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Found 6 results

  1. Dark Multiplayer Errors

    Okay, As the title suggests, I have had issues since 1.3's release. I updated to the 1.3 release, and there has been "odd" occurances. The Server I play,, has multiple sub-servers, such as career and sandbox. I joined sandbox after playing some carrer, and this showed up: As You can see, there are some VERY wrong things in here. For one, The cost for a crew member is all zeroes. There is the "Xp Trait " Character In the bottom left of the crew. Apparently, there are no other crew members than these 12, even though there are over 200 kerbals on the server. I can not un-select kerbals when filling a vessel, nor can i add any. New crew cannot be hired, and there are no vetrans, or lost crew(a LOT of kerbals died on this server, mind you.) When I switch to the Career Server, it acts normal. Help? I have no additional Part addons, only kopenercus for planet packs(its not active right now) and K.E, with a hangar extender to boot(I installed after this occurred. Graphic mods are also installed. I have nothing that would cause changes to the astronaut complex. Thanks In advance!
  2. KSP: Windows 64bit Problem: Cannot establish connection between Dark Multi Player client and Dark Multi Player server Mods installed: Dark Multi Player v0.2.4.0 Reproduction steps: 1) Set a new port-forward rule named KSP, with the start port 6702, end port 6702, "Both" protocol and your local IP adress. 2) Go to site and download Client version v0.2.4.02016-11-12 16:57:11. 3) Extract the content of the downloaded file and paste the folder "Darkmultiplayer" folder located in the extracted file into your KSP "GameData" folder. 4) Go to the site and download server version v0.2.4.02016-11-12 16:57:11. 5) Extract the content of the downloaded file and paste the folder "DMP server" on your desktop. 6) Run the file "DMPServer.exe" located in the "DMP Server" folder. 7) Go to and copy you IP address. 8) Run KSP, press add in the "DarkMultiPlayer" window, type in KSP as name and use the IP address acquired in the step above to input into "Adress:", then put "6702" into "Port:", then press "Add server". 9) Select "KSP" and press "Connect". After a while, a "Connection error" message should appear. Log: I am pretty sure this does not have to do anything with the log, since no connection is even made. Thanks for any help, me and my friend want to set up a server and play together, but I can't manage to set it up... and I am very sorry in advance if I misplaced the question, but I am still new here. I will happily answer any questions related to the problem. Thanks, Anonymmm
  3. hola, planteo el siguiente problema, como poner una nave en privado o publico en un server hosteado? si alguien me podria contestar lo antes posible estaré muy agradecido
  4. I just downloaded DMP (Dark Multiplayer) to play KSP with some friends. After installing the mod (copy/pasting a file into DMP's GameData folder) and launching the game, KSP tells me that there are some incompatible save files, and it is the one that DMP creates. How do I solve this, or will I just have to deal with it? Thanks!
  5. Saves don't show?

    Every time I open KSP, my saves don't show. I've checked the save file, and all my saves are there, but when I run KSP and click "Resume Save" It shows a blank GUI. I believe DarkMultiPlayer caused the problem, and so I deleted it and every other mod, but it still doesn't show the saves. Any idea on how to fix this?
  6. Hello! Long time lurker, first time poster here. I've found myself in quite a special situation and I was hoping some linux users could help me out here. I have a mid range PC I'm trying to run a DMP server on and the server runs well, it works fine. As of right now I use TMUX to run the server outside of the terminal window The problem comes in when I try to run the server headless. I use putty to SSH into my server and the server ONLY allows NEW connections when putty is connected. If I or anyone else connects before I close the SSH window the connection is maintained. The specific error that DMP spits out is "handshake error: invalid username". This post was kind of jumbled so if I can provide any info that might help please just ask. I hope that someone here can help. Thanks everyone.