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Found 106 results

  1. Updated for KSP 1.3.1 Once upon a time there was LAZOR mod from famous Romfarer, which included a useful docking camera, that displays the videostream a small window in the main flight scene. However, it has not been updated for a long time, and refused to work in recent versions of the game (or I could not start it). Nevertheless, I like it output style of information and I was bored without this service. That in turn has led me to attempt to revive the aforementioned docking camera. And YES, i know about Docking Port Alignment Indicator, HullCamVDS, cameras for RasterPropMonitor etc. But i do not know about any working cameras in window. New shaders example: So, what we have here. Docking-camera itself, which can be integrated to any part (MM patch enclosed for the docking port modules). It looks ahead by the vertical axis of the vessel's and displays a minimum of necessary info for the docking maneuver - namely, range, speed, angle, alignment and when the correct trajectory occured - time prior to docking with the mark that such trajectory will lead our vessel to dock without additional actions (small lamp will become green and will show time to docking). camera window has three size presets. It also has three viewing modes: color, Black and white and infrared. Powered zoom function. Also, there is a button to remove flight data from the screen. Furthermore, effect of television interference can be added. The range of the camera,parameters of night vision (RSMA) and presence of noise - can be configured through CFG. Camera requires a target to operate. In addition the ugly external camera enclosed. It can show videostream only and also has three modes of vision and is able to rotate on two axes. For cameras, installed under the belly of the aircraft (which gets inverted upside down) there is the mode of rotation of the image. In the CFG of the partcamera some meshes could be configured for use with other camera model. All cameras have a title with its number, and also can work a few pieces at a time. Docking camera reporting its target on its window title. There is an experiment on part camera - a try to reproduce a surveilance (spy) activity. You need to be at a distance less than 1000 m near any targetable thingie, catch it on camera's screen and targeted. press "⦿" button. A ray will be shoot. If all requirements have met and there are no obstacle on ray's path - you'll should get experiment results, if something wrong - you just spend one bullet. Experiments is limited by bullets (4 yellow balls around cam, dissapearing one by one each time). I thought it will be interesting if contracts. Camera has 3 presets of shaders (noisy TV 1960th style, TV 1980th style and standart (color, b/w and nightvision). available via button, appearing when blizzy toolbar is installed. Also, by toolbar button you could find info about nearby cameras installed on other vessels in transmission range. If camera has been activated on some vessel, but you drive other one - a new window from distant camera will appear when distance from first one will become less than 2500 (or 10k (customizable)). If you want you can use "look at me" mode by activating it on distant camera. "Targetcam" and "follow me" modes on your active vessel (set camera position using scrollers). The cameras can transmit the videostream to nearby vessels, but only at a distance of up to 2 500 meters. You can change this unload range via toolbar button. Configuring examples History Download from Spacedock DONATE Source installation: remove previous version and just extract an archive into Gamedata. requirements: ModuleManager recommends: Blizzy Toolbar
  2. How can I quickly align 'target' with 'prograde' on the navball (I'm learning how to dock)? I keep flying past my target because my prograde isn't lined up all the way with my target.
  3. I haven't docked before, and I've been doing the docking tutorial. There's (apparently) a magnetic phase that kicks in close to contact, but when my ports contact (yes, they TOUCH each other on point, no angled contact), they just bounce off each other (yes, the ports are unshielded). Is there anything I can do to fix this?
  4. Thanks to everyone who helped with the making of these by sharing their modding experience and hard work. All parts released under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license ----------------------------------------------------------- == Non-Androgynous Docking Port Set == An early set of docking ports that only work with the opposite gender and only when aligned. Important Adaptive Docking Node has been made redundant! The parts have been updated for 1.0.5 Remember these parts dock only when aligned so plan your craft carefully Version 0.9.2 Features: 1.25m docking port set. The active part will only dock to the passive part, and vice versa. The parts will only dock if the blue indicators are aligned. Integrated light for easy docking. Available from Advanced Construction, which is before the stock docking ports. Compatible with Connected Living Space. Passable Download Non-Androgynous Docking Ports from Mediafire Dependencies None Optional Connected Living Space Usage: The Non-Androgynous Docking Ports work the same way a regular docking port would, with the following exceptions. The Non-Androgynous Docking Ports only work when paired with the opposite gender of the same docking port. This set of docking ports will only work with eachother. Additionally these docking ports will only dock if aligned so that the blue arrows on the parts line up. They are available earlier in the tech tree to allow players to create small space stations and orbit rendezvous mission earlier. ----------------------------------------------------------- == Universal Docking Ports == A set of Universal Docking Ports designed for space tugs. Important Adaptive Docking Node has been made redundant! The parts have been updated for 1.0.5 Version 1.1.1 Features: 1.25m Port can attach to 1.25m and 0.625m stock docking ports and all other Universal Docking Ports 2.5m Port can attach to 2.5m, 1.25m and 0.625m stock docking ports, all other Universal Docking Ports 3.75m Port can attach to 3.75, 2.5m, 1.25m and 0.625m stock docking ports, and all other Universal Docking Ports Forward facing light for easy docking Compatible with Connected Living Space. Impassable Download Universal Docking Ports from Mediafire Dependencies None Optional Connected Living Space Usage: The Universal Docking Ports work the same way a regular docking port would with the exception that they can attach to some other sizes as described in "Features". I made all the docking ports impassable because I think it's most realistic that way. If you use the CLS mod, and you'd like to make these parts passable, then open the config file and change all the "passable" variables from "false" to "true". ----------------------------------------------------------- == Low Profile Structural Hub Set == This is intended for stations and bases allowing players to launch narrower sections into orbit. Should be helpful especially if you use FAR. Important If you're experiencing the infinite zoom bug, download ModuleFixer Version 2.2 Features: Sizes: 2.5m and 1.25m, and one 3.75m Variants: 6-way, X, T, L, I, Three angled sections, and one XL Hexagonal hub "Connected Living Space" compatible Life support patches included for IFILS, TACLS, ECLSS, and Snacks. (requires Module Manager). Thanks LitaAlto. Download Low Profile Structural Hub Set from Mediafire Dependencies None Optional Connected Living Space Module Manager Usage: Due to a KSP limitation some of the parts can only be attached to other parts by specific nodes. To use the other nodes you need to attach the part by the available node then use the Re-root tool to rearrange your parts. - This KSP bug has been fixed. Feel free to use the parts as you see fit.
  5. KSD333

    Minmus mining techniques

    So, I'm building up a mining colony at Minmus, but I'm trying to make it as efficient as possible. I am using Kerbal Attachment System mod, just for reference. Would it be more efficient for me to process minerals on minmus and then ship it to orbit, or to ship minerals to orbit and process it there?
  6. In one of my RSS/RO/RP-1 campaigns, I ended up launching a spaceplane before any manned capsules (because reasons), and decided it would be fun to role-play a world where ballistic re-entry is considered unsafe for humans. This does of course make BLEO (Beyond Low Earth Orbit) missions rather awkward, as you can't use the atmosphere to slow you down on the way back. But, with a massively over-complicated multi-launch architecture, I managed to perform a manned lunar fly-by with nary a heat-shield in sight (and all LVs under 275t GLOM). The full write-up, with 65 screenshots, is here on my website.
