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Found 41 results

  1. Texas Tim

    DLC Idea

    I had an idea and want to suggest it: a DLC similar to Making History, but instead of the past of spaceflight, the future of spaceflight. It would have parts themed after upcoming rockets in the future, and would add parts that also are in use today, such as proper landing legs for rockets.
  2. The_Arcitect

    New DLC poll

    This is a poll for your opinion on the new DLC
  3. SpaceMouse

    Any other KSP DLC planned?

    So as someone that's not generally fond of the way the gaming industry has been going I'm a bit surprised to be saying this but, has there been any talk I've missed on another KSP expansion? KSP is one of the few games I'd consider making a exception on most of my DLC related rules for.
  4. Original tutorial on my website: Graphic Mods: SVE forum: SVE download link: SVE Textures: EVE Download: Scatterer: Kopernicus: SVT (planet textures): SVT Comparison: Stock Part Revamp (better part textures): Stock Part Revamp comparison photos: Real Plume: Smoke Screen: Raster Prop Monitor: Texture Replacer: Skybox (download from dropbox): Other skybox (not used in video): Galileo's Sun Flares: Installation: First of all you have to open up KSP installation directory. To do it open up steam, right click to kerbal space program, properties, local file and browse local files. I highly recommending you to make clean ksp installation just for this purpose. And all downloaded mods you will be putting into GameData folder. (Default KSP location is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData) So let’s start by downloading first mod called scatterer which will add some awesome looking fog, reflection of water with waves and much more. So if you have it downloaded you will now need something which can work with archives, for example WinRAR or 7-Zip. So open up that downloaded scatter file and copy inside of a folder gamedata into KSP gamedata directory. Scatterer: Next up will be mod SVE or Stock Visual Enhancements. So download the base mod also with textures. From SVE textures you can choose between high, medium and low resolution textures but I will use high resolution. SVE forum: SVE download link: SVE Textures: Then you will also need to download EVE or Environmental Visual Enhancements but do not download configs. There are config files already in scatterer so if you will download and use both you will end up with overlaying textures and very bad performance. But if you will don’t have any clouds after I will show you all these steps you can try downloading EVE with configs. It may fix the clouds in some cases. EVE Download: So let’s install these mods. First one will be EVE, again open it up and extract its content inside the KSP gamedata directory. Do the same thing for SVE and SVE textures. Next mod will be Texture Replacer which was surprisingly updated and we will be using it for changing the skybox. So download it from GitHub then open it up and extract it into KSP gamedata directory. Texture Replacer: For that better skybox I will be using Rareden’s real 8k skybox. You can download it from dropbox also link will be in the video description. If you want to use different skybox you can but you need .jpg or .png file types. From what I know texture replacer will not work with for example, .dds files. There is also another skybox mod available but as I said it was not working for me, but you can give it a shot. To install it copy all photos inside the texture replacer/default folder. Skybox (download from dropbox): Other skybox (not used in video): Next up we have Galileo’s Sun Flares which will make the Sun or in KSP Kerbol looks much better and you will also have that nice realistic lens flare effect. To download it you can choose from a lot of different colors. And then just extract it into gamedata directory as every other mod. Galileo's Sun Flares: Now let’s install mod Kopernicus which is for modifying planet textures and other stuff. Again download it and then extract everything to gamedata directory. Kopernicus: To install better planet or terrain textures download SVT or Stock Visual Terrain and extract it inside the gamedata folder. SVT (planet textures): SVT Comparison: Now if you want some realistic engine effects, you can install mod Real Plume along with Smoke Screen. But the new KSP 1.4 with updated unity particles is already very good. So it is optional if you want to use it. But to install it download the latest real plume and smoke screen. And extract everything from Smoke Screen to gamedata directory but from Real Plume extract only Real Plume and Real Plume-Stock, do not extract smoke creen from real plume because it is outdated. Real Plume: Smoke Screen: Another mod called Raster Prop Monitor will make cockpits look much better and it will add functional displays. Installation is again the same. Extract JSI folder to gamedata directory. Raster Prop Monitor: To improve stock part textures, you can use this quite old mod called Stock part revamp and surprisingly version for ksp 1.2 it is working totally fine even on 1.4.1. So download it and now pay attention because from my old videos I know that this mod was causing a lot of problems because it was not installed properly. So when you will download it inside stock revamp master folder is folder gamedata, ignore all other files and folders only one important is gamedata which you need to copy into KSP installation gamedata folder. And now you should be done with the installation. Stock Part Revamp (better part textures): Stock Part Revamp comparison photos: Now I like to launch KSP from launcher only for the first time to set graphic preset to maximum and then you must use 64bit ksp launcher called KSP x64 located in the installation folder or you can just use steam and select 64bit version during the launch. If you will don’t use 64-bit version game will be probably crashing or it will don’t work at all. If you did everything correctly now you should have awesome looking kerbal space program. I want to mention that all new parts even from DLC are working totally fine so you can still change the color. Your Gamedata folder should look like this:
  5. The_Arcitect

