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Found 5 results

  1. Tutorial: Setting Up EVE Cube Maps In this tutorial we will be looking at how to take advantage of EVE's Cube Map system to layer up to 4 textures onto a single cube map to reduce file size within mod distributions. This method will be outlining the process of taking 4 Equirectangular Cloud Maps, converting them to a single image by putting them into the Red, Green, Blue and Alpha channels, converting it to a Cube Map and setting it up for use in-game with EVE. ***Please Note: All the images below are clickable thumbnails to 1080p images*** ---- 1. Source your Cloud Ma
  2. Hey everyone! Following my work and a lot of studying on CubeSats recently, I figured I would go ahead and make a small mod to include the little buggers in KSP. This mod is based on the real-life CubeSat standard. It utilizes MechJeb, but can be enjoyed without it installed. There are two sizes - tiny and small. Each size contains its own battery supply, SAS level, and antenna. However, neither sizes include reaction-wheels or any form of attitude control. The inside of the chassis for each ³Sat can be stacked (like stacking reaction wheels and fuel) or surface-attached
  3. Re-Engineering how you build Space Stations! I had the idea that space station can be Long, round or even circular but I haven't seen a cubical space station. So I have tasked myself to see if a cubical space station will work will it be stable? can you actually build it? and Who ate all the snacks? If this works I may see if we can add to it to find out how large we can build it
  4. Kozak


    I just ordered 3 cubes, a 2x2x2 stickerless speedcube, a 3x3x3 concave stickerless cube. and a regular stickerless 3x3x3(NewIsland). Anyone else play with Cubes or Cuboids? if so what cubes do ya got? (as there are several thousand diferent types of cuboids/cubes out there.) So if you don't you're probably wondering what the heck i just said, basically like this: A 2x2x2 stickerless speecube is a rubiks cube, but instead of being 3 squares by 3 squares, it's 2 by 2. and it turns REALLY fast. a Concave cube is a cube that caves inward towards the middle... here lemme gra
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