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Found 3 results

  1. The Great Kerbin War [Waiting for my visual mods to update to 1.9.1 because I made all my craft there.] By Arco123, and all the other people. Why I Made This: So, you found this little topic and are wondering "What is this?" Well, I have some answers. This is my own little series or cinematic for a Kerbal war. This took some ideas or things from Hatbat's own series and I'm kinda tired of waiting so I made my own. (I still love it. It's just he hasn't uploaded in a very long time and I love KSP.) Plans: This is gonna be a kinda big thing. The first movie is gonna be around 1 hour long. That is going to cover most of the prologue and how the war is going to start. The second movie is going to be the war. Hopefully another hour long. This is all generated by the players/factions in the game. I only set up the prologue, rules and some of the things in place for you guys. The last movie is going to be a summary/end of the last movie. Hour long and stuff. Currently, I'm working on some parts of the rules and forms, fixing up the docs to make it as a control/form/map room doc, Making a backup, Cleaning up info (Timeline and factions) plus making their own sections, building basic craft for people to buy/use, making logos and balancing/setting things up. How Much Are You Done With Plans?: This is how much I'm done with things. If it's not there then I've completed it. This is in percentage... Map/Base/SolarSystem Info/Who owns what. 50% Done. (Just have to add it.) Mod Info/What I use/MODS! 0% Done. Faction info 33% Done. Rules: The Great Kerbin War [Definitely more complex than Hatbat’s. No, you don’t have to follow them hardcore. These are just to cut down on the time to make videos and really just follow the forums rules… If you are just viewing or not putting ships in here then only follow 1, 2 and the forums rules. If you have any questions at all please ask!] 1. Follow the forums rules for this kind of stuff. This means no role-play or politics otherwise you may or will face punishments from the great and almighty mods. (I may add a small section for this kind of stuff. So, you can add to the story in some way as a character. We need something else than my small brain working on all of the characters. I’ll dilute things and I need some variation. MUST BE OKAY WITH THE MODS!!!) 2. Post! Please post on things I can improve on! If you want the best thing possible add as much as you can! I really have no clue how to build good anything and I would love land, air, space, ocean craft! Post your tips for cinematics, name of a Kerbal you really like, heck you can post a single Craft and give it to a faction! You don’t have to be a faction to add a Craft. Just follow the Craft rules and you may see it in there! I don’t want this to be a 2-d world! I want to spend actual time on the prologue as it sets the tone and what the consumer will expect it to be. Even the smallest faction can be here. A metal faction that mines mostly metal will be important as @HatBat seems to gloss over this. (He does state it wants to keep the focus on the main part instead of all of it.) All of this is important to make a world. Metal can be made into parts and spaceships. It isn’t just fuel or weapons. We need the resources to make those. We need to think of it as Earth. There are many factions. We need to add everything possible to achieve that real feeling. We need information on the tiniest of things to make this possible. Heck, I might just write a book. I know all of you are extremely dedicated to this game. If you could spend even a day or two commenting and giving ideas/criticism to this we could make this something incredible. 3. If adding a faction please only one post for that faction. I may allow bumps if it has some major changes in it. This does not include any small suggestions posts. You can change this by adding “I’ve read the rules and accept the terms.” [Only the words needed. Only needed to catch attention.] at the end of your post. Otherwise, this does not apply to you. Panzer1b you’re fine. Don’t worry bout it. 4. [IMPORTANT] If you want to add an official faction. Fill this form. (Below this.) This is needed to make your faction into this. All the info needed is below this. Please follow the order and everything in it. This will make you very easy to work with. Don’t push super unviable things in here. Oldest faction on Kerbin/We come from another solar system stuff will be ignored unless I find something that I like about it. If you think you have a faction name I want to fill out post it. I’ll fill the faction myself and if you’re adding Craft you don’t have to be a faction. You just have to follow adding craft rules and who’s gonna own it. You can also make multiple factions if you want. To tie in with stuff or to meet something. Read below this as well: (The form is below the info section) 4A. Craft: The craft can be designed on how the creator wants it to be. As long as to follows the Craft Rules/Adding them Rules. If any Craft are going to be added add a picture of the top, sides, front, back, bottom and an angled view of it. Craft need to have a title, a category, Info and overall what it is in this format: [All of them can be in the image] If you put the text in the image try to follow the order and put the info below the images instead of in them. The angled view image will appear first along with the others in spoiler boxes in order to cut the page spam. All of the images must be well lit and any combat images may be the main image(s). They must be 1.8 compatible and be able to be used as intended. Don’t make use of bugs to superpower your craft but bugs are allowed to be used in capital ships. Those kinds of ships must be allowed by me as they represent something in the series. Also, put the mod list in the Specs but keep it kind of low. BD Armory, Stock, Procedural wings, and all that