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Found 6 results

  1. You're starting to send probes and pilot-free crewed ships to far-away planets, but either your antenna isn't strong enough or you're trapped in a blind spot. Are you sick of losing contact with probes mid-mission, especially when you need it at the very moment the connection's lost? Here's how I solve my problems: ULTIMATE RELAY ANTENNA Each Ultimate is designed for maximum coverage while maximizing delta-V and minimizing production costs at the same time. Each variant is equipped with: RTGs Solar panels Different types for different variants 1 x RA-100 relay 4 x RA-15 relay Originally, the final stage of the relay was ion-powered. However, due to the engines' extremely low thrust and the inadequate solar panel performance past Dres (RTGs weren't much help either), I had to modify the design while, at the same time, maximizing delta-V. I knew the solution lay in the NERV engines, but my attempts to use four NERVs (to increase thrust) all ended up with $300K launch pad disasters. After some experimenting, I managed to find a viable solution. Below are some photos of the variant I will be using from now until further notice - like if it fails to achieve Eeloo orbit or something like that. The final stage has 3,216 m/s of delta-V. Mk. IVb at the launch pad. It has SRBs to save fuel for the initial ascent of 250 km altitude Mk. IVb immediately after launch. Those SRBs really pack a punch And that is why all Ultimate Relay variants have protective shells during the initial ascension. At that speed, the aerodynamic forces (and heat as a result of friction from air resistance) should be enough to cause a catastrophic failure if it hits unprotected crucial areas. SRBs had just been spent, which happens right before the rocket hits an apoapsis of 250 km. Any lower than that and the SRBs will mess it up - since you can't shut them of. After the parking orbit is established, the rocket should have ~2,050 m/s of delta-V left before it activates the final stage. A Mk. IV (Mk. IVb has SRBs, but a Mk. IV doesn't) Ultimate 750 km above Moho's surface. Provided I timed my transfer burn correctly, I achieved a stable orbit around Moho with ~900 m/s to spare. The best part is that the Mk. IVb costs ~$165K while my other variants cost between $225K and $310K. Feel free to use it and leave a review on this thread. Craft file for the Ultimate Mk. IVb (mods: Mechjeb):!3KhlDILa!JaX7Ns1D9uY-oqHQHG-HnSpuU0zC5SNI31P3LnGl5Bc
  2. Is it possible to use the rescale command in a craft file, instead of changing each of the crafts parts individually and if it is where would you insert it in the craft file? Im trying to upscale a rocket without changing the parts that are used on other craft. Thanks in advance
  3. I've been messing with craft file, there;s modCost, modMass, and modSize. modCost seems to change the cost of the part, but I put some values into modMass and modSize and they don't seem to do anything? I did a search with modMass and modSize, but all that came up were people's craft files, and didn't find any explanations on how to change these two. Does anyone know how to make use of these two settings?
  4. I've been working on importing some old craft files from 1.1.3 into 1.2. Unfortunately many of these crafts used a fuel tank from the SSTU mod pack that has since been removed from the mod (MFT-B for those familiar with the mod). It wasn't a major issue as the mod has an identical part with a slightly different name (MFT-A) so i was able to use notepad++ to replace all instances of the old fuel tank with the new fuel tank. It worked perfectly in that I can load and edit the craft file without any issues, however KSP still displays the 'contains locked or invalid parts' message in the load menu. It's not a game breaker of an issue, more of a minor inconvenience, but I'd like to remove the message. Any ideas what's causing it / how i can remove it? Here is an example craft file giving the message. Any help much appreciated.
  5. So, I've been watching a lot of streamers for KSP, and just playing a lot of KSP lately, and I've noticed something: Finding craft files are a pain for me, and probably for others as well. When the search was implemented for parts, it was great, and you could use keywords to find parts, I propose a way to save your craft with tags (if you wish), and be able to use those tags to find your craft file with ease. This way, you could search for a craft file by its name or by a tag you gave it. Another thing that could be done, is implementing a folder system, so you can categorize your crafts that way. Let me give an example. Let's say that I built a rover, and I wanted to save a stable version, an experimental version, and updated, separate versions too. If you were to save like this, you would quickly fill up on crafts, as every build would have many versions to look through. With the search feature, you could use the differently named versions of the rover, to find it easily, or look for a tag you put in, such as "unfinished" or "experimental". With the folder system, you could also be able to put every single version of that rover, inside of a single rover file, for easy access. Thanks for reading my massive collection of ,commas, .Unfinished senten-. and just horribl inglish.
  6. I wonder does i can download whole complete Soy-Juce (Soyuz) craft HGR mod. I used to have such a file even it myself I myself built, but it was a long time ago. I am a big fan of Soviet cosmonautics, by the way, in my view KSP is too little far too little of Soviet technical thought most of stock parts are based on NASA techs.