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Found 2 results

  1. Welcome to the official Kerbal Dakar 2017. Aerial overview by DoctorDavinci: This challenge will test your design, driving and strategy skills. Don't think this is going to be easy, expect bumps, hills, drops, mountains. Study the route you want to take before you start, A to B is never a straight line in the Dakar. Some stages will be more about braking than going fast. Make sure you will not be disturbed during your attempt. Put on your favorite music and play it loud, this will keep you focused while driving. How it works: 1. Download the "Official Kerbal Dakar 2017" savefile. It is a empty savegame containing only the 7 flags needed to set up the route. If you are using 1.2.1, Open the persistence file in a text editor and change the third line from 'version = 1.2.2' to 'version = 1.2.1. DoctorDavinci's explanation : 1- Download the Official Kerbal Dakar 2017 save file form the link provided. 2- Copy the Dakar2017 save game to the save game folder that will be found in your KSP directory ... {your KSP install location}/savegames/. 3- Go back into KSP, click on 'load save' and select Official Kerbal Dakar 2017. 4- Start racing . 2. Design a manned rover. - Use mods or make it stock, it's up to you. - You can use electric, jet engines, both if you like but no flying (that also means don't use jet engines while jumping). - Minimal 1 Kerbal, so no drones. - No saving during stages. - When a stage is finished you can save and start the next stage when ever you like. - If you crash during a stage, and you can't repair you have to restart the complete rally. 3. Start to finish, how to. - You will have to complete 7 stages, timing each using screenshots (press F1, the screenshot will be found in your KSP directory {your KSP install location}/Screenshots/ ) , 2 per stage, showing us the rover near the flag. E.g: Screenshot 1. Screenshot 2 Make your starting screenshot when the clock hits 0 seconds, this will make calculating time easier. Now calculate your time, in my case: start: 00.28.00 finish: 00.44.11 = total stage time: 00.16.11 When calculating your time, keep in mind a clock has 60 minutes and 60 seconds, so don't add up to 100. When done, upload your results here: The challenge will end on February 1st 2017, you have till then to upload your results. The winner will be known 1st week of February. Goodluck! The 7 stages: Before starting to ask me all sort of questions, please read this thread :
  2. From the Offices of Owl Aircraft Race Team We present... ODR-05 (Mk.2) The ODR-05 rally vehicle is to participate in the first ever Dakar Rally; A long distance survival event meant to test strength, speed, courage, and design. The car, with incredible grip and speed, was created with two goals in mind: Go fast, and Be safe. The car has a top speed of 40 m/s, including the DRS system and maximum power. The safety of the car was tested time and time again, with not even the most dangerous rolls and crashes able to upset the drivers. With a new deal coming from DK Salvage company, the ODR class has been outfitted with structural tubing to assist in the strength of the vehicles. Below are the pictures taken of the car during testing. Here is the car post-safety test. The car will be driven by Valentina Kerman, and her co-diver and navigator is Bill. We wish the team the best of luck in the Dakar Rally, and the KSC2-Desert Temple Rally.