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Found 25 results

  1. I was planning to buy the game this year but then i remember that the game had a demo,so i search in google ksp demo for testing the game before buying it. but i found nothing just the ksp web with UNDER MAINTENCE in the page. So i have some questions: Is the demo deleted? If not when is the back of the demo? So that is my questions. PS:sorry for the bad english im not from america.
  2. I herd that the demo versions of KSP (0.18.3) were hard to find online. I have a copy, but should i upload it or would it be illegal?
  3. Do we know if a new demo will be released, and if so around what time? That dead link on the main page is sort of embarrassing. Seeing as the last post in the last thread about the missing demo was August 31, I thought I might was well ask.
  4. I bought KSP on my main Windows 10 PC but when I am on the go, I normally take my Mac with me for PC games but this is an older Mac and due to memory isues, cannot go any further. I want KSP on here but I have it on Steam but I only have 10.6.8, can't download the Mac Demo either because the demo site is down (and has been for several months now, pls fix this KSP team). What do I do? Is there an possible way to transfer it to Mac? -MK
  5. HILOS ALL!!! I've been playing the demo for KSP for a while, and I decided to create a demo challenges topic. In here, please reply with challenges that I can do in the demo, or just asking for challenges.
  6. Hi, I've had the demo version of the game for 3 months now. I decided to look through the files, because why not, and I saw that there are parts that I dont see in the game. For example, there is a heat shield file, but no heat shield in the game. Another part is the airbrake. is there something wrong with my demo, or what?
  7. can i add some costume parts or mods on ksp demo?
  8. Ever since I started playing the demo, I've always wanted to do one particular thing: plant flags on Minmus and the Mun in a single launch, then return home for a propulsive landing without parachutes. It's that last bit that makes this goal almost impossible. Landing on Minmus and the Mun in a single launch with demo parts is challenging, though doable. But the additional mass of engines and fuel for the propulsive landing (a la Dragon 2) makes the whole launch vehicle need to be exponentially larger. Plus, the small, flimsy landing legs in the Demo don't really provide much clearance for a l
  9. I dug through the forums and couldn't find anything quite like this. It promises to be a pretty kerbal sort of challenge, so hopefully we will get some interesting entries. Building an SSTO seems to be pretty popular for early players. Airbreathing spaceplanes are the most common, though pure-rocket and VTOL SSTOs are typical too. Building a reusable SSTO in Demo Mode, on the other hand...that's a bit of a challenge. It's easy enough to stack stages in Demo to achieve pretty much anything you want, but with only a single liquid-fueled engine, what you can do in a single stage is limi
  10. I can't be the only one here who plays the Demo instead of the full game, right?
  11. I currently can't afford to get Kerbal space Program, so I'm messing around with the demo. Is there a way to have infinite fuel on the Demo version? I know there is a debug menu but I'm pretty sure it's only on the full game.
