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Found 1 result

  1. I apologize if this is the wrong place for this, if it is I will close this topic out as soon as I find out (couldn't find a rules thread). I saw the alternate Apollo 13 mission here but I'd really like an incredibly realistic version of the Apollo 13 mission. I'm talking having to eyeball re-entry without any help besides (possibly) an orbital line akin to Mission Tracking station Lvl 1, spinning out of control, and having to steady the craft via RCS, no SAS (obviously, but possibly after docking with the LEM), losing the center F-1 engine during first stage asscent, having to conserve a specific amount of RCS,, having to make a manual burn using the LEM engine, etc. I could see an issue with trying to transfer 3 kerbals to the LEM (haven't looked at one they added but I"d asume it's a 2 crew craft?) After I get some time I may do this myself based off the event list of Apollo 13's failures and post it here, but if anyone with more knowledge tackles this earlier I would (and I assume many others would as well) be very interested in playing it.