    New DLC poll pt2

    A couple of months ago, I made a DLC poll; this is part two for more clarification.
  6. I post this in case anyone else ran into this problem and have been pulling out their hair over it. If you ever make the mistake of trying to remove a node by dragging it off the edge of the screen back to the left panel (because your instincts have been trained to do this by the VAB editor's way to remove a part), if you aren't careful it can hide the node very far off-screen where you think it's been deleted but it hasn't. It's still present and affecting your mission graph but not being drawn where you can see it. I did this ages ago to remove a node, but it was still there. So I had a hidden "always true, catch-all" node painted at coordinate(-5994.02539, 202.246094). That's several screenfulls of width past the left of the screen. No matter how far out I zoom, or how I pan the view, it never allows me to pan far enough to the left to see it, so I was ignorant of its existence. Since it was the reason the rest of my mission didn't work, being unaware that it exists made it impossible to diagnose anything. I finally got suspicious when the mission status during runtime kept saying I was on the node called "Always True", when I no longer had any nodes called "Always True", having given all my nodes more descriptive names, not the default names. Then I saw where it said I had 32 nodes in the mission loading screen, and I counted carefully, and every count I did by hand showed only 31 nodes, not 32. Finally I looked at the actual text file "persistent.mission" and only by doing that was I finally able to see the extra node that wasn't drawing in the editor.
  7. Story: Jeb forgot his Key Card for the KSC (again!) and Gene is about to fire him! Get Jeb's Key Card from the Island Runway and hurry back to the VAB Roof. Summary: - fly to the island runway - land - get out and pick up your Key card - fly back to KSC - parachute onto the VAB roof and run to the door sounds easy? true but HOW FAST CAN YOU DO IT? Can you do it in less than 3 minutes? DOWNLOAD v1.1: <HERE> CHANGELOG: 1.1 - you have to EVA and get close to CoolCat Kerman on the Island Runway now (getting close within a craft isn't enough anymore) - Kerbal Recovery removed as endgoal - parachute to VAB roof door as endgoal added
  8. I've heard there are some of cool new parts, and there is the really cool mission maker (which i am extremely interested in). But is it worth $14.99? I have $20 in steam money and was wondering if this at all would be worth it. Heck, is it even good? Would it even be worth picking it up at a steam sale?
  9. The Robot Soldier

    Making history for consoles

    So I learned that the Making History dlc just came out and I was wondering if or when this will come out for consoles. For people that are going to say “get a pc” “or why don’t you buy a pc?”. I had a pc but it not functional anymore and I do not want to spend over $1000 to get a computer that works as good as my Xbox one x. So all I’m asking is will this be out for consoles.
  10. Jackaroo0505

    FLC-1000 sep wonky

    Hello, the separating of the FLC-1000 fuel tank from making history. For those of you who don't know, the fuel tank looks like the Soyuz Side booster. When I separate the tank (any decoupler, 0% force) it spins a little. to confirm this, I set up just a random craft with 1 attached with a decoupler with it's force to 0% and cheated it into orbit. I separated them and sure enough, it spins. I found out why. The COM for it is wayyyy of center. Is there any way to fix this? Let me know if there is.
  11. ReigningKing

