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Found 1 result

  1. Well, after playing for stock so long, I decided to add a challenge and go ASET IVA, love the instrumentation and the cameras! Added mechjeb for boring automated stuff, plus I hate when you have inactive stuff in your new IVA panel , but lets face it, NASA flys by computer, do why not at this point? Ok, so then I found CXA Aerospace aprts, love the APAS, etc. But ... I have no shuttle and arm to go really build up a station, I was "Launching" parts by using rnv cheat to place 150m and then docking, but witht eh realism of the parts and ASET IVA, I'd like to go for a real time station assembly as the new way to enjoy myself. Current mods installed in 1.3.1: ASET, CxAerospace, RPM, mechjeb, DPAI, prob control room, SCANsat, and vessel view. Any recommendations? I know for most I'l lbe adding more dependancies, but with to give this a shot. Thanks beforehand. Marc