  7. DPSoundFX Simple as the name, it adds the sorely missing sounds of collisions docking in orbit! Motivation Simply put, I wanted to hear something when 2 ships docked. I was so used to it in Orbiter (an open source space simulator) that I sorely missed it. So much so that I jumped into coding (again) to make it happen. My effects are based on my perception that Jeb wouldn't dock so much as "participate in a controlled collision" Installation Be sure to have the latest version of ModuleManger installed! Upzip it into your GameData folder, as with most other mods. API Reference Using a ModuleManager config, like below, you can specify your own sounds for any docking port in the game. @PART[someDockingPort]:NEEDS[FP_DPSoundFX] { MODULE { name = DPSoundFX sound_docking = CustomExample/crash sound_undocking = CustomExample/radio internalSoundsOnly = false } } How-To-Use Just listen, when docking or undocking of course!! Contributors Guru's who answered my questions: Snjo CrzyRndm Authors whose plugins were studied for clues and code: Pizzaoverhead License GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE V3 dated 6/29/2007 Download / Source Download Source Alternate Sounds Docking & Undocking - by Dashman (RAR archive) Docking & Undocking - by akron
  8. Hi guys, I'm sorry to ask that because there are already a million tutorial about docking but i've got some problems doing it. Sorry, I think I just found the problem blob:
  9. I hate having to hunt down the docking port to release my ship, especially on larger space stations. So I give you: THE UNDOCKINATOR Push a button, it undocks. The part that will be undocked is highlighted in yellow when you hover over it (as in the image above). Supports DPAI integration, to both show the name and allow easy renaming. Supports both stock and Blizzy's toolbar Download for KSP 1.6: SpaceDock, Github (Curse is not updated due to an account issue) Download for KSP 1.5.1: old version at Github Download for KSP 1.4.5: old version at Github Download for KSP 1.3.1: old version at Github Download for KSP 1.2.2: old version at Github Download for KSP 1.1.3: old version at Github Sources: Github License: MIT
  10. It took me a while but my autopilot is finally finished. Download file here:
  11. MisterKerman

    Double Docking

    I was just wondering if it's possible to dock 2 seperate craft together using 2 different docking ports on each craft simultaneously. (4 total) I don't think you could do it in older versions but I'm not sure which version it was when I last played and would prefer a knowledgeable person to save me some sleuthing if they would be so kind. It seems like something that really ought to be in the game, but I could see how there would be control issues unless the detachment was assigned to an action group to "let go" at both points simultaneously. Either that or stagger the decoupling to delay until all connected ports have been told to decouple.
  12. From my experience it's difficult to impossible to dock with a surface outpost, because the docking ports have to be the same height above the ground. And they have to be axially aligned, so if there was a way to control the orientation and raise it up it would be easier to dock.
  13. Hey Guys, I'm currently reading Downbelow Station by C J Cherryh, and I thought it would be fun to recreate the titular space station in KSP. There is, however, a problem I'm running into. In the book, all of the docking ports on this space station are on the ring, not the hub. Given the diameter of the station and how fast it would have to spin to generate 1g, the surface of the ring is moving by at about 73 meters per second, way too fast to even hope to perform a successful docking. So to anyone here who has read the book or is even just familiar with the story, what am I missing here? Cherryh's work in science fiction is for the most part pretty well grounded in scientific accuracy, so how is it she did not think of this? If anyone has any insight into this subject, I would really love to hear your thoughts. Thanks.
  14. Different day, same recent topic for me. Docking vessels together is going to be the death of me or cause me to set fire to my PC in frustration. There has GOT to be a better way, without having a mod just do it for you. There is just so much to do in this game that I haven't even scratched the surface of yet. Never been successfully to a planet outside of Kerbin realm of Kerbin, Minmus, and the Mun, and I feel it is because I can't dock for nothing. What typically happens for me is that I can get my two vessels within around 50 meters apart from each other, and then it just seems like I play an endless game of having the one vessel fly around/by/past the other vessel that is in orbit. I've been using docking port mod, and even with that I've noticed some issues, like it not being able to identify Rockomax Hubmax multi-point connectors (do those things need need docking ports placed on them to have Dock Port Indicator mod see them....hope not), and occassionally seeing my the front of my ship (where the docking port is) act like the back of my ship, meaning the orange doc alignment circle doesn't show up properly. This guy just wants to build a simple space station about 250Km out from Kerbin. I sent my Habitation module up first, and followed it off with my Science module. I spent 3-4 hours yesterday failing at docking the two pieces. The main issue to me seemed to be even though I built my RCS thrusters as evenly spaced out from center of mass as possible, when using the thrusters, they still seemed to drift off course and not respond true to the inputs given. By some miracle, coming back to the game after a 2 hours break I managed to get my Science mod lined up, speed down to 0 m/s, and guide it in and docked. Figured, ok, maybe now I got it. Sent out my last pieces, combined fuel station module as well as escape pod. Nope.....not happening. Here I am again spending 2-3 hours this afternoon trying to get the damn things docked, and it just is not happening. Biggest problem now is that I want to dock to the Rockomax multiport connector, and Docking module won't recognize it....but even then, I am stuck in the endless dance of getting close and then having the orbiting piece fly right by me. If anyone has any other tips for a frustrated guy running 1.4.3 in accomplishing any of this, I'd appreciate it. I was in this same boat over a month ago. I really want to enjoy this game, but my inability and inefficiency in docking is sapping the enjoyment. I can't keep spending hours upon hours playing, doing the same thing, with no progress at the end of those several hours. Building vessels with RCS thrusters spaced properly to get proper movements without drifting. Is there a way to make STS movement to defined markers (Target, prograde, retrograde, etc) move fast without turning on engines? When you have a larger vessel to try and dock, it moves so slow or won't move at all without thrusters. Would adding more reaction wheels help that? Does Rockomax Hubmax multi point connect need docking ports placed on them to dock? Or to have Docking Port mod identify them? Tips on how to avoid getting in pattern of having orbiting object you are trying to dock continually get within 50m only to start drifting away from you? Any tips on camera setting to use? I constantly feel like I am adjusting the camera, or getting it stuck at the point where it won't spin one direction anymore. Any mods that will dock for you once you get to a certain distance away?
  15. Is anyone else finding it way less forgiving to dock since the update? Where the vessels used to bounce a bit and slowly orient themselves with the magnets... Now they drive into each other and starts spinning frantically out of control.
  16. I've been trying to create a mobile refueling rover. However, I cannot get the ports to work to attach my craft for refueling. I figured maybe I attached them incorrectly or something, so I went back to the sandbox and pulled up the prefabricated crater crawler, which have built-in docking ports. As a test, I have two of them (with extra fuel tanks) just off the Kerbin runway. My plan was to test the concept and see if I could transfer fuel from one to the other. However, I cannot for the life of me get the ports to work. They just bounce off each other. I have set one as a target; I have tried "control from here" and no luck. Earlier, I had played around in a different scenario, where the ports would attach but upon decouple, would explode. This time around, they won't even go together. I am very confused. Interesting, as well. It says they are 5.8 meters apart, but they are touching. Is that distance figure based on the command modules and not the ports themselves?
  17. I've had a problem with controlling ships when controlling from docking ports at a right angle from the root part. Both SAS and mechjeb's Smart ASS have wild oscillations around the roll axis of the docking port, like its overshooting its attempt to stop rotation. This happens with both an inline docking port part like the shielded clamp-o-tron or with a normal docking port attached radially. I might try testing this in an unmodded install, but was wondering if anyone else has experienced this? I have several mods installed but the only one I can think that would effect SAS's ability to hold steady is mechjeb. Nothing out of ordinary appears in the logs Edit: this is in 1.3.1 since I'm still waiting for mods to update
  18. the mission consists in: docking to a target, undocking, redocking, undocking, redocking. the result is unpredictable, sometimes it works some times not, maybe you get the first 2 right but the third bugs, and so can't move on. I kept trying and retrying, but still I can't manage to find a way that ensures completion to the task. Sometimes it seems that it is related to a vehicle modification before mission test, so I deleted and recreated the docking tests dozens of times, but only sometime it seems to be the solution... In the screenshot you can see the project. During the last 2 tests the ATV-gemini dock has worked fine, and triggered the message, but "undocking 1" dind't work the first tima, and not even in the second after I tried to recreate it. I just don't get it, it has the same vehicle specifications of the other, but it fails.
  19. Has anyone else experienced the following problem in the mission "Meet Me in Zero G": The "Undock NOW!" node will not activate for me. I can undock immediately after the dialog message instructions, with no result. after then waiting for a bit, the time since node activates, I get a 0.7 score multiplier, and the waypoint for KSC never activates. Removing the undocking node and replacing it with an identical one fixes it for me.
