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Found 1 result

  1. Did you ever... work on a craft for hours and kerbal crashed making all your work for nothing ? used the undo hot key but it didn't do what you expected and now hard work is again for nothing ? want to have an older version of your craft but never saved it ? want to group up your crafts in the load menu ? Well we got the answer for your troubles. Presenting CraftHistory. Saving your craft file after every change of the craft or periodically. If you don't want your crafts to be saved and only want to use the categories feature of this mod you can simply disable it. Right clicking will open the settings menu where you can chose between 3 different methods when to create a history entry. Left clicking will open the categories your current craft is in. FAQ Q: How do i install this mod ? A: The zip files are all structured so that you only have to extract them into your kerbal folder and overwrite the folder. Q: How do i uninstall this mod ? A: I'm sorry that you want to do that. Just remove the "CraftHistory" folder in your "GameData\KerboKatz" folder. If you aren't using any of our other mods you can remove the "KerboKatz" folder too. If you have a few minutes please tell us what you didn't like about this mod. So we can improve it. Q: This mod isn't working ?!!!! A: Make sure you got the KerboKatzUtilities. If you do so please post your output_log so we can investigate your issues. Q: I installed with CKAN and it's not working! A: Even though we let CKAN generate meta files for our mods we don't actively check if its actually working or has the newest version. In cases with issues that can't be reproduced with a manual install, it's suggested to take it to the CKAN guys. Q: How do i access this mod? A: If you don't have any other mods created by us you are going to have a new toolbar icon. If you do have another mod installed you will have a green cat icon, by clicking on it it will pop up another "toolbar" with all of our active mods listed in it and you can chose this mod out of the list. By left-clicking on the icon the main window of this mod will pop up. By right-clicking the settings window will pop up. Q: I have issues with this mod. A: Please post your output_log, detailed description and reproduction steps so we can investigate your issues. Q: I have a suggestion for this mod. A: Just post it in this thread. We always like new ideas. But please be aware that some things might not be doable. Q: I like your mod how can i thank you ? A: Just post something in this thread. We like reputation points too . If you feel like it you can donate to us too. If you like our mods please consider a donation: Or Support us on Download from our website. License: All rights reserved. Requires: KerboKatzUtilities: 1.5.2-KSP1.8 -> License: All rights reserved. (included in the downloads)