to add something more constructive here. So as it turns out both consoles do allow some buttons to be remapped, and while it may not be a huge help with many of KSP's context-sensitive controls, it might still come in handy for some. PS4 - Dual Shock 4 (scroll down to Button Assignments) This tool is fairly basic and doesn't allow inverting axes, duplicate mappings to the same button/function, anything with the touchpad, or any other options besides basic "like-for-like" input swapping. Xbox One Standard Controller Xbox One Elite Controller This one seems a little better than the PS4 equivalent, but seems have a few artificial restrictions in place that mean you have to have the pricey Elite controller to get the most out of it.
  6. First: It would be very nice if we could access and edit the game controls without having to exit back to the main menu. There have been several times when I wanted to dock or do some EVA thing and couldn't remember all the controls, such as turning on the Kerbals helmet lights. I had to save, exit look at the controls, then reload. Often times I just forget what the control is, such as how to translate forward in staging mode instead of docking mode and the like. Second: I fumbled upon being able to cycle the orbital map focus by using tab, and you can in theory reverse cycle using shift+tab. Two things about this; Steam by default has it's in-game menu pop up set to shift+tab. And even if that is changed my throttle increase is shift. So I have to change that which would also be annoying because I use awsd for my look controls to be consistent with other games (i.e. FPS) and shift and control for throttle up and down. Ideally if we could have access to be able to change the buttons for orbital map focus cycling that would be fantastic. If it's already available, then I just haven't seen it, sorry.
  7. I tried to add joystick control inputs for pitch and roll under the main Settings menu and now all my controls are no longer functioning. When I try to load an aircraft or rocket, a warning comes up indicating there are no remote or pilot controls for the vehicle and I can't launch anything. I tried deleting the joystick from the inputs but it did not help. Any idea how to get my controls back and how to properly setup a basic joystick? Eric
  8. So I've had KSP for two days i love the game but steering any Aircraft is basically impossible as i start spinning violently and it takes ages to stop the wild movements can i fix this? Is there a sensitivity option im missing? (Im a big noob and have only watched youtube vids of ksp until now)
  9. Hi, the combo of joystick and movement to control the game on PS4 is not great. I made some adjustment but it's really not easy to use the small icons on screen. Why not use the nice touchpad on PS4 controller? I'm pretty sure it could be as precise as a mouse. Thank you for your great game!
  10. Pretty self-explanitory. There is no reason I should need to figure out a whole new control scheme for jetpack vs. a real ship. At least if you don't make it default the same, let us map roll/pitch/yaw to keys so I can do it myself. The LMB+drag paradigm makes no dang sense to me. (plus for some reason my Kerbals aren't turning even when I mapped a joystick axis to their rotations. That's probably an issue with my install, but it doesn't excuse not being able to use keys at all! I've de-selected the option to automatically re-orient to the camera)
  11. So I built a rocket to fly to the moon and when I was just about to come upon my maneuver node to land on the moon, I try to accelerate but find what my engine controls are not working. I press z and x to see if that will do the trick but the little pointer on the gauge did not go up or down. I also press shift and alt to hopefully fix the problem but end with the same result. Next I press r and t to turn on RCS and SAS but neither of the buttons light up. I then try to manually click the buttons on the screen but nothing happens. Do note that my ship is still floating through space and passing the point were I should normally be preparing to land on the moon. I decide that there is nothing I can to and return to the launch and try again. I am then distracted by matters in the real world and is afk for a few minutes. I return to find that my controls still work and begin to head back over to the moon. As I am leaving the atmosphere however, my controls once again lock up. The next time, I build another ship but I am still greeted by the same fate. I have mods installed and I am using a mac but these problems have only just started today and I have had the game and mods for weeks now without any trouble until now. Any suggestions?
  12. Ok, so the words "Steam Controller" might have have killed interest in answering. Let me try one more time but ask a bigger question: Primary question: Does KSP allow for analog gamepad inputs? That is, does gamepad support allow partial control inputs or can joysticks only input full deflections as with a keyboard? I would like to fly an airplane without having to flick control surfaces to full deflection. Corollary: The official steam controller profile maps keyboard inputs to the controller's joystick. If possible, I would like to change this to analog inputs. Is that possible?