  20. Hello, I just launched a rocket into space trying to dock to my small space station. Now i managed to get there and also pretty much dock but i realised, that i put my RCS thrusters (Place Anywhere RCS Port) onto my Docking port on my Rocket which doesn't allow me to dock. I've tried it multiple times but it always got stuck with the magnetic force active but the vessels not connencting. Is there any way to solve this or do i have to do this mission all over again? Thank you in Advance
  21. Hi everyone, I just bought this game a month ago and still tied to it haha, here is my issue, I'm triying to complete the contract regarding dock 2 veesses arround kerbin, so 1st I launched one vessel, then send the other, after some time I managed to circularize the orbit and match both vessels in the same pattern (same AP and PA) however.... I don't how to make them encounter(see attached image) if I burn retrograde then the orbit will change and won't be able to reach any of the vessels... to get the things worse....KSP saved automatically so all my pilots are outthere in kerbin orbit (I wish I could save a game before). I would like to know if anybody have some suggestions / advise on how to dock in this scenario. Screens are in spanish(sorry)... but you should be able to understand velocity and distance meausures Vessel1 have aprox = 3590 m/s DeltaV (remaining deltaV ) Vessel2 have aprox = 2506 m/s Deltav(remaining deltaV ) Hope anyone can provide some suggestions.
  22. Brikoleur

    Kraken-resistant stations

    In my ongoing career, I've had a number of brushes with the Kraken when dealing with space stations. There are three scenarios in play: Docking. The Kraken strikes immediately after docking. The giant invisible tentacles wrap around it and shake shake shake until it falls apart. Undocking. As above, but on undock, and only one craft is directly affected (although the other might get damaged by flying pieces of rocket). Fuel transfers. This starts with a tiny insidious little vibration as fuel is transferred from one craft to another. Sometimes it stops if I quickly stop the transfer, at other times not. If I'm connected with the Klaw, setting Free Pivot may or may not help. Some hypotheses I've come up with: Scenario 1 happened with a long skinny station when I docked another long, skinny, but heavy craft to a port near its centre. Even though the docking event was at a low speed (0.6 m/s or so), the bump appears to have induced an oscillation along the length of the station, which then amplified into a full-scale Kraken attack. Possible solutions: don't make long skinny stations? If you do, don't dock heavy craft near their centrepoint? Scenario 2 happened repeatedly when undocking a heavy spaceplane from a station, or when undocking a cargo module from a heavy spaceplane. I believe I traced this down to excessive use of Autostrut to Heaviest Part. When I undocked, the heaviest part was removed, the autostrut reconfigured itself, and the rapid changes summoned the Kraken. Possible solution: don't use Autostrut to heaviest part, or only use it sparingly? Scenario 3 happened repeatedly in scenarios where I had a heavy craft docked to the station orthogonally and was transferring fuel between the two, which shifted the CoM laterally. I'm not quite sure what the contributing factors to this are, except that Autostrut to Heaviest Part certainly makes it more likely. What techniques are you aware of that would make stations less prone to summoning the Kraken, apart from being very careful when using Autostrut to Heaviest Part? Which geometries are more Kraken-resistant? How do you configure a station that has lots of docking ports to accept different kinds of incoming craft, but doesn't summon the Cosmic Dread Lord when large craft dock with it?
  23. JP_Magoo

    Huston, we have a problem. (Sorry for the bad quality, i had to brighten the image because it was really dark)
  24. Hey guys, I'm sorry if this was asked before but I'm just losing my mind. I recently started building my space station, it has living quarters and a science module, connected by a Rockomax Multihub connector. My problem is, because of the idiot that I am, I forgot to add docking parts to the remainder of the ports of the Multihub connector. My question is, is there any way that I can attach a docking port to the remaining ports of the Multihub connector? Or do I just destroy that space station and build another one? Thanks
  25. Hi, A couple days ago i found this bug in my current game: Both the rover and the trailer were created as part of the same ship originally, once in Duna they were decoupled independently and i docked them later to transfer LFO to the scout rover from the mining trailer. The rover appears to float after undocking, but it is still connected to the trailer. When time warp is activated all the rover parts return to the original position as if it were docked. I'm playing 1.3.0 x64, with just one mod installed, KJR v 3.3.3 (up to date). I tried to delete the mod and load the scene again, but the rovers have the same behaviour, so i'd say is not related to the mod. I also tried to modify the persistent file using KML 0.7.2 to fix all the docking bugs, but the problem persists. Connecting another rover with a claw didn't fix anything either. Any ideas?