stuff are fine. Keep the mod part list under 5 mods or keep it to well-known mods that work on CKAN. Keep part count’s low. The same Craft of the same complexity will be used. So, use Tweakscale to the best of your ability but keep the cinematicness the same. This doesn’t mean that you have to remove parts if you already built something. I allow leeway in part count but just keep in mind that craft of the same size will be in it. Just build whatever you want but keep that in mind. I love to see good builds and I don’t want to restrict you but keep in mind that other craft are gonna be there. So summary. You can go way above the limit but just note that other craft like yours will be in here. So only 50-100 above. Thanks! Title: Can be above below or in the image. Bigger than the rest of the text. Category: This is kind of important. Look at what counts as what? For more information on this topic. It’s official what it needs to be first and then like what you think it is. Gun carrier, Heavy tank, and refueler. That kind of stuff. If these do not apply to you since your Craft has no weapons put what you think is in the title. Like: SFighter, Gunship. The second one doesn’t have to be in there if your Craft can combat but if your Craft is non-combat please put something in there. Combat: SFighter, Gunship < Doesn’t need to be in there but I like it. Non-combat: Fuel Truck < Has to be in there now. What counts as what? Below this will tell you what your Craft is classified as. If on another planet (Other than Kerbin) add S to the front. (Not to the space category. So like: SLLightTank.) Planes that can SSTO can put a S to the front or whatever environment it can cross into. Space, Air, Land and Ocean. Space: 0-300 SFighter: Info: Light, small weaponry. Not much. But able to be used for cool events and battles. Usually fodder. Specs: 0-100 parts, Must be okay in firepower and not use bugs. It should be high in TWR by itself and have a small launcher. Delta-v must be not less than 500 and maneuver pretty well. Can ram as well. Cost: Small, almost nothing. Medium-sized companies can afford 100 of these. 0-500 SCruiser: Info: Not very light but not heavy. It should be able to carry fighters and be well-armed. Should be the flagship in most skirmishes and look cool when firing. Should mean something but not as much as capital ships. Specs: 200-300 parts. Delta-v must be above 1000 with all weapons attached. Able to use Kraken drive to move but not as weapons. A launcher to go with it and many weapons. Cost: Good chunk. Medium-sized companies should be able to afford 10 of these. 0-1000 SCapitalShip: Info: The heaviest ships. They are important in the series being larger than anything else and being able to carry fighters and cruisers and other things. They are the flagship in any battle. They’ll look the coolest and strongest in a battle. Specs: They are able to use any bugs and delta-v can be anything. They should be able to carry a lot of things in the hull and be very powerful. Only Main factions can afford them or when 3 sub-factions like Astech, Bcorp, and AKS team together to buy one. Also, people who make them in the main part must contact me. These ships are important to the story… 0-600 SOther Info: Other military things like transports or refuelers. Specs: Depends. Air: 0-300 AFighter: Info: The lightest of the aircraft. Very fast and can maneuver very well. It should be able to carry some air to air, air to ground weapons and a small amount of 50 cals on the nose. AI-driven... Specs: 0-100 parts, Fast and can maneuver while keeping speed. Very good at turning. 0-300 AAttacker: Info: A heavier version of the AFighter. Upgraded, more armored and carry bombs and missiles. A combination of the ABomber and AFighter... Specs: 100-150 parts, Fastish, armored and sturdy, lots of guns and weaponry. Not very good at turning but it has a lot of firepower. Also, More like your average fighter. 0-300 ABomber: Info: The heaviest of the heaviest. It should be able to carry any weapons. They can be big or small but they have the same idea. Bomb or destroy the enemy all in one package. They should be able to defend themselves. Specs: 50-200 parts, slow or fast, can move or not, giant weapons and lots of guns and weaponry. 0-400 AOther: Info: Large or small. Refueler or cargo carrier. Note: Gunships do count as something other. Doesn't include craft connected to it in par count... Specs: Depends... Land: 0-300 LLightTank: Info: Light, fast, and over all light and mobile. It carries light weaponry (up to 30m) and is cannon fodder to protect the heavier MBTs. It can be either Anti-Air or Anti-Tank and carry troops or small rovers. Specs: 0-200 parts, fast boi, light guns and missiles. Note: Go crazy with this one guys. I want it cool looking. That means hinges, missiles. You name it. But don't go into cannon territory. 0-300 LMBT: Info: The general rover of the battle. It’ll do general things like shoot and shoot even more. They all are almost the same. Specs: 0-200 parts, slow to fast, big guns and it should be general. It can be outfitted/changed in the building menu to fit purposes. 