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Found 37 results

  1. Kraft 1.3.1

    The following add-on is now available from Google Drive via this link: Kraft. Kraft is another very hokey tool from Hotel26. It must be run in a command terminal (Windows, Linux or Mac) See the README for full details. Briefly, you run Kraft in a command terminal as so: java -jar <path>/GameData/Kraft/Kraft. It produces a short-hand blueprint of your selected craft file, e.g.: must be located as ./GameData/Kraft/Kraft. Enter abbrev for craft: lady Reading /home/kmk/env/games/KSP/ 1 0 probeCoreOcto2_4294668150 2 1 solarPanels5_4294752592 3 1 batteryBankMini_4294660876 4 3 sasModule_4294653348 5 4 fuelTank4-2_4294607858 6 5 SurfaceScanner_4294627598 7 5 smallRadialEngine_4294599778 8 5 smallRadialEngine_4294538614 9 5 SurfAntenna_4294705612 10 5 seatExternalCmd_4294534850 (You can see the beautiful simplicity and elegance of this fine craft. You'd have to build it and fly it to discover how much fun it is, though!) Kraft is useful for guiding major refactoring efforts (some times, you just have to rebuild your machine over from scratch!), but, when run with the --diffs command-line option to suppress the part node/parent IDs, it is also useful to check what revisions have been made to a version of a craft. (Two Kraft reports, one for each version, can then be diffed.) It also diagnosed a problem for me in a craft file in which the Reroot tool had embedded a cycle in the part tree causing KSP to refuse to load *any* of my craft in the same directory! A future version of Kraft may conceivably report more useful information such as Action Group assignments, fuel loads, etc. I, Hotel26, am open to suggestions for enhancements. NB: Kraft reads your craft files but modifies nothing. Nor does it "phone home" with your brilliant craft designs (that wouldn't be ethical). Ideas/suggestions/requests/bugs/gripes here to this topic or to Hotel26 via PM... LICENSE: free, free, free. Enjoy. That is all.
  2. While I appreciate the mods closing this thread; as it no longer pertains to the current version of the game... It would also be helpful to know how to do it now? Edit: ah... I read thru to the bottom and see that the tilde "~" does still work!
  3. Is this the right place to ask specific questions about add on Spacecraft. For example ones downloaded from KerbalX?
  4. A small utility I wrote for myself, but maybe someone else will find it useful too. Ever started a new game, and thought "Ah man, I wish I had saved that craft file from my old save, it would be perfect for this job"? Ever find yourself building the same craft over and over again when starting new careers? CraftSaver may be the mod for you! This little utility will allow you to backup craft files from your current save, and then automatically import them into any other saves you use. Instructions (images are spoilered as they are huge): We start by clicking the icon on the Stock Toolbar which brings up the CraftSaver Menu You can change the path the crafts are backed up to (in my case I want them on my OneDrive) - CraftSaver will remember your choice. If you want CraftSaver to automatically update its backed up craft file when you make changes, tick the box (this must be ticked before you click "Save Craft") You must save the craft first through the KSP button - if you forget to do this CraftSaver will warn you. Once your ready, click "Save Craft" and CraftSaver will move a copy of that craft file to the backup location you have specified. And if we start a new save, you will see that CraftSaver has automatically imported the craft files I backed up previously into this save, so I can use them. Warnings/Errata: CraftSaver doesn't care if you've unlocked the parts required to build that craft, it will just dump all of the backed up craft files into your Ships Directory. If you haven't unlocked the parts you'll get the "locked or invalid parts" message. Licence: MIT Download: Github
  5. For me, personally, Motorized landing gear Scramjets A new R.A.P.I.E.R. - like engine The Stearwing D45 A realistic shuttle A new craft like Kerbal Y Or Kerbal Z SpaceX craft and parts, A stock Saturn V N1 Soyuz parts N-body physics Asteroids, parts, and Kerbals having gravity Being able to move entire things like planets or moons (Sometimes we want to push Gilly somewhere else), with other things with gravity, albeit not a lot. More radial engines More heatshields More parachutes Moar boosters! More capsules A built in DeltaV calculator How about you?
  6. The Name Game: Guess the theme

    So, I have a naming scheme for all the craft I make in my current career, kind of honoring the name sake. I think (or at least hope, so this thread isn't boring as excrements) that a lot of people probably like to do this, because hey, we gotta name this stuff. Since that is the case, I thought it might be fun to post our crafts and their names and see if our peers can guess what everyone is idolizing with their space programs. I can start, I have 4 craft here i've made and there is a 5th one but I feel like it would seriously give it away.
  7. We have the runway and the launchpad, but what about a third place to launch your crafts? This could sprout a whole new set of parts, crafts, and vessel types, and open even more possibilities. Maybe a dock for all your sea operations? Or the helipad on the VAB as a separate place for all your VTOL crafts? Maybe even a garage to test your rovers and cars! What do you think it should be, and do you support the idea of a third one?
  8. The official craft repository for SSTU (Shadow Space Technologies Unlimited) NOTE: Mage from the SSTU mod will be making a Github repository so that these files will be in a central location where other people can upload their stuff to as well via a Pull Request. I will be making a new forum thread with screenshots and links to each craft. Besides the real-scale replicas, there will also be craft files for the stock Kerbin system and contract missions. SSTU is an awesome mod by ShadowMage with modular parts to let you build a low parts count, high game performance, rocket with a number of highly configurable parts. See ShadowMage's topic on his SSTU mod here CLICK While it is still a Work in Progress [WIP], I and many other people, have been using it to make the most awesome rockets within KSP. Some players have even ported it through RO as is has a large variety of real world parts with dito looks (not stock kerbal). I really recommend checking out this fabulous mod!!! I've asked the creator of SSTU, ShadowMage, if it might be an idea to make an official craft repository for current users of the mod to share their builds, and for new users to get some example rockets as there are so many options and parts that it can be overwhelming. To start off I will add some of my favorite builds, some real and some just very useful for careers mode. If other people would like to share their SSTU builds, that would be awesome!!! The builds below are ready to fly and contain action groups where applicable (see description texts). The intent of the rockets was to build realistic looking rockets, so some of them will quite OP for the task they originally had, but fun and easy to fly none the less. They also show off about every part in the SSTU mod to give a clear idea what is possible. Enjoy!!! note Download the latest version of SSTU for KSP 1.3.0 here: note To download the craft files below, right click on the link and select "save link as...". These files need to go into your ksp directory under ../saves/"mygamename"/Ships/VAB Recommended mods The following mods are really recommended (not required) for career playthroughs combined with the SSTU mod, as they will really add some usefull parts: Parts *** Jimbodiah's Patches: Adds a few parts and tweaks that I use on my career builds like a smaller science box etc. Check below for more info. *** SSTU Expansion pack: Adds a lot of new parts and engine clusters, also for other mods. Check below for more info. *** Coatl ProbesPlus: Adds a nice selection of probe cores and accessories to build contract- and communication satellites with. ** Procedural Fairings: Really easy and slick looking cargo fairings. * Kerbal Re-usability Expansion: Adds grid-fins and landing legs from the SpaceX rockets. Functionality *** MechJeb2: MechJeb is life... don't leave Kerbin without it. Autopilot functions for take-off, rendezvous, landing etc plus also a lot of other info. ** [x]Science: Notifications of available science, this will make sure you do not miss science along the way. ** Portrait Stats: Adds a little icon to each kerbal avatar to show what their job is. Now you do not need to remember if Bob or Bill was the scientist. ** Kerbal Alarm Clock: Set timers for events so you can manage multiple missions at the same time without losing track and killing your kerbals. * Community Tech Tree: Expanded tech-tree to balance out science rewards and get more diversity, i.e. not have everything unlocked after visiting the Moon a few times. Enhancements (this just makes everything look much cooler) *** Scatterer: Adds cool effects to water and atmosphere to make it look more realistic. *** EVE: Adds cloud layers to all the planets with atmospheres. *** SSRSS: The real solar system, but scaled down to Kerbin size so you can use the same ships, no hassles. ** Chatterer: Background chatter between your kerbals and ground control. ** RealPlumes: Changes default engine effects for realistic looking ones.
  9. 2.3 GB of KSP Craft Photos!!!

    I have 2.3 Gigs of photos of KSP projects I've worked on over the last year or so. There are 1,639 photos in total I have screenshotted. Here is a small sample of my life's work in our favorite simulation game. Feel free to share your crafts through photos here as well! Let me know which ones were your favorites!! (Obviously I'm really proud of the Moth SSTO and Dallas Station.) Facebook post with photos here.
  10. OrbitalBuzzsaw's Master Thread

    Welcome to the OrbitalBuzzsaw Master Thread This is the thread where I post all of my creations. I occasionally post crafts, lore and rants/statuses here. Feel free to ask questions about anything. If you like the stuff, why not follow the thread? Table of Contents Lore Super Detailed Border Map (OLD VERSION) Flag sample pack Super Detailed Border Map (New Version!) Craft My Plane for "Crosswise the Sea" Statuses/Rants Other Threads Links to my other stuff YT Channel - Please Subscribe My Twitter
  11. Wouldn't it be cool to edit an active vessel (that already made its way to a mun orbit) in the VAB? It could cost money or items (like rocketparts) for career mode. An in-flight editor would be even better, the game pauses, and the vab editor comes in from the left. Cheers
  12. Welcome to the official Ender Inc. Craft and Replica repository!! Here you will find every craft and replica I made Replica Crafts Fighter
  13. How Do You Name Your Craft?

