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Found 3 results

  1. Right now i have a 110 km orbit, but i have 4 main questions: Where to put the maneuver node, where to aim the periapsis, how high the periapsis should be, and how to calculate with all that to the earth's rotation, and the drag what air makes. I made a test flight earlier on with the shuttle, and then i put the node 90 degrees ahead of the KSC and aimed the periapsis 90 degrees beyond the KSC, but i only used my eye, (just like i read somewhere in wiki) and when i reached the maneuver node, the KSC and the periapsis alligned up just to the right direction, but now, i have no idea how to recreate it again.
  2. Push a vessel out of orbit using a kerbal on Eva. The infinite propellent cheat is allowed. The biggest craft pushed out of the highest orbit wins the challenge. Also try to survive re-entry and the crash. (The kerbal, not the ship) Submit your attempt, vessel part count/weight, orbit height, and proof in the comments below.
  3. (From 19th Janurary) Tonight I am meant to be drawing. I have drawing and illustraion projects to be getting on with. But I also have a stranded kerbal in a peculiar orbit between the Mun and Kerbin, it is playing on my mind, I will just get Kellong Kerman back. It won't take long.... So I got my "multi-kerbal-orbiter" 5-seater and filled 4 seats with young kerbals that could do with the experience. I thought I would deliver Kellong to the station taking them along for the ride. After docking to kellong's ship I thought i could tow it into an orbit near the station so I could deorbit it easier, or use it later. I did this and 6kms from "L30 Station 1" I undocked from it and went to the station taking all the kerbals, including Kellong. I needed two scientists in the station's lab so that would be Bob and Kellong. Damnit Bill, get out of Kellong's seat. Got them transferred and then decided to bring the Kerbals that were along for the ride, home...... while towing the dead ship. I can always disconnect it if it causes a problem on re-entry, the Kerbal's will be fine. They died on impact with Kerbin while trying to hold onto as much debris as possible in order to get the funds. This annoyed me. I don't like killing Kerbals. It upsets me, I don't want to be resposible for their deaths. I loaded up my last save...... Kellong is back stuck in orbit. So I got the multi kerbal orbiter out again. Added some extra tanks, for a safety margin, and set it off this time without kerbals. It can function autonimously anyway. It was in orbit and about to do the transfer burn to get close to Kellong when I couldn't...... SAS was off. What has gone wrong? No power? I had forgotten to deploy the solar panels and the ship was dead with a full load of fuel. Multi kerbal orbiter number 3. This one is to dock with the other one and then deploy its panels and the one with the most fuel goes after Kellong. On getting this one into orbit I started recording the video. Dock with the other MKO and deployed its! I get to Kellong, rescue him and then tow the ship to the station, get Kellong onto the damned station and then went back to the ship.... I am going to deorbit it and the MKO now there are no Kerbals to hut and see how much survives.... it is in the video. I forgot what I was sopposed to be doing tonight....