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Found 3 results

  1. I was supposed to upload some naval stuff this week...but my computer decided to reset itself and i lost all progress. So, while im getting myself re-motivated for that, i taught id put up something else to fill the quota. The navy stuff is up now. About the suspension stuff. What i have for you today, is a further development of my custom suspension idea that i created for the Dakar style racing trucks. This time instead of going for a pivoting axle with "springs" on the ends, i went for a more leaf-spring style suspension. I noticed when i did the original suspension module, that the thing that actually made the suspension work, was the tweakscaled MK0 fueltanks and not so much the toroidal stacks. Using that knowledge, i tested the springiness of the MK0 tanks by creating shock-absorbers from them for a Leopard 1 replica. They worked very nicely. So, if their springy enough to work as shocks, they should in theory be able to work as "leaf-springs". Best thing about this new suspension style is, that this time i didn't have to use IR. About the truck itself. I wanted to make this one a little more fully detailed,, so i used tweakscale on the body to make it a little more detailed and clean, i also used IR to make a working radiator-fan, steering wheel, and a bonnet/hood that can be opened to reveal the "full" engine-bay. My original plan was to make opening doors as-well and put a whole load of more detail on the engine-bay, but i taught it wasn't worth it. I started the build by first making the chassis, engine, exhaust and gearbox, then i wouldn't have to worry about weather i can fit all the detail i want or not. Tough there wasn't a huge worry of that as the engine is based on an engine design i've now used in three different vehicles. The design is heavily based on the 3-axle Russian trucks that you get to drive around in Spintires. Spintires actually was the one that made me want to build a proper truck that i could then later on customize with different addons Spintires style, and just something that's overall tough and reliable. And i gotta say, this one turned out to really be tough and reliable with plenty of power, tough some of that power will go away once the thing has to carry a full load on it's back and a trailer as-well. Here's a little demonstration video. You can't really see it too well, but the springs at the front are definitely working as intended, the ones on the rear are pretty much solid cause there's no load in the back...yet. Screenshots. Technical specks (no load). Top speed: 25-30 m/s. Length: 10.4m Width: 3.2m Height: 3.4m Mass: 12.286t Parts:252 Mods used: Infernal robotics and Tweakscale. Download link: Regular (no load): Rally special: (Rally special).craft?dl=0 Loads, trailers and whatever goes in the back. In the future i will be adding different kinds of addon's for the truck here. I have plans for a log carrying truck with a crane, some kind of utility version with fuel and spare-parts and maby even some kind of racing version. Rally special version: The racing version has a top speed of around 90m/s. In dimensions it pretty similar, but it does have quite a few extra parts and weight. You can find more info on this version down in the comments. And there it is for you, a nice little truck for all kinds of tasks. I hope you enjoy it .
  2. Back before 1.1 and the new wheel physics players were able to create custom suspension on wheels since their wheel base wasn't locked to the COM. I wish this could be a thing again. I'd love a mod that unlocks autostruts on the stock wheels, or just plain disables autostruts on them entirely. Would this be doable through a .dll file? Even if it might break things I would love the option to experiment.
  3. As you can see from the title, i have been doing some more interesting things regarding KSP. Firstly, i learned how to use OBS so i could make some showcase/test videos of my crafts . Because of this, i finally have the chance to show what my crafts are really capable of . But they are quite crude tough (the videos), so don't expect too much out of them. Another thing that i did, was a custom suspension unit. It felt like a better idea to just make my own design instead of trying to learn the ins and outs of the @Vagani style suspension suggested to me by @Majorjim! in my KBM-300 post. Before i even got started, i desided that let's make things more easy and fun for our self's, and lets use some mods. I also didn't have much success in my stock suspension tests anyways, so it made even more sense to do it this way. I made the suspension unit a subassembly to speed things up during future builds, and to make it more easy to use for you guys. And here is how to use it step by step: 1. after attaching it, you might need to do some adjustments. Ground clearance and axle width can be adjusted with the offset, and the "springs" can be adjusted by removing and adding fueltanks depending on the weight of the vehicle. Basically, the more fuel-tanks you stack, the more "loose" it becomes, and vise versa. 2. now just strut the top fuel tank stack into the rover and you are done. But there is one thing tough, this unit uses IR and Tweakscale, so get those first if you want to try this out. Other than that, the truck is pretty much a standard build. Stock only, custom interior and stuff like that. Everything in the truck, except the radiator grill (design was taken from a MAN truck) is very much just a "mix em up" of various racing-trucks, seen on the Dakar rally's throughout the years with an added personal touch. So here is the shoddy video i made. If you feel that there are things that need to be fixed on the video, please tell me. (today was literally the first time i've touched a video recording software). You can see that the suspension is quite bouncy, that's mainly due to the weight of the vehicle being on the limit of what this thing can support without "collapsing" (it will just become far too bouncy). But it does survive impacts really well tough. I did think about just adding a couple of MK-1 cockpits to serve as the interior, but for the sake of making it look better, i made a proper interior instead. And here are the specks for it: Top speed: seems to be around 40-50 m/s. (recommended driving speed is 30 m/s and below. crashes and takeoffs will happen at speeds above that). Mass: 16.1 tons. Parts: 265. Mods used: Infernal robotics and Tweakscale. Download link: And there it is for you, my first ever video and a nice racing-truck to go with it. I hope you enjoy it .