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Found 5 results

  1. Read the Article here. I must admit this is most incredible to me and thanks again to @SQUAD for creating one of the most impressive, immersive, intriguing and educative pieces of software i am aware of. AAAAHHHHH!!!
  2. Came across this gem on Facebook the other day. I think the link says it all. http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/61-year-old-limo-driver-lift-himself-sky-diy-steam-powered-rocket-1648177 Best Facebook comment: "I think I've seen this cartoon before. Spoiler warning - he doesn't catch the roadrunner."
  3. The Panjamdrum was a weapon unlike any other. It was designed during ww2 to go up a beach from the water, hit the German barricade and explode. This made a tank-sized hole in the wall. It did not work as the rockets didn't fire consistently and it fell over all the time. Your job is to build one in KSP. It must float in water, It must be rocket powered, it must have to side by side wheels attached to a central barrel. Basically it must look like the picture and do the same thing as the description. As usual No cheat mods Mods with bombs and weapons are okay because you can
  4. First off I made this jet engine off the juno. And called it juno Mk2. So I was flying a drone with the cheat hack gravity. And the engine is the juno Mk2 and it has 1,000 kN of thrust. then I crashed some parts survived the crash and one of them was the juno Mk2 it had a Max crash speed of 1,000 m/s. And it flies into space and was orbiting kerbol. So made a space plane to go get it. It took about 40 minutes to get to it and about 50 minutes to get back. when I was near kerbin I tried to time warp but it said can not time warp while moving over terrain But I was in space. I had reentry at abo
  5. So, I was thinking one day, and I thought, "Can I make a one-winged airplane?" and Eventually did. However, I wanted to see what everyone else could do, so I made this thread. Share your one-winged creations, and make them as crazy as possible!
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