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Found 3 results

  1. I'm trying to build a small UI with a popup dialog showing an error message. Now, the UI shows (GUILayout. Horizontal/Vertical and things like that used) and then at the end I do this if(bError) PopupDialog.SpawnPopupDialog(...) and the dialog with my error messages is shown behind the rest of the UI. What am I missing? How is the z-order defined? I didn't find anything about that... but, to be honest, I've no idea what I have to search for... Any ideas what's wrong?
  2. I've had a couple instances of windows/dialogs that would not go away in 1.1.2: there's this one, and it also happened when I opened a properties window on an engine in the VAB.
  3. Hi! I have a number of mods installed, here's a list: FAR Kopernicus KW Rocketry (With community fixes) Mechjeb 2 Outer Planets Mod PF Systems Remote Tech And I have this issue where all dialog/interaction boxes don't display text. They are the proper size and have the little check boxes, but I cannot see any text. This applies to almost all. Remote Tech is fine, however, Mechjeb is baiscally broken. Alt+F12 is broken, and so is the in-flight calculator thing. Tree loader is also broken. WHY D: Please help