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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everyone! I'm Misguided_Kerbal. You might have seen me around the forum recently, but most of you probably don't know me. If you've read this far, you're probably asking, what exactly is this place? Well, I just wanted to have a place to share my stuff and my exploits, plus some of my screenshots. But why is it named Misguided_Kerbal's Closet, I hear you ask. Well, it's pretty simple. I stuff all the junk I can find in my closet . So that's it. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Here's my KerbalX page: I look forward to posting here now and then!
  2. The thread where I will post all my designs and progress of my crafts! (With The Help Of Many Mods Of Course) ISE Dauntless [SSTO] Body, & propulsion systems will consist of parts from [Mark IV Spaceplane System] Wings, & lifting surface parts will consist of parts from [B9 Procedural Wings] So far.... Progress Report I Progress Report II
  3. Hi everyone, Super impressed by the new 1.1 update, truly hats off to you guys and your effort into making a fantastic update. However I have one little minor 'maybe it's just me' kind of problem that is very slightly bugging me, that is the max limit of characters in the craft descriptions, I don't mean to be negative about the whole thing and like I said it's probably just me, but I keep finding I'm out of characters before I've done a craft any justice with a decent description (though maybe, I need to keep my descriptions more concise and stop waffling who knows... Though normally I put mission goals, maybe some specifications (what the craft can do etc). Again, probably just me... I'm perfectly okay with the subassembly limit, since the description has to fit in the subassembly window, but for crafts I always seem to find myself hard pressed on the number of available characters... Cheers, Ollie
  4. I am a newbie to KSP and am always fascinated by space flights and rockets. I wanna contribute something to KSP and the community. Therefore I want some content for my newly created website KerbalKind. It could be anything like tutorials, craft files, mod lists and so on that could help newbies like me. Please share your epic discoveries and I will arrange and put them on my website. Note - This was my original website
  5. I would hope you send me some crafts. i would like if they use BDarmory and stock parts. And if they are aircraft, put the AI control thingy on somewhere. THANK YOU! Ax1don
  6. Hello Everyone! I would like to show you one video two of my friends and I made for an English class project (we usually speak French). We had to "sell" a product and so we decided to sell crafts in KSP. Take a look and tell us what you think:
  7. Welcome to the Wonky Orbits Spacecraft Emporium, where we showcase everything Wonky Orbits Industries has to offer you! We supply everything from satellites, space stations, crew transporters, interplanetary probes, and aircraft, to cargo jets, trainer jets, and Kold War spysats. Wonky Orbits makes EVERYTHING. We hope that you enjoy our multitude of products and spend more monies! Current Products: Starflyer Jet A small yet agile passenger jet capable of high speed turns and ludicrous acceleration! Download