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Found 23 results

  1. I'm currently working a new planet mod that's just mostly me messing around before i do bigger stuff. It's very early in development and i'm fairly new to kopernicus so this might take a while. in the meantime while i'm developing this i can already show two planets that atleast function. Since these are the two first planets i show i will tell you about them. Drift is a tidally locked world that's massive in scale. It has a close ring and will have some moons in the future but for now you have a dry world and whatever mysteries you can find on it, but good luck getting back. Lomn is your average blue gas giant. A bit smaller than Jool but with a neat ring. Like Drift it will also have some moons in the future but for now it's just the gas giant all alone. there are more planets / moons but i'm still working on them. I'm still expiriencing some difficulties with drift as the scaledspace and the actual planet don't always match but i'm working on it. This is also the first post i ever made so hi, i guess. Since this is me messing around / practicing any suggestion are welcome
  2. Welcome to: Eskandare Heavy Industries This thread is strictly for news, posts, mod discussion, and organization of my various mods stretched across the forums. Currently in development: CVX - Kerbal Carrier eXpansion [Ongoing Development] KSOS (Kerbal Shuttle Orbiter System) Eskandare Aerospace Recent Updates: Kerbin Side Remastered [ver. 1.0.1 for KSP 1.7.3] Currently Available for Download: Kerbin Side Remastered [ver. 1.0.1 for KSP 1.7.3] Thermonuclear [Ver. 1.0.12 for KSP 1.1.2] KRX - Kerbal Rotor eXpansion [Ver. 0.31.1 for KSP 1.1.3] CVX - Kerbal Carrier eXpansion [ver. 0.13.1 for KSP 1.3.1] Top Secret - Bases and Anomalies for Kerbal Konstructs [ver. 1.0.11 for KSP 1.1] Eskandare Aerospace [ver. BETA for KSP 1.7.3] Experimental Stuff: [WIP] O'Neill Space Cylinder [WIP] The Cities of Kerbin - Being merged with Supply and Demand [WIP] Supply and Demand [On Hold] Mods being Maintained by Eskandare: KSOS [New Page Coming Soon] Baha EPL Redrilled This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  3. So like everyone else on the forum I shot out of my seat with excitement when I saw KSP 2 was announced. The trailer looks very nice, and what I've seen from gameplay so far it looks very promising aswell. However after the initial extacy of excitment had passed I did have a couple of concerns for the new game that I wanted to vent here to see what everyone thinks and maybe if some people have the same. 1. The release timeline. In the IGN interview with Nate it was stated that the release for KSP 2 would be sometime in spring 2020. Now that is less than a year away, and although I would be very excited to have it playable that early, I'm also a bit concerned. It seems to me that if KSP 2 were to live up to the status of the first game, whilst also expanding on its scope, 8 to 10 months of devlopment time would be to little to achieve that. Now I realise that the developers aren't starting at the same point as Squad did in 2012, but I still think this game needs at least a solid year and a half of development time from where its at right now to be a worthy successor. I'm afraid it might dumb down or even cut some of the more advanced features that are in KSP right now, in order to get things like interstellar travel in there on time for release. Personally I would be happy with a game that is the same size as the original KSP but with enhanced visuals and all the same features on release. And then have it slowly grow overtime like the original game. 2. Multiplayer I don't want to come across as someone who doubs the ability of the developers at Star Theory. From what I've gathered they are a group of very capable game designers. However I don't feel like they have a grasp on what makes KSP fun when they mentioned multiplayer. I am personally not sure wether KSP is the kind of game that even needs multiplayer. Not every type of game is improved by having multiplayer in it, and it feels more like a forced feature to boost hype and potential sales of KSP 2. KSP being the game that focusses more on the methodical, trial and error type of gameplay. That's usually a bit slower and not as well suited to multiple people playing as at once. I fear that it might not work out at all. I just don't feel like KSP needs multiplayer. Have a social element to it by all means, but multipalyer itself, I'm not feeling that. This concern is reinforced by the fact that it seems like the developers at Star Theory themselves don't seem to have and idea of how they want multiplayer to take shape in KSP 2 either. It is simply mentioned as a feature but there's not info on how its going to work or what we can expect. It comes back to the short release schedule aswell. If they are planning to finish this game in 10 months and they have no idea or prototype in place for multiplayer what is this going to mean for the rest of the development? It would be a shame to both have a half finished uninspired multiplayer component and a less than exciting singleplayer component. I'd rather have a solid game that I can play on my own. Those are my 2 major concerns I have for KSP 2 right now. I might update my post with more later, but for now those are the only ones that I can think of. Again I don't want to come across as negative or pessimistic. I think its fantastic that the KSP franchise has a future, especially since for me the first game had become a bit stale. And I am very excited for this. But I also want to see it succeed as well as the first game, and therefore I wanted to vent these concerns here. I'd love to know what you think, if you share some of these concerns or if you have your own. Let me know. Hopefully the dev's will read them.
