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Found 2 results

  1. I'm working on an editor for Kerbal, to bring them back to life and make other changes without editing the persistent.sfs file Far from finished but it seems pretty stable stable. I've tested it just with career save game files. Feature: QuickRename you Kerbal with a click, you can choose Name, Surname or booth, and it will randomly spawn it for you. Resurrect your dead Kebals, it will act directly into persistent file, so there's no need to save, and it will remove all reference to the sad moment, so it will be just like he/she are never died. Delete (right mouse click on the treeview) will remove the Kerbal and all missions stuff from the persistent file. (your saved game). Backup your file (menu File\Save\Backup) 'cause ship-happens ;-) and Murphy's Law is waiting for us. I'm not a native English speaker, so if there are any errors please report them, Thank You If you want to try it MAKE A COPY OF YOUR FILE! You can download it form HERE You can download the source code from Here - Updated the "Diary" (the box under the gender) that now show the total of Flight/Orbits/Land, more will come. - Added a tool bar to speed up open/backup/save and also added "Useful Infos" that will gives some information about Kerbals and parameters. Fixed and optimized the code removed some bloat use of threads (that was useless). Also optimized parameters saved on you persistent file. For example, Brave and Dumb now will use just 1 decimals instead of 9. - Now you can edit multiple Kerbals without saving every time, Kerbals can be deleted (still remain some reference on missions but will be fixed in the future) re-enabled Save option ('cause you can edit multiple Kerbals per time) and also a Backup method for save your save game file, log get hidden on start but you can show it back if you swish. KNOW BUG: "brave" didn't show te value when the value in the persistent have more than 9 decimals. - Changed the UI, added QuickRename system to rename your Kerbals, removed some voices under files 'cause there are bugs to be fixed. - Fixed code, added a specific voice under About for the licence. - Fixed bug: Won't resurrect "Missing" Kerbals ==== LICENCE ====================================================================================== Basically this software is under GLP, it's opensource free for everyone, which can modify it, edit it and do what they wish. Just, in about, mention me
  2. Hey all, I got bored and decided to ask the forum what terrible, terrible mistakes you've made in playing this game. To get the ball rolling, I'll tell one of my stupid mistakes. After about 50 hours of playing, I had just managed to successfully build an interplanetary science ship and land on Duna. After I sucked Duna dry of science, I launched and realized I had ludicrous delta-v still left, even after all the hopping around Duna I did. To be fair, I was using modded engines, but I still had the delta-v. At the time, I was still pretty clueless on how to transfer between planets, so when I decided I wanted to go to Moho, I created a maneuver node that dropped me from Duna's orbital height down to Moho's orbital height and into an encounter. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that to complete the maneuver, I would have to reduce my orbital velocity to zero, and essentially fall towards the sun until Moho got in the way. The issue was, with my 100kn total thrust, coupled with the fact that the solar gravity would accelerate me to a few hundred km/s, I couldn't slow down and ended up dunking my team of six 5-star Scientists into the sun. Woo.
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