0-500 LOther: Info: Other, anything dedicated to the job like a refueler or supply truck. An antimissile battery. A base or any of that stuff. Specs: 0-500 depending on what it is. Ocean: 0-200 ODestroyer: Info: Small but deadly. Could be silent and be specialized in AA or Torpedo. (Yes subs are allowed.) Specs: 0-200 Parts, Not many guns but able to dish out damage well. Plus very fast. 0-500 OBattleShip: Info: Big bad and good at killing and destroying stuff. Could be used as a floating base. Specs: 0-500 Parts. Lots of guns and other things like that. Maybe a floating base. 0-500 OOther: Info: Something other than a military vessel/Craft. Specs: 0-500 Parts, It can really be anything ocean related. Specs: Weapons, Delta-v if applicable, Max speed if applicable, Part count and just everything you think I need to know. Don't put nothing in there lol. Download link: If you are putting it on KerbalX do this: Put the faction it is in or main faction then add the title after it with the info below it. Also add it in the topic here as info and images would be here and there... For other things: A download link is needed. Try to be organized. Put the folders like this. [If you don’t have any craft in that folder don’t add that folder.] Also: We need a little bit of information, what faction it’s going to be in or # if you are just uploading a craft. Space > SFighter, SCruiser, SCapitalShip and SOther. > (In each of these folders.) SPH and VAB. [Tells me where to launch it otherwise things get messy…] Air > AFighter, AAttacker, ABomber and AOther. > SPH and VAB. Land > LLightTank, LMBT and LOther. > SPH and VAB. Sea > ODestoryer, OBattleship, OOther, SPH and VAB. If you want to add multiple # to tie in with your faction do so following the same steps. You can also ally with other # if you want but please contact the owner or something. After this is the way you should put it in-game: In the game itself, the title should be in the top box with your faction name in front. After that in the smaller text box below the title, you should have. Craft: Faction: Category: Partcount: Specs: Controls/Actionkeys: History: Form: Title with Acronym: A branch of the faction or something like Orion. Logo or flag: This could be after or before or underneath the title. If you do not have one put some text on what you want or your idea and I'll work on one for you. Info: Summary and a little history. Motto: You know the deal. The purpose of the company and goals. Creator: The Kerbal that made it or the faction the branched it. Beliefs: Goals and what they believe in. Deals: Later, once we get more people/factions we can hold deals. I will do deals with other or main factions tho. Funds: Get to me first and I'll show you what you have. We are working a point system so you can spend those points on what you want. Then I'll take control and do the cinematic stuff. (All of this is later and I'll have to price your Craft and mine for you. If for example you are buying a Craft on the other side you must pay 1.5x rounded up of the price of the Craft.) Craft: Craft you currently have. This is after we get done with funds. After that there should be some text like this: Space: Air: Land: Ocean: Alliances: Not deals but instead allys. They can trade stuff without expecting stuff back and are there to support each other. Main focuses: What you are going to do or goals. Lesser focuses: What it sounds like. Craft: The Craft you've made. Make sure it follows the minimum of the Craft guidelines. These are the Craft you're going to put in the series. Just do all of your craft though. That's it... Factions: Spoiler box for people who do not want to get flooded... [END]
  2. - Craft Sharing Simplified Now with Mission Hosting! KerbalX is a site for craft sharing that automatically detects which mods a craft uses when it is uploaded. 26,000+ craft hosted / 1.8 million+ craft downloaded About Custom Hangars Find Craft User ModPacks Site Stats Upload from in game with the KerbalX Mod Easy Drag & Drop craft upload Drop your craft on the site and KerbalX will detect which mods it uses Customizable Craft Pages Craft pages are fully customizable with text, pics, videos and automatically generated info Powerful Craft Search System Search for craft by a range of attributes and by the mods they use Create Custom Hangars Share custom collections of yours and other users' craft by putting them into hangars Share your Mod Setup KerbalX ModPacks make it easy so share the mods you use CKAN integration Download .ckan files for craft, hangars and modpacks for automatic mod installation Upload .ckan files to quickly create modpacks or search for compatible craft Mod and Part Lookup Use KerbalX's database of mods and parts to find which mod a part belongs to see examples of craft that use a particular mod and find where to download mods. Need Help? Send me a PM or ask your question here Found a Bug? Report it on github or post about it here Basic Use KerbalX is a stand-alone service, you don't need to install anything, just sign up (it's free) Once logged in an "upload craft" bar will appear under the site's header, drag a craft towards it (or click on it) to open the upload area and then drop your craft onto it. When the craft has uploaded and been scanned the site will let you fill in some basic info about the craft and then take you to the page where you can customize how you want to display the craft. The site has a header bar which will always remain at the top of the page. Click the left side to return to the home page, click your username on the right to access the site menu and the center of the bar will change depending on where you are to give you context relevant links. Customizing Your Craft Page Searching for Craft Hangars - Private, Public-Closed and Public-Open ModPacks Using CKAN with KerbalX Parts of the site Example Craft Pages Search with some filters selected Search with the mod search interface Help Support KerbalX Over the last year KerbalX has had an uptime of 99.6%
  3. Hello to all! I'm new to KSP forums and have been playing KSP for about 3 years. While my skills at navigating the Kerbin system remain subpar I recently found I have a pentiant for recreating Ground Vehicles from Warhammer 40k. That said I've been posting the craft files to KerbalX, showcase videos on YouTube and albums to Imgur. On Imgur I seem to get troll bombed with a couple down votes almost immediately with no explanation or suggestions as to why. I typically link KerbalX and YouTube in the Imgur albums...can anyone give me some media posting tips? I'm not looking to start an internet career, I just want to share my creations with other KSP fans. Is this the place to do it? My Imgur profile: KerbalX: Youtube: