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Found 1 result

  1. Since the dawn of the Kinternet, flat Kerbin theorists have been annoying spaceflight and science fans. They never properly back up claims, ignore our evidence and complain about the taxes they spend on a 'fake' space program. To make them be quiet, we have to take them to space to see that Kerbin is round. The rules are strict to make sure they have no reason to reject the trip. RULES: No mods (other than for information), cheats or debug menu. Your craft must: Reach 250km high Have a safe abort system Have a low landing speed of under 5m/s Be completely safe with landing and abort systems Have pressurised cabins (no lawn chairs) Be able to be remotely controlled for testing Be able to be piloted by an onboard crew member Lose no parts on re-entry The ship can and is recommended to be reusable. It can have more than one stage, but only needs be suborbital. If the ship can take more kerbals than you can be bothered to add to the ship, just don't add them all Tell me if you think I did something wrong or missed something out SCORING: The scoring is rather simple. It is the cost (C) divided by the amount of kerbals taken to space (K). So Cost per Kerbal. The lowest score wins. I may have a go later, but I don't have access to KSP LEADERBOARD: - @digger1213 153.5 roots per kerbal - @qzgy 378 roots per kerbal - @Monkey29399 with 1548.5 roots per kerbal - @CairoJack with 2811 roots per kerbal - @Martian Emigrant with 4943 roots per kerbal - -