  4. Not sure whether it's already been asked, but if it has, it's not got enough support. Kerbal Space Programme is super realistic! And since we've seen the previews to the planets (if your reading this in the future you've got them, lucky!) then you'll know it looks a bit stupid how rovers are going over ground and not leaving tyre marks! Not only that but for a while I've thought about how it's silly when Kerbals do a surface Eva and don't leave footprints, and one of the most iconic pictures of Human exploration is of Buzz Alderins boot print on the Lunar surface. I think to go with the 1.8 (I know this is stretching you to the limit if you guys did this) it would be a great asset to KSP and to stop making some of the textures looking so strange
  5. I personally really want a stock centrifuge habitat to be implemented into the newer ksp versions. I would like to see your ideas though too. @UomoCapra please consider doing this
  6. The addition of lock position, ie. Lock to horizon or lock to current facing position would be a good idea. This would help in rocket launching and not wearing out our fingers pressing 'A' and 'D' to correct bearing. It would also help to make space stations look even cooler, as they would now stay locked to the horizon or locked to another position. The addition of time warping to stop spinning is great but, not any good for pointing in the right direction. I think that this tiny change could make a large impact on KSP in new ways much like 1.5 but more on the mechanical side of better visuals rather than just the looks.
  7. Recently, @ShadowZone has released a video about the future of KSP, and as I personally agree with the points he has made, so I decided to spread the word. @UomoCapra and other developers, please hear me and him out:
  8. I am just asking about the MK2 Series and why there are no specified decouplers that look flush and it would help me very much with specified missions from carrying the plane out of orbit and into a new orbit that is my goal. P.S if i have missed anything please say so
  9. CREDIT TO @daniel l. FOR THE ORIGINAL GEMENI Pictures on original thread: [1.05] Gemeni v0.5 - A kopernicus mod that brings you a twin to kerbin. Gemeni is a mod thought up by @daniel l., and he has let me continue this mod. It turns Kerbin into a binary system with a planet called Kerbanon. It orbits around 6 million km from Kerbin, and is just over half the size. Gemeni moves The Mun to 40 million km and turns Minmus into a moon of Kerbanon. Works with but is not dependent on Sigma Binary by @Sigma88. Release Thread Developer Testing Version License: CC-BY-SA
  10. Hi, I'm a student games programmer in my final year of University. I absolutely love KSP as it has given me a greater understanding of the difficulty and science behind real life space missions! I really want to make a simple 2D space sim game in order to buff out my portfolio (and for fun of course!). I've looked everywhere on the internet and forums for suggested methods of programming realistic gravity physics for orbiting etc. The problem is the methods I try are inconsistent or unrealistic... Looking at KSP it looks like they calculate trajectories and then put the ship on rails effectively so (relatively) wonky game engine physics don't change the orbit paths. I was just wondering if anyone knew how Squad achieved this, or if any developers who saw this could shed some light? Thank you very much, Jason.
