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Found 4 results

  1. Chaps I'm trying to get an old save-game going but I'm having trouble with one last mod that I can't find. My only clue is that it features a part called 'Micro Leg Radial'. I know what it looked like: it was a small jagged looking black landing strut with tiny yellow highlights. Does anyone have any idea as to what mod this part belongs to? Yes - I've already sifted through the my savegame's loader section but can't see anything obvious. Any ideas??? Spanx R x
  2. So I'm currently making a system rearrangement thing that doesn't use all of the stock planets, so I wanted to remove the ones I'm not using from the game. I've tried twice with no success, so I was just wondering how to do it in 1.4.3 if it's even possible.
  3. I want to do a fresh installation of KSP. I uninstalled it from steam, but I want to completely remove all files and windows 10 isn't letting me do it because I have no access. I have tried doing it as the administrator from the command line but still, access is denied. I found out in one of Windows 10's updates there's now a new kind of superuser called TrustedInstaller that owns everything inside Program Files (x86) and so only it can delete some of the files (not even the administrator can). I also looked for help on windows 10 forums and other support pages into how to take ownership of the files, but even when I followed those steps, windows was unable to give me permission to access some of the files, specifically many of those from mods inside GameData. Has anyone had this issue? Any way around it? I'm basically unable to uninstall mods, which is extremely annoying and inconvenient, to say the least, and since I can't delete mods, I can't delete the main KSP folder. Thanks!
  4. There are a lot of 'stock craft' in the SPH and VAB. How do I get rid of them?