    Making History DLC

    I've been playing ksp for about half a year now (and i am still horrible at the game) and i am thinking of getting the Making History DLC, mainly to replicate the Saturn V rocket as it has a special place in my heart) but. is it really worth it? All though its only 15$ , i don't want to buy something that isn't that useful.
  12. Yesterday, I did find the time to eventually try out the new parts that came with the DLC and I must say that really like the new soyuz russian style pods. Best thing is that there's now a 2 crew pod available (through DLC). So I am curious - do you use the new DLC parts along with stock in your latest creations or do you go for stock-only parts, even with DLC installed?
  13. Title. The mainsail has almost the same thrust at sea level as the mastodon but the mainsail also has far better max isp in vacuum so the mastodon is redundant both as a launch engine and as an orbital engine. The mastodon should really have a higher thrust ( thrust in the middle of the min and maxthrust for the mainsail (around 1400?) would be better then it's got a niche as a more powerful launch engine than the mainsail but with less efficiency) , it's supposed to be a launch engine, at the moment there is no point using it at all except for aesthetic purposes. Also I should add the skiff is pretty weak in terms of thrust too, I made a saturn v replica and the S-II and S-IVB stages with a full tanks of accurate size had terrible thrust to weight ratios, something like 0.3 which is useless for an upper stage in the atmosphere. It should probably have twice as much thrust as a swivel for what it is, it's a 2.5 m engine.
  14. Brainlord Mesomorph

    Brainlord’s Petition to Change the EULA

    An open letter to Take Two Interactive: New York, we have a problem. Before I get in to that, just a little bit about myself; I’ve been a professional software developer and IT consultant for over 30 years. In my career, I’ve read hundreds of EULA’s, often on behalf of my clients. I have even written three or four of them, and many more Software Development Agreements (specifically the sections covering what the software will and won’t do and what our responsibilities were if it fails). Our company lawyer once actually told me, “If you ever get tired writing software, you could always get a job writing tort.” So I believe that I am at least as capable as the average layman of interpreting a software license agreement. Now, given that KSP is stand-alone computer game that uses no network access much less Internet access, has no online player ranking system, has no in-game online access of any kind, has no e-commerce system (virtual or otherwise) and involves absolutely no personal information of any kind, and given the broadest interpretation of the Terms of your EULA and its accompanying Privacy Policy, this is nothing less than a License Agreement for spyware. These two paragraphs are especially troubling: “… you consent to the information collection and usage terms set forth in this section and Licensor's Privacy Policy, including (where applicable) (i) the transfer of any personal information and other information to Licensor, its affiliates, vendors, and business partners, and to certain other third parties, such as governmental authorities, in the U.S. and other countries located outside Europe or your home country, including countries that may have lower standards of privacy protection; (ii) the public display of your data, … (iii) the sharing of your gameplay data with hardware manufacturers, platform hosts, and Licensor's marketing partners; and (iv) other uses and disclosures of your personal information or other information as specified in the above-referenced Privacy Policy, as amended from time to time….” And from the above-referenced Privacy Policy: “…the information we collect may include personal information such as your first and/or last name, e-mail address, phone number, photo, mailing address, geolocation, or payment information. In addition, we may collect your age, gender, date of birth, zip code, hardware configuration, console ID, software products played, survey data, purchases, IP address and the systems you have played on. We may combine the information with your personal information and across other computers or devices that you may use.“ Starting at the top; “…governmental authorities, in … other countries … that may have lower standards of privacy protection…” Excuse me? Why?! You’re a New York company. Under what circumstances are you sharing our personal information with foreign governments? Not as surprising, although equally unacceptable is selling all our personal information to unnamed “marketing partners.” And the ridiculously overbroad “other uses … as amended from time to time.” Taken at its broadest interpretation that means you literally can anything you want, any time you want. Please. And while we’re on the topic of overbroad requests; you may “collect” my “photo?” It doesn’t say photos I submit to you, or photos I upload somehow, it just says photo. There are a lot of photos on my computer. Taken at its broadest interpretation this means you can crawl my hard drive looking for photos and then taking them. “…[P]ayment information… software products played, survey data, purchases…” again overbroad, it doesn’t say payments I make to you, your software products played, your survey data, or even your purchases. Taken at its broadest interpretation that means you can spy on the purchases I make from Amazon, record them, along with my payment information (and then sell that a foreign government). It’s ludicrous. It has been argued that this a just single EULA for the entire wide array of your products, and that the clearly offensive sections simply don’t apply to us KSP players. Perhaps. But I ask; Would you sign an agreement with your gardener that gave him access to your bank account, because in his other job, he’s an accountant? And he just uses the same contract for everybody? (“Oh, that part doesn’t apply to you, just sign here, and also I’ll need your account number.”) I don’t think so. Now do I actually believe that Take Two Interactive is just a front for foreign mobsters installing spyware on everyone’s computer? No. Well, not completely. At least not yet. I do think your lawyers have gone way too far, and crafted a license agreement that is way over-vague, way over-balanced in your favor, and does give you permission to install spyware. They may have done so assuming we don’t read these things or know what they mean, or that we’ll sign anything. They were wrong. I do know that there are companies in the world that do install spyware. And there is a far fewer number of companies that have at least an allegedly legitimate reason for wanting that kind of information. Facebook, I believe has a “feature” where they will announce everything you buy for you. I have no idea why anyone would do that. And I (and I believe a lot of people) not use facebook because it is an invasion of privacy. KSP is not Facebook (thankfully), and my gardener is not my accountant. Therefore: I do not believe I am being unreasonable, and I do believe I speak for a very large segment of the KSP community, when I say: This license agreement must be changed. Your EULA even says it can be changed at any time, so change it now. At the very least you need to go through and add some prepositional phases, footnotes, lists of which of your products apply to which paragraphs, something. Specify which photos and purchases you are