  11. Hi to all kerbonauts i'm Diias, So let me tell you my idea, in a simplified version : I wanna reshape (not in a bad way) the way you start with your aircraft in the ground, I wanna add this items to my first iteration of this mod when it realeses which I have no date, 1. New small to mid size engine, I'm aiming for like a A320 to B737 engine 2. Add an APU system 3. Add 1 new type of material which is pressurized air So it would be like: So you would do your aircraft or plane, and to start the engines you need pressurized air.... and to make that pressurized air you need to start the APU (It's worst than it sounds) but to start the APU you need Electric charge which I will tweak during the development to be balanced. "Obviously the APU can only start one engine ( You could only start 2 engines at the same time if you putted 2 APU's but that is kinda obvious)" But here it's where it gets tricky, I know little about 3d modeling and I just have my girlfriend helping me doing it but she only had like a crash course of blender, so if anyone wants to help or in this case volunteer for this project send me a private message, and for everyone else I will try to update every once in a awhile the development of this mod thanks to all who red this post stay kerby 1st Update: 2nd Update This is how it looks in unity now with some really fast textures but almost finished: and
  12. Planet Staus: A Concept, No ideas or textures. Just Started making, May be a name and texture. First Prototype. May be planet pictures. Pre-Release: I will leave a link to download the planet for peeps to test. I want some feedback if you were to test it. PLS This means the planet is complete and it will be downloadable in a planet pack when it is released. The Planets A Hot-Jool Planet at about half the orbit of Moho with alot of moons Moon 1: A lava moon. May have another small moon orbiting it Moon 2: A less Lava-y Moon. May have a big crack in it Moon 3: A very small red Asteroid moon Moon 4: Another moon may be a small moon or an asteroid one. This planet would have rings Fazo/Faza : An asteroid Moon of Moho Moho may be re-textured A third Kerbin Moon/Probably a asteroid Moon 2 water planets, 1 between Eve and Kerbin and one between Kerbin and Duna Get rid of Ike for 2 smaller duna moons. Sarna: A Gas Giant bewteen Duna and Jool Dres and Vall are moons Will Probably add more moons Jool will have many more Asteroid Moons and will probably. Goal 20 moons. Uarnus: Has a odd ring and many moons orbiting in weird inclinations Nedo : A Planet with a heavy atmosphere which gives it oceans Neiden : A Light Blue gas giant with not as many moons as Jool. Will have many weird and Interesting moons. Armedia: One of a few dwarf planets on the kerbol system outskirts Pluti : Another Dwarf Planet. Erno: A third Dwarf Planet Xi : A ROuge planet that entered the outskirts of the Kerbol System Stars: Sol: This star holds our home system. Alpha Centari Trappist:1 A couple rouge planets. Maybe a random pulsar. A made up 2nd solar system. Contents unknown This are my ideas so far. If you have any ideas or name suggestions pls comment them. I want more things and this is a ll i got
  13. Hello everyone! Today, I decided to give back to the community, in the form of a new mod! This mod will feature Therma, a new planet. It's basically a modified Kerbin, yes, but it's just a start. In the future, I might turn this into a planet pack, when I actually get some experience. Therma: Is a new planet. Is slightly warmer than Kerbin, but still comfortable. Has liquid water oceans. Has a breathable atmosphere, containing oxygen. Is basically a modified Kerbin. Has lower gravity than Kerbin, low enough for jetpacks to work effectively. The atmosphere is slightly smaller, but denser too. Is not a mix of Duna, Laythe, and Kerbin. Is between Duna and Kerbin. Has rings (in the future) Will have multiple moons, soon™. Is Eve's worse nightmare. Is also the name of this mod. Doesn't exist yet. Since the community seems to be very supportive of mods, I decided to go here. I am only starting to develop Therma, any new updates will go here. I don't have much experience in making mods (this is my first real one!), so, I need your help! Tips and tricks here will also be appreciated. UPDATE 1: Concept art:
  14. DISCONTINUED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE! THIS MOD IS STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS AND NOT YET AT A POINT FOR RELEASE. PLEASE KEEP AN EYE OUT AS THIS MESSAGE WILL CHANGED TO RELEASED. THANKS. UPDATE: THIS WILL BE RELEASED AS AN ALPHA ONCE STAGE 1 IS COMPLETE. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ABOUT: From a small team just entering the modding world, we bring to you the SpaceX parts pack. This mod brings you all the parts required to produce your very own Falcon 9 series. Based off measurements and specific information provided on the SpaceX website along with some good guess work, these parts provide a 1:1 scale of the real Falcon 9 used by SpaceX. CONTENTS: This pack includes a variety of parts that can be used in combination to produce realistic looking Falcon 9 rockets. This pack will currently include the following: · Merlin Octaweb Engine · Merlin Octaweb Engine Mount · First Stage Fuel Tank · First Stage Control Module · Landing Legs · Grid Fins · First Stage Radial Decoupler · Interstage Decoupler · Merlin Vacuum Engine · Second Stage Fuel Tank · Second Stage Control Module · Dragon Decoupler · Dragon Trunk · Dragon Trunk Fins · Dragon Solar Panels · Dragon Heat Shield · Dragon Preassurised Pod · Farings More parts will be added as I progress through the models and assemblies. PROGRESS: As I have previously mentioned, I am new to the modding community and am developing this mod in partnership with a few friends. This pack will take some time to be released as I work a standard work day and have personal priorities. I am currently working on this pack with any time I have. I ask for your patience with this and I will keep this up to date. The progress so far: · Merlin Octaweb Engine o Modelling – 100% o Texturing – 0% o Coding – 50% · Merlin Octaweb Engine Mount o Modelling – 100% o Texturing – 100% o Coding – 95% · First Stage Fuel Tank o Modelling – 100% o Texturing – 0% o Coding – 50% · Landing Legs o Modelling – 100% o Texturing – 0% o Coding – 50% · Grid Fins o Modelling – 100% o Texturing – 0% o Coding – 50% · First Stage Radial Decoupler · Modelling – 0% · Texturing – 0% · Coding – 0% · Interstage Decoupler o Modelling – 0% o Texturing – 0% o Coding – 0% · Merlin Vacuum Engine o Modelling – 50% o Texturing – 0% o Coding – 0% · Second Stage Fuel Tank o Modelling – 0% o Texturing – 0% o Coding – 0% · Second Stage Control Module o Modelling – 0% o Texturing – 0% o Coding – 0% · Dragon Decoupler o Modelling – 0% o Texturing – 0% o Coding – 0% · Dragon Trunk o Modelling – 0% o Texturing – 0% o Coding – 0% · Dragon Trunk Fins o Modelling – 0% o Texturing – 0% o Coding – 0% · Dragon Solar Panels o Modelling – 65% o Texturing – 0% o Coding – 0% · Dragon Heat Shield o Modelling – 0% o Texturing – 0% o Coding – 0% · Dragon Preassurised Pod o Modelling – 50% o Texturing – 0% o Coding – 0% · Farings o Modelling – 0% o Texturing – 0% o Coding – 0% PICTURES: DOWNLOAD: This mod is still far from completion. Once completed this mod will be available to download off Spacedock. A link will be provided once released and this post will be updated. UPDATE: THIS WILL BE RELEASED AS AN ALPHA ONCE STAGE 1 IS COMPLETE. CREDITS: As I have previously mentioned, this is a shared project. Although all the modelling has been carried out by myself, this mod would not be possible without the correct configs and texturing. I would like to thank my friends Fordie, Spoonstiker and Mr Mental for their help with coding this mod and making it work.
  15. Hi guys, just starting a new thread to display all the upcoming projects before them rolling out of our "factory" Here is our website: Drive safe! Kesla Auto Team To kick things started, say hi to our 2nd vehicle - Kesla Boxville, a van designed by Rockstar, but it should be safe enough to drive on any planet.
  16. As in the title: How would I spawn an empty dummy part in flight mode? Preferably: No needed .cfg file: Just spawn the part and initialize it on-the-fly. Reason When I just AddComponent<Part>() I see a stream of NullReferenceException in the log. I'm assuming there is something wrong with just constructing it as-is, and I'm at a loss as to what else needs to be added to it in order for it to function. I need to add a part to a vessel in flight in order to force KSP to update the associated transform whenever it changes coordinate frames. This has been an issue with joints created between dynamically-generated bodies and other parts - when the vessel changes coordinate frames, it causes the joint to correct itself in the wrong frame (the other body, not associated with a part, did not change coordinate frames with the rest of the vessel). Just adding a part to the related object, then adding the part to the vessel's part list fixes the coordinate frame transition issue, but I see a stream of null reference exceptions. On the other hand, it would be preferable to hook into an event for this, but I have no idea what that event or override might be.