    I have had this problem for a while now. How do you name a ship thats not called "first ship" or BOOM other than online genorators? Thanks.
  14. I can't load any craft despite the fact that there are saves of them in correct folder. By the way all SPH crafts are visible. Also if i create new ship and save it, it still will be saved in folder. Main problem that, all of them are unseen by the game. I tried to reinstall game - still the same. I'd appreacite some help with this.
  15. Hello everyone! For the festive season, I am running a competition here on the forum! The winner will be announced on 25th December, so all entries must be in by midday on the 24th. Also, your crafts must be 100% stock. I will run them on my vanilla version of KSP. There are two competitions, the 'wacky' competition, where you must present your weirdest craft. It does not have to conform to any rules apart from one: SPH only. No VAB. Sorry. It can be a SSTO, a rover, a supercar, a plane, or whatever the hell you want. The crazier the better. However, it must fly well, my nooby younger brother will test them to see how easy it is to fly. However, I will be the main judge. The second competition is a 'festive' competition. Submit any festive-themed craft. It can be christmassy, chanukah-y or whatever festival you like. It can be VAB or SPH, just make it good and fun. Once again, it must be easy to fly. When you enter, please write the competition you wish your craft to be judged in, and if it is a VAB or SPH. Then attach the craft in whatever easy way you want. I hope this is fun and enjoyable, and merry Christmas! Good luck. Talion. P.S yes, I did steal my nickname from Shadow of Mordor.
  16. Skills are free. Fuel is not. All craft are stock unless noted otherwise. Subassemblies Exploration Colonisation
  17. Welcome to the official Ender Inc. Craft and Replica repository!! Here you will find every craft and replica I made Replica Crafts Fighter
  18. Opened this thread to document some weldments I've been working on, in case anyone is interested. Reserving the first post for my own use; more to come soon.
  19. Best Interplanetary Craft!

    Good day everyone! What's your best/favorite craft that you've made for interplanetary missions? I haven't gotten past Mun yet, but I'd love to see what others have made, to get an idea of how to get to other planets Thanks!
  20. Best Mun Craft?

    Hey everyone! What is your best craft (that you made) for going to the mun?
  21. Since I became more active in the forum over the last couple of years, I have learned a lot from other players, both older and more experienced and the newbie. One of the things that I have noticed is that each of us have a different way of constructing craft that's uniquely ours AND nicely fits the unique way we play. I thought that it might be interesting to see why others do what they do in their craft designs - with the idea that the next time one of us has "KSP burnout," then maybe this thread can be the source of a new interest or new way to play KSP. This led me to want to ask a simple question to those willing to share: What are some "quirks" about your craft? To clarify what I mean by this, please consider sharing the following: what are some things you do in designing your craft that seem to be present in each of your designs? Why do you feel it's important to include it? Please include an image or two for reference to what you are sharing. I want to keep the OP clean, so I will post one of my quirks on the next post.
  22. Hello, I've got an annoying problem: I built a big ship in ksp 1.1.3, but bizzarre wheels and wings and incompatibilities of mods made me return to 1.1. Problem: I don't know how to convert my craft to ksp 1.1 because I've installed same mods, they work, and when I put the 1.1.3 .craft file into 1.1 ships/sph folder, it says me that the craft is incompatible with this version of ksp. halp plz I tried all day to fix that, but didn't succeeded
  23. Announcement: everyone who participates in this challenge will be featured on my channel on July 21th. I hope you had fun building Hello, for this challenge, you need to make a flying craft that doesn't have anything on the outside. Reply to me using a download link. RULES (Because why not): 1. NO CHEATS!!!! 2. Have to be flyable 3. Use as much parts as you want, there no restriction on what parts you can use. Tip: use cargo containers My Flying Brick(It failed):!5RgDQBLS!WNDt9r_lA8FBhEQXv2x-r7aDwqE4GddzJorQTiAoGbQ Video: My youtube:
  24. Silver Raven Superplane

    The Silver Raven Supersonic Airplane The Silver Raven is a Supersonic, High altitude, aircraft for espionage ground survey purposes, with 2 cargo bays [1 large, 1 small with a LF Tank separating them] , 3 Panther jet engines, 4 air intakes, 2 pre-coolers and 2 crew this is the most state of the art aircraft ever built by the NASXA, [National Air and Space eXploration Administration] Maximum altitude: 20.5 km Max speed: 810 m/s Images *Editors Note While this is a stock craft many mods were used during the gameplay so it was designed with Kerbal Attachment system in mind, [KebalX link coming soon!] This a first in a series called Wings of The Space Program, it will include Jets, Fictional X-planes, and Spacecraft, its a craft sharing/writing combo.
  25. So, I've been watching a lot of streamers for KSP, and just playing a lot of KSP lately, and I've noticed something: Finding craft files are a pain for me, and probably for others as well. When the search was implemented for parts, it was great, and you could use keywords to find parts, I propose a way to save your craft with tags (if you wish), and be able to use those tags to find your craft file with ease. This way, you could search for a craft file by its name or by a tag you gave it. Another thing that could be done, is implementing a folder system, so you can categorize your crafts that way. Let me give an example. Let's say that I built a rover, and I wanted to save a stable version, an experimental version, and updated, separate versions too. If you were to save like this, you would quickly fill up on crafts, as every build would have many versions to look through. With the search feature, you could use the differently named versions of the rover, to find it easily, or look for a tag you put in, such as "unfinished" or "experimental". With the folder system, you could also be able to put every single version of that rover, inside of a single rover file, for easy access. Thanks for reading my massive collection of ,commas, .Unfinished senten-. and just horribl inglish.