referring to, under what conditions you will give our personal information to foreign governments (?!). Even better would be to simply make another version of the EULA in which you have removed anything that doesn’t apply to a stand-alone game like KSP. (Like the two above paragraphs, in their entirety.) I say it must be changed because I believe not changing the EULA would be a tacit admission by Take Two that all of our worst fears are true. It would be an admission that even if the current build of KSP doesn’t contain spyware, you do intend to put it in there at some point. There is simply no other logical reason not to change this agreement. And let me say here that no reassurances from company spokesmen will do, we need this addressed in that EULA. So please let’s fix this little dustup before it becomes a full-blown kerfuffle. Assuming you are not an evil company intent on installing spyware, just please make that clear in the EULA. We don’t want this to turn into the Star-Wars-Pay-To-Play-Luke-Skywalker fiasco. We don’t want half the KSP community on social media screaming #KSP=Spyware! Do we? So please let just fix this. How about this: You give us a KSP EULA that isn’t a license for spyware, and I’ll buy every last bit of DLC you ever produce. Deal? (and I think I speak for a large section of the community when I say that, too) Sincerely , Brainlord Mesomorph KSP Player and Enthusiast (from version 0.23 to 1.31, anyway) To the Community: If you agree with me here, please LIKE this post.
  15. So I've been playing around with the mission builder. It's been alright though I'd be lying if I didn't say there were some issues. Here are my thoughts. Asteroid Redirection: You can spawn asteroids with the Spawn Asteroid node. However, once you've spawned them you can't really do anything with them. There's no way to require a ship to dock with them (they don't technically count as vessels), there's no "grab object" node, there's no "move asteroid to x orbit" node. This is really disappointing since a very specific Asteroid Redirect Mission was the first thing I attempted in the mission builder after getting my bearings. "Dialog" Boxes: First of all, a nitpick: "PR Kerman" should be "Walt Kerman." Second, it would be nice to have the dialog box show an astronaut of any of the four space suits (Veteran/Normal, Vintage/Normal) of any gender. Or a tourist. Or female scientists and engineers. Third, and most important: it's not really a "dialogue" if there's just a rant from a single Kerbal and then a single "OK" button to close the box. There should be multiple dialogue choices that the mission player can choose that might affect the rest of the mission. Solar Orbit: Without using maneuver nodes (and even then it's finicky), it is impossible to set high orbits above the Sun for spacecrafts, space stations, and asteroids. The maximum distance allowed by the semimajoraxis slider and number box is below the orbit of Moho, something like 0.002 AU. This makes conventional ARM or some deep space rescue mission very difficult to set up. You can not zoom out enough to set this up either, and children bodies (planets around stars or moons around planets) are not plotted in the graphic action plane. Glimmeroids are supposed to be called "Magic Boulders," as their implementation in 1.1 or so was a callback to an old easter egg of the same name. Also, there should be more types of asteroid than just the one gray texture, there is at least one more reddish-brown texture. There are a lot of problems with the default historical missions. At this point though I'm not sure how much of it is just based upon lack of polish and gameplay testing for the missions and how much of it is fundamental limitations of the editor. Misspelled or awkward text, reverse completion order, *precious loads of goo*, and so on. Why not let the player choose to launch as many vessels as they want for the mission as an option? If you wanted to use the Mission Builder for, say, the Jool Five Challenge, it would be unreasonable not to allow orbital assembly. On a similar note, the player should be able to optionally choose the name of the ship. Wernher (shouldn't it be Gene, the Mission Control guy?) von Kerman in the Mission Builder tutorial alludes to a third tutorial which seems to be missing. Now that we have this sort of programmable mission building u.i., maybe we can have scratch-style programmable flight computers for space probes? Why partition it off from sandbox and career mode? It would be amazing to have missions come in through the mission control center that you would get funds and reputation for. Or even as a way of planning out missions in sandbox and career. You could add a setting to the mission builder that disables universe-scale changes like funds, universal time, etc and marks it as a "Career Mode Mission." The vessel part explosions and failures could be an interesting hard mode setting for sandbox--as long as it's optional! Buying new launch sites on Kerbin would also be an interesting mechanic for career mode. You could spend funds to update them through each of the launchpad levels. EDIT: THE NEXT DAY: There is no way to display dialogue boxes of information in the VAB or SPH, which may be where you need exposition delivered through witty one-liners the most! The mission builder has so much potential to be great. But it isn't quite there yet. It's mostly functional, it's decent, but it's not great. Some of the features I've suggested are pretty major things that would classify as "updates" to the whole Making History DLC (or even future KSP DLC or Updates), but some of them are more like what you could put in a Making History fix patch, like the asteroid redirect mission and higher solar orbits. The main failing of the Mission Builder is that its limitations seem to come from a lack of imagination of what