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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, I hope i post in the right place. Well, as the title says, i've met the docking kraken. I mean, when i do the maneuvre, after the Hohmann transfer, when i'm near the closest approach, the target vessel explodes. I've made it with or without time warp, from low or high orbit, switched vessels, hello Kraken, goodbye Salyut ! I've found that this kind of Kraken is already known (wiki), but how do i send this beast back to its hole ? I play with a heavily moded KSP, my parts come from Contares, Tantares, BDB... I use Mechjeb as autopilot. It's pretty sad, i've spent 170 days in game, and i realy want to make this uggly space station... If someone can help me... And as always, thanx Squad and all modders !