  12. I've searched, didn't find the answer to this. Pretty sure it's one of those "oh you're missing this basic critical element" problems. Running the 0.90.0 Beta Demo. I know how to edit the cfg files for existing parts, but I'm trying to duplicate the LV-T30 engine so that I can make a separate vacuum-optimized upper-stage version. However, even though I know I can successfully modify existing parts, including the standard LV-T30, I can't seem to get duplicated versions to show up in the VAB when I actually go to build it. So far I've tried duplicating and renaming the cfg file, d
  13. Hi all! I will start by saying that I'm new here and on Kerbal. What an awesome game Please don't take what is following badly, but if I'm here it's by luck I must say... I downloaded a while ago the demo of the awesome game. Well, I played it for an hour and was totally disapointed.... So I dropped the idea of buying it. It's only yesterday, after seeing some nice conversations on a Skype group I'm in, that it somehow woke me up and that I decided to give it a try again. Went Youtube, read a little about it, took a look at the reviews etc etc. I decided to go forit and bought
  14. Hi guys, So I downloaded the demo of KSP from Steam. It downloaded fine and ran ok the first time I opened it. It opened in windowed mode so I pressed ALT+Enter and it entered fullscreen mode fine. I think the default resolution is 1280x720 and my laptop is 1920x1080 so before getting into the game I opened the settings and graphics options and changed the resolution to the maximum setting which I think is 1920x7 The screen went black and froze and all I could do is move the cursor. I tried pressing the windows button and ALT+TAB to get out and even tried ALT+CONTROL+DEL and CTRL+SHI
  15. I am playing the demo and following Scott Manley's tutorials. I have this nice two-stages rocket that reaches a decent height. Unfortunately, when I try to create a maneuver in the M view, I am unable to click on the top of the parabola and start the maneuver widget: I click it either left- or right-, but nothing happens. I see a few options: - buy the complete game, hoping it will let me get the maneuver widget (but I read that the demo should be sufficient to get into orbit!) - keep updating the tracking station until the maneuver correction becomes possible (I am current
  16. Hey all, I've been playing the Demo for a while now, and there's a challenge I'd like to propose. Can you make it into orbit and back using only solid-fueled boosters (specifically, the RT-5 and the RT-10) without a parachute? Rules: You don't have to use Demo, obviously, but you have to limit to the Demo toolbox. No mods. It has to be manned. The capsule must return intact. You have to reach a stable orbit outside of the atmosphere before returning. I was thinking more "can you do it" than a particular winner, but we can say that whoever can do it with
  17. can some one help me build a kinetic strike satellite using the demo parts, here's a link http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/130790-How-can-I-orbit-kerbin-and-the-moon-in-Demo?p=2124519&viewfull=1#post2124519
  18. hi im a demo user and i need help i need to make a space station in demo but im having probs getting it into space anyone have ideas or can send me there DEMO space station as a .craft file so i can use it for my build ill say when done when ive found a working idea! -Thanks Zizzlethekerbal Aka Zizzle8383
  19. Playing Demo and I have a few telemetry/control questions: Is there any way to determine the total mass of your craft at any given time during flight? Is there any way to determine how far you are from the ground at any given time? I'm tired of crashing at 120 meters above sea level. Is there any way to reset stages mid-flight, so that I can turn off my engines, throttle all the way up, and then press space to turn them all on at full throttle?
  20. Been playing the demo, and it is pretty limited, but I wanted to try and do a lunar landing with a rover. Only, there are no wheels in demo. So I had to get creative. First rover test: So far so good... Uh oh. Okay this was a bad idea. Back to the drawing board. Let's make it a bit less explosive. These reaction wheels don't have quite the jazz of jet engines, but they get the job done! I use roll control for forward and reverse. Turning is tricky; you have to use W and A, but since the rover is constantly spinning, pressing W turns differ
  21. Decided to tackle the new demo version with a Mun landing and return trip. I'd done it before, but since I finished building my desktop I figured I should record it and toss it up on Youtube. My two gripes with the current demo version is the lack of Ablative heat shield and the loss of the LV-909 Terrier engine. So in some ways, the demo version is harder than the current full release. So I guess that made it a nice challenge, since Mun landing and return trips in the full version are pretty much cake for me now. Shoutout to Anton Petrov of 'What Da Math' for inspiring me to get off my b
  22. Alright, so I have a ridiculous question. would it be possible... to swap out a part completely.. for a part from a mod...? I don't know because I don't know crap.
  23. okay, so I was playing the ksp demo because I'm poor, and I got sick and tired of just 25 parts. so I put two mods I downloaded into the plugins folder for the demo, but... I know the demo is designed to only work with the parts it has, but the flags from the mods showed up. why is that? If the flags went in, why not the parts? Someone please answer my question. .-.
  24. Hello, KSP forum members! I have the demo (want to buy the full game soon) and I want to land on the mun, and I've gotten pretty close, but never quite landed there. The demo rockets I found online all have parts that I don't have on the demo. Does anyone have a demo mun rocket they can show? I would appreciate it.
  25. Hello, Any tips on getting to the mun and back with the demo? I do plan on getting the full game after Christmas, I just want to bide my time slinging kerbals to the mun and back.
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