this system could do and what mission authors may want players to do. Also, a few thoughts on the new parts: The center of mass for many of the new pods is far too low. For the spherical pods and the MEM it looks like the COM is near the bottom attachment point. If your reasoning for the spherical pods is "well it's to keep it pointed the right way during reentry" then that's the wrong answer--that's the point of conical pods. The MEM would need to be completely filled with fuel to hold the amount of fuel that it does. Many pod IVAs have the ability to double click on windows to get a closer view of the window. This feature is absent in the new pods. It's not the end of the world, except for the MEM. The way the real Lunar Module was designed, the astronaut had to lean right up against the little window. In order for the MEM IVA to be usable for internal-view flight, you need to set up the double-click window setting so that you can look closely. This should also be enabled for the windows on the Gemini-like pod and the Mk1-3. No soyuz spacecraft parts? There is a part model switching feature now. Why not use it to keep the old parts in the game (neither removing them entirely nor keeping them hidden away), since some people (myself included) prefer them to the new ones?
  16. Hi, here is my KSP Mission builder tutorial series for KSP Making History expansion. Here I will be covering how to create missions, how to edit mission parameters, test etc Episode 01 - Simple Rescue Mission (Basics) Episode 02 - Pre-made Craft & Part Failures Episode 03 - Adding Flavor with Catch All Nodes Reserved for future use
  17. Hey Commanders, I really love KSP but... am I missing something or could it be, that the DLC only supports english? I mean, the dlc-shoppage says the following languages are supported: Languages: English French Italian German Spanish Japanese Portuguese-Brazil Russian Simplified Chinese But ingame I can't find any option to change the DLC-Language and now I have a mix of german/english... and it looks like that everything that comes from the expansion is in english only. I've reapplied the steam language settings - nothing. I've reinstalled the whole game and set it to german - nothing. Just english. Is this a bug or a misinformation at the shoppage? If it's not a bug, please give me and the others correct informations instead of disappointing me, thank you Here a screenshot from what I'm talking about: Excuse my adventurous english, please Greetings, Paem
  18. When testing a run through a mission in the mission editor, it would be really helpful to be able to see which state of the state machine it is currently sitting in. I think that would help me debug a lot of problems. But I'm not sure how to do this. Is there a feature that will show me this? It would be the state-machine equivalent of when a debugger highlights the current line of code as you step through a program. I suspect a lot of my problems are that the state machine isn't in the state I thought it would be at this point in the mission, but I don't know which state it's actually in instead of the one I expected.
  19. ( EDIT: I reported this as a Bug before, but it turns out it's just a very unintuitively weird choice for the defaults in the Spawn Vessel details. I just found a checkbox in the Spawn Vessel details for "Focus on Vessel". It turns out that turning this checkbox on gets rid of this "bug", but why on earth isn't it the default to make building and spawning a vessel from the VAB behave just like it does in the game? Why go out of the way to find the option and change it in order to achieve the default behavior that matches how the rest of the game works? Shouldn't switching to the vessel after building it be the normal way? The default way? Note, it was so weird, I thought it was a bug, which is why I posted the text below originally.) --------- Original Post Message follows Below this line ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The Bug: A spawn Vessel node has the player click on the VAB and build their own vessel, but then when they launch it, the game doesn't switch focus to the vessel they just spawned like the game is supposed to. Instead it leaves their spawned vessel sitting on the launchpad while it focuses on some other vessel in orbit that has nothing to do with what they just did. To Cause it: Your mission has to populate the solar system with at least one pre-made vessel before the player builds their vessel in the VAB. Then the game will always focus on that pre-made vessel instead of what the player launches. To help the developers diagnose the problem I reduced it down to the minimum example that demonstrates it. I can reproduce this bug with a very small mission, that only has these 4 nodes with no branching, like this: Start Node (does nothing, no details or docked nodes) ---. | .----------------------------------------------------' | `--> Spawn Vessel Node, a mission-built premade vessel in orbit of Kerbin. ---. | .-----------------------------------------------------------------------' | `--> Spawn Vessel Node, A player-built vessel they make in the VAB. --. | .---------------------------------------------------------------' | `--> Always True Node, just a dummy placeholder for where the rest of the mission will be later. Note, I get the exact same bug if I "dock" those two Spawn Vessel Nodes into the Start Node. The problem seems to be that when you leave the VAB and launch the vessel, it focuses on the first vessel defined in the mission, even when that's not the one the player just launched. When the mission first starts and the player has not built their vessel yet, it makes sense to focus on the pre-made vessel in orbit. That doesn't feel like a bug at all. It makes sense because it has to put the player *somewhere*. The bug is that it keeps doing this every time you launch from the VAB, even if it's no longer the start of the mission anymore.
