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Found 2 results

  1. Tantares had one, so why not BDB too? Hello fellow kerbonauts! his is a thread for you to post all of your preposterous creations made using the brilliant Bluedog Design Bureau mod - as long as it's not a replica of any real-world craft! Hopefully this thread will display the creativity this mod unleashes upon you, leading you to build stuff that NASA never even thought of! They better not introduce any of their pesky budget cuts here! However, there are a few rules, 1: The craft must use BDB parts (duh!). 2: The craft must not be a replica of any real-world craft. 3: You better have fun or else I'll be around to your house with a sledgehammer and a 50 cal. machine gun - no exceptions! I'll kickstart this thread by introducing one of my first creations with BDB parts - the ROTV - or the Reusable Orbital Test Vehicle. This vehicle is basically an SIVB stage, with four radial engines for orbital maneuvering, a ballute, many, many parachutes, landing legs, a cockpit for two, and a large cargo bay. (You only live twice, anyone?) The vehicle is launched from a Jool-1 rocket, basically a Saturn 1B fuel tank, with an adapter down to 2.5 metres, and then an F-1A engine clipped into the rear of the adapter. Now, to see this baby in action! Now, the ROTV is designed to retrieve payloads that are stranded in orbit, and return them to Kerbin. Here we see the majestic vehicle snatch a top-secret US Air Force space station out of orbit, for the plot of a James Bond film as the station was launched without authorisation, and contained nuclear warheads aboard, which broke an international treaty. After grabbing the station and fitting it snugly inside of the cargo bay of the ROTV, the vehicle performs a de-orbit burn, deploying its ballute at 45 kilometeres, the drogue parachutes at 10 kilometres, and the main parachutes at 7 kilometres, successfully completing an unpowered landing in... the middle of nowhere. More information on this strange vehicle is found here:
  2. Dawn Industries & Technologies PSAs regarding the thread _________________________________________________________________________________________________ THREAD TABLE OF CONTENTS 1) Dawn industries & technologies thread description 2) Craft file spoilers with download links 3) Recent updates and plans for the short term and future 4) Craft naming conventions 5) Term glossary 6) KerbalX Hangar links ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ LATEST CRAFT FILE UPDATE: Febuary 5, 2017 @ 9:30 PM PST (12:30 PM UTC) Dawn Industries & Technologies is a conglomerate comprised of: Dawn Aerospace Dawn Space Systems Dawn Industries Land Systems Dawn Communications Systems Dawn Shipbuilding Industries Dawn research labs Dawn R&D works All of the craft and subassemblies posted here are built with the stock Aerodynamics or Hydrodynamic model, and all are made 100 percent of completely stock parts or Squad produced mod packs such as Asteroid Day. While most of my designs are influenced by real-life aircraft, spacecraft, boats, ships, or projects concepts, they are in no way meant to be replicas in any way. These craft are built for function over appearance. If aesthetics can be implemented as well, that's great, but not to the extent it compromises functionality or significantly hinders performance or usability. The designs in this thread were not just thrown together to look cool. They are meant to have practical KSP applications ( ex. Kerbal Exploration Initiative (KEI), Capsule Recovery, Space exploration Space Mission Communications, Crew/Cargo Transport and Science Data production and collection,), and are thoroughly tested to ensure deficiencies in design are found and corrected before the craft is published on my KerbalX account. Each craft has been tested throughout multiple conditions, altitudes, airspeeds, fuel/payload amounts, and other testing conditions to find out where their limits and potential for improvement are, where I can improve them and where they perform best. Although this thread started out being focused on ships and aircraft, Dawn Industries & Technologies now includes designs for almost all parts of the stock game As my "fleet" of craft has grown and continues to grow, I have decided to set up naming conventions to eliminate confusion and clutter in the thread. I also have organized my craft into categories to 1) make the thread easier to navigate 2) to reduce clutter and time spent to find a craft. I'd like to thank @katateochi for his amazing administration, great support and incredible maintenance and development of the KerbalX website and for creating the KerbalX mod. The mod is a great tool for people that design craft and who want to share them with the world like me who would like to do that while they are playing KSP and designing craft or subassemblies. The kerbalX Website, Is an amazing fan-driven site that allows community members to exchange craft files of many different types form spacecraft to subassemblies for use, modded or stock. if you're love using the KerbalX site, please help support it by donating via links on the bottom of the main KerbalX page, it allows Katateoochi to keep the site up and running. I'd also like to thank @Raptor9 for making some really great craft and inspiring to make my own craft, and release them on KerbalX, and also answer my many questions and other people's questions about his craft. Check his craft out at his forum post Raptor Aerospace. it is a craft showcase containing over 150 different craft ranging from space capsules to modular space stations, modular exploration vessels, and to planes and to Rovers. In addition to @Raptor9 and @katateochi I'd also like to thank @Azimech for creating the first turboshaft Helicopter and many other amazing and interesting craft,. check out Azimech's craft thread forum post here on the forums. **To download a craft click on the spoiler for either the VAB or SPH, and then scroll down to the spoiler containing the craft type then scroll down to the craft's download link and follow the link to kerbalX and download it from there** SPH craft VAB craft Subassemblies Feedback is Appreciated on any of my craft or subassemblies Most Recent subassembly / craft file Updates (Last 7-12 days): None UPCOMING Future Updates to the thread / craft (Real-life Activities and Schedule permitting) -----Short-term Plans----- (Reference the first PSA at beginning of this Post) kerbin observation sat long range comunicaton satilite short range comunications sat science data brodcast / relay sat tracking and telemetry sat space teloscope sattilite asteriod observation sattilite science sattilite reusable upper stages ------Long term plans----- (Reference Both of the PSA at the beginning of this post) Deep Space Habitat (currently in concept form) vessel based off the Expeditionary Mobile Base from the US navy ( concept stage) boat based on MK-VI patrol boat ( concept stage) a series of ground vehicles based on the HEMTT series of trucks used by the US military (concept stage) VTOL version of @Raptor9s C7 C325R airborne science lab (concept stage) Crew/cargo transport boat based off of @Castille7s Rage Runner and Rage Runner WC helicopter drone based on the the MQ-8 Firehawk drone (planing stages) KH-53K helicopter (prototype stages) KH-47D helicopter (prototype stages) reusable upper stages (planning stage) ** PLEASE CHECK BACK REGUlARLY FOR UPDATES ON DESIGNS, SUBASSEMBLIES AND NEW R&D CONCEPTS.** ** IF ANYONE HAS SCREENSHOTS OR VIDEO OF THESE CRAFT IN USE IN A MISSION OR USING IT FOR SOMETHING OTHER THAN A MISSION AND WOULD LIKE TO SHARE IT , PLEASE SHARE THEM HERE IN THE THREAD, ALONG WITH YOUR STORIES OF SUCCESS, GLORY OR UNFORTUNATE RUDs AND EXPLOSIONS** Craft Naming conventions Glossary of terms used in thread KerbalX Hangars