  17. Hello All, More and more frequent I have problems with developing spacecraft for extrakerbestrial atmospheres. To minimize the weight I like to keep my probes and craft to a minimum with proper weight distribution. However the atmosphere's and gravitational pulls on other planets make testing things sometimes hard. I cannot develop something, send it to eve, only to discover that once there it cannot make the liftoff, of that my angle of re-entry is either too high, or too low. Especially spaceplanes really need the ability to model/simulate in a windtunnel to see how they will behave. I'd say that a good and realistic addition to Kerbal would be a wind-tunnel, alike actual aerospace uses all the time. It would be a new building which can simulate physics depending on size of the craft and atmosphere's etc. Maybe some manual constraints, but preferably pre-set conditions of atmosphere's. An additional function could be that you would need to have atmospheric data and temperature first before you can simulate a planet (from a probe or something) Either way, it would be a great help to my missions.
  18. Hi! I've been making a small game recently (you may have spotted it already, if you follow me on twitter or youtube), and have finally gotten it finished and released (and by that I mean "made 90% of in august then lost motivation and finally got back and finished it in the last two weeks ish"). It's free! You, too, can get blown up by meteors and experience frustration, which seems like the sort of things KSP forumgoers would be into. So... View & Download on yes sots is still happening sooner or later
  19. Hello I need some help with an idea for a little mod I thought of. I always thought that it was a little annoying that in order to build something in orbit, the only parts that are at your disposal are docking ports. To me, I feel like that is a problem. It limits your ships and stations to a more linear design because they do not support more radial construction effectively, due to their lack of fixed angles for alignment, and week strength. This is where my idea would come in. My idea is to add more parts for orbital construction for stations and ships. It will ad a couple pairs of connectors that will allow anyone to build in any way they like, linear or radially. Strong enough to endure stresses of massive ships, and able to fix at certain angles so that if you want to add engine pylons that all your thrust in going in the same direction. So far it is an idea mostly. I have modeled a few of the parts already, but I would like some help in some areas. Mostly in the texturing, and a little bit about the coding. Thanks This is what i got so far. The first one is a Pylon Connector with the second being a 1.25m Connector.
  20. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Devnote Tuesday!!! I'm gonna go for a walk or something to distract myself. Hit 11 miles the other day! Try for a half marathon. AAAAAAAAAAAA! Devnotes!
  21. I think it would be cool to have a ksp for htc vive. You could build a model out of parts to build rockets (with the parts comeing out of boxes of parts) , and IVA and external camaras while flying.
  22. After making a series of rockets that where doomed with the jiggling disease when taking off, and placing 100 batteries in one tiny space. I watched as I played 50 hours without even coming into orbit.. I made a lot of crazy creations and, went trough a lot of beatifull and crazy moments. But after I lost the sense of progress in career mode, and none was there to share my funnt experiences, it made me quite dissapointed. There are a lot of mods, and a lot, a lot, of screenshots, guides, and videos. I sense that everyone would like to share their creations more than currently possible. The feature I want to see in future updates in KSP, to not let the game fade out, to give this game what it deserves: a multiplayer, but not the kind of suggestions i've seen before, because i feel that is a project to big, and isn't what the people want. I want to be able to share my landed rockets, and bases on outer planets, and around orbits. I want a big multiplayer game, but the only thing visible is what you share with you're friends: the basses, landed aircraft, and orbiting/landed rockets! possibly (1) you could share mods or buildings on planets, or community made scenario's; possibly (2) if things overlap you can choose whethere damage will occur or just to ignore it, or to slightly being able to change the place where it's standing. People are still playing GTA San Andres, why? because of the multiplayer, and why are people still playing Skyrim after completing it so many times? that's the same answer for making KSP a game that will never (slowly as possible) go down in history! the modding community is already helping a big deal, and the fact that you have to learn this game before you can properly play it, really helps! I made an account on this forum just to say this, because it saddend me that this game doesn't have multiplayer, and therefore doesn't get the attention it deserves.. that's my opinion atleast. I mean, you're airplane is awesome and al, but if none know about it, the creation becames less valuable for the creator. wich are we all in KSP! so please, make it you're next development plan, and it doesn't need to be big! I wish you the best of succes! and this is my personal opinion, critics would be apreciated! and i'm not from netherlands/spain so English isn't my "home-language" so forgive the weird grammar or wrong spelled words that this topic may have contained
  23. I think this is in the right place... I am about to launch a long-term project and construct it in Kerbin orbit. I know that the comms parts will be changing, and I am wondering if they will break ships with current comms parts on them. Should I wait until 1.1 comes out?