  20. I figured out how to make things that happen automatically at the start in parallel to the Start Node. You find one of the nodes that allows you to checkbox "Catch All Node" (why don't they all? dunno) and then chain the other things you want to have happen off of that. Doing this I am able to set the player's starting funds for the mission. Except, that's not how to set the player's *actual* starting funds, because none of that runs until after the player designs the first vessel and launches it from the VAB. Only after the player uses the launch button does the mission truly "start" and the Catch All Node fires off. Since my goal is to make their initial vessel dip into those starting funds, I want to set the player starting funds *before* they click "launch" from the VAB. How do I do that? I can limit the vessel's allowed cost, but I cannot seem to change the fact that you always start with exactly 100,000 funds in every mission.
  21. (This is about playing the missions the DLC comes with) First mission: "Launch your first rocket, get it to 5000 meters, splash it down near the abandoned runway". "Surprise, we actually meant on the runway, oh you didn't design your rocket for a land landing? Well too bad redesign and try again." Second mission: "Get to 48,000 meters, take a temperature reading and return home safely". "Surprise, we actually meant splash down in the water next to this waypoint we never told you about beforehand. Oh, what's that? You didn't design the rocket for steering because you thought we were telling the truth about the objectives? Well, too bad redesign and try again." Is there a way to learn those surprise objectives beforehand so you don't have to waste a launch just to learn the real objectives? Are they displayed somewhere?
  22. I'm having a hard time with the mission editor because anything that is vessel-dependant (i.e. check if vessel is landed, but only this one specific vessel, not just any vessel) has that pull-down list of vessels to pick from but the list is wrong and acting like it's off by one. Example, the list contains these items in this order: Any Ole Sciency [a little probe with some science instruments that I spawn for the mission] Trash Collector [the player-made ship that they will be expected to build as one of the first nodes of the mission graph] Voss Talk 2 [an abandoned ship with broken engine] ComSat1 [a geosyncronous satellite] SpyLab [an abandoned science lab station] Trash Collector [YES, this one appears twice in the list like this, at the top and at the bottom] When I try to pick "Any", and save the mission, when I return to the mission it has changed the selection to "Ole Sciency". When I try to pick "Trash Collector", and save the mission, when I return to the mission it has changed the selection to "ComSat1" instead. Also, I can use the little 3D viewer tool to pick the vessel and that looks right at first, until I save and come back, and then it's switched the vessel to another one again.
  23. Having spent days now trying to get golds on the newly added missions, I am frustrated. I understand the mission logic, but obviously not the actual calculations. I dissect the mission initially in the builder, going through the nodes and taking note of the score additions and modifications and what I need to get those, and also what to avoid. I some cases I feel I have a 'perfect' run, however, when the finally tally comes it seems to make no sense compared to what it should. The final scoring needs to be MUCH CLEARER, especially with missed objectives that you thought you achieved. Can someone please tell me how to get the official answer? Because emailing support goes does no good. I wanted to start creating my own missions to finally recreate some of the classic challenges of the forums, but I am extremely discouraged.
  24. There are 3 ways I can think of that a vessel becomes gone: 1 - Destroyed. 2 - Splashed or Landed and then recovered. 3 - Merged into another craft via docking. I can't figure out, after several hours of trying, how to form test that can detect if a vessel is gone and *not care* which reason there is that it's gone. Alternatively, if I could test a simple dumb count of how many vessels exist, period, that would give me what I need too. What I'm trying to do is make a mission that does "space junk clearing". It will spawn a few vessels in orbit for the player to try to recover, then later end the mission only after there's no vessels left in orbit. I don't care about the order they get taken care of. The mission score is based on whether you've made profit on the recovery costs that exceeds the money you spent building rockets. I figured out how to score based on recovery cost/profit - I just can't figure out how on earth to trigger the end of the mission by detecting that all vessels aren't in orbit anymore, since there's so many different ways for a vessel to stop existing and I can't quite work out how to cover all of them. The ugly problem is that if the player docks with the satellite and then brings it down to a soft landing, it's no longer *that* vessel anymore - it has become part of the recovery vessel, so any triggers based on *that* vessel being landed aren't going to be true.
  25. The Acapello 15 mission is neither completed nor failed if you splashdown on Kerbin instead of land on ground. If you finish the mission in water, the "splashed down" node does not lead to a "mission complete" or mission fail node. Instead it leads (for some reason) to a 5 minute timer node. At this point the player has no idea what's going on. There's no message, and if you recover vessel, the KSC is all disabled and nothing works. Either splashing down should be a fail or a success but it shouldn't leave the mission stuck in limbo.