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Found 86 results

  1. Hi, A couple days ago i found this bug in my current game: Both the rover and the trailer were created as part of the same ship originally, once in Duna they were decoupled independently and i docked them later to transfer LFO to the scout rover from the mining trailer. The rover appears to float after undocking, but it is still connected to the trailer. When time warp is activated all the rover parts return to the original position as if it were docked. I'm playing 1.3.0 x64, with just one mod installed, KJR v 3.3.3 (up to date). I tried to delete the mod and load the scene again, but the rovers have the same behaviour, so i'd say is not related to the mod. I also tried to modify the persistent file using KML 0.7.2 to fix all the docking bugs, but the problem persists. Connecting another rover with a claw didn't fix anything either. Any ideas?
  2. I have played KSP for quite a while now (and love it), but only recently have started using docking ports. for a minmus mission I decided to go with a lander vessel on top of a large carrier vessel joined by two docking ports. I tested it in orbit over kerbin, and it I could undock and dock it with no problems, except that after docking again the stages of the lander vessel are merged with the stages of the carrier vessel. Is there a way to prevent this from happening? Or should I build the craft differently (Now I have built both in one go, no subassemblies)? What I would like is the staging sequences of the two vessels to be kept separate. I don't even need to see the stages of vessel2 when controlling vessel1 (and vice versa). Hope someone can advice.
  3. So this problem arises with my folding wing SSTO, and the basics of it are that after undocking the bottom ports to fold the craft up, it refuses to fold back down as the docking ports haven't moved 10m from each other. Any tips other than f5 + f9? Id greatly appreciate it if 'theres a mod for that' came into effect here.
  4. To the Mun - under 500 tons.

    Hi there, I've poked my head into the KSP forums a few times, though have omitted a formal introduction as such. So here I am. I'm an engineering school dropout and had been lusting for a game like KSP ever since I had spent weeks on end playing "Buzz Aldrin's Race into Space". I've been playing KSP (badly) for a while, sandbox only. It's one of very few computer games I can still play, as I've lost most of my vision in a traffic collision a few years ago. Consequently, when I bought my present computer, I hadn't expected to play any graphics intense games again, ever. Consequently, not the hottest graphics card. Which you can see in my first KSP video. Well, more like my seventh KSP video. Just the first one that is even remotely watchable and that I didn't have "Eraser" scrub from my harddrive. What you see here: A mission to the mun. On rockets under 500 tons. Yes, the plural. I'm dead certain somebody else has done this, probably when the game version was still below 1. But here's how I did it. No engine with ISP over 310s, so in the Apollo-era ballpark. Rockets weighing about half what the RSBstock Saturn V brings. I don't play career mode, but if you have to make a Munar landing happen with smaller rockets, here's an option. The mission profile: Jeb flies to the Mun, alone, in a 2-seater spacecraft with plenty of ∆v to spare. In case something goes wrong. What would go wrong would be part of Valentina's flight. On a second rocket, carrying the actual Munar landing craft. After flying to the Mun and landing, she goes back up with the ascent stage, and then heads to rendezvous with the waiting Jeb. The rest of the mission should be obvious. Not so obvious, until I flew it for the video: Taking off from the Munar surface, Valentina had enough ∆v left to make it back to Kerbin without Jeb and his big rocket. So I might use the hardware from this video to try a direct ascent flight in a later video. If such is desired, please do let me know. Anyway, here's the video. Caution: The title is no joke. Clumsy is, also, not something you do with your hands. It's a state of mind. So even where I had the right idea about how to do something, I certainly did it in some way that will make you cringe so loud, your neighbors will file a complaint. So don't watch this if you don't wanna deal with being subpoenaed over noise pollution.
  5. I'm new at this game and it was really fun until I got to the docking training. I can't for life clear this stage. Struggle to get the interception markers correct and if I get them correct I will never ever get near the stranded ship, maybe I see it and then everyhing goes really wrong. I follow the guide point to point but no luck at all. Right now I feel that this is the most money wasting game I ever paid for. I know it will be hard to dock but to clear a training session? What will motivate me to continue playing this game if I can't even clear the trainings... Can someone give me a step by step tutorial on how to solve this stage?
  6. I have a mission to "build a new unmanned probe...". My plan is to make a spaceship with one kerbal and an unmanned probe attached, so that I can position the satellite and bring some science data back as well. But when I reach the designated orbit and have the unmanned probe un-docked, the mission requirement "build a new unmanned probe..." is still not fulfilled...... The probe has everything required (probodobodyne, solar panel, antenna). And if I remove the kerbal before launching, the "build a new unmanned probe..." is immediately fulfilled when the spaceship is on launchpad. Is this a bug, or I have to launch it with no kerbal to satisfy the "unmanned" requirement?
  7. Kerbals and docking ports

    I would like to make kerbals come out from docking ports, but I have no idea on how to force them to do so or if is it even possible.I appreciate alternative ways if this is not possible.Thanks for you support.
  8. RSS/RO Docking Ports

    Hi KSP Community.I have a problem: I have to dock two big fuel tanks (around 6-8m diameter) in orbit for a trip to Mars.Realism Overhaul gives you pre-sized docking ports and TweakScale can't modify them.So yeah , solutions?Mods that add more docking ports for RO?A cfg to add more different sized docking ports of the same type?I don't want to modify a pre existing docking port , since I'm already using them on smaller ships and I fear to break them by doing that.Thanks!
  9. How do you dock?

    Hi, am i the only who never uses RCS?
  10. What I came to observe is that the Docking Ports (Any size, any make) never behave consistently. Docks sometimes, sometimes doesn't. I have also ensured that the parts have the correct orientation, is controlled from the port, the destination port is targeted and everything else (disabling RCS and SAS just before docking). Didn't work out. I then tried editing the save file from various VERIFIED sources, but all i found was that they were in perfect order. Nothing indicated that the ports had erroneously considered itself docked when it wasn't. So drew a blank there too. I simply can't figure out the pattern of successful or unsuccessful docking. Looks like the ports have a mood of their own. What am I missing?? The game runs smooth as butter, but a huge headache when i have to start docking stuff. If it doesn't dock, start the mission all over again and HOPE to work perfectly. I have come to notice that docking had issues in previous versions, say before year 2015. Very rarely have docking problems been reported in 2016-17, so I assume it's been debugged. So what would be my issue? (I would have attached my quicksave.sfs file, but u cant figure out how.)
  11. I found some really nice and easy ways of docking I wanted to share. Since my time today is limited, I'm not going to finishing this post right away, I'll do further editing of the OP to include more methods. Everyone is welcome to share theirs, if they're better explained than mine or new I'll include them with a reference to the author. 1. My absultely favorite method I can't believe I haven't thought of earlier. Really, I just discovered this method very recently and I hit my forehead onto the table for not thinking of it earlier. Dependencies: (- having completed the rendezvous maneuver successfully (this tutorial is just on docking)) - Torque wheels on both vessels - Control over both vessels (all SAS features on both vessels) - propulsion on one vessel (not necessarily RCS) 1.: get the two vessels close together (less than 100 Meters should be fine) and cancel out relative velocity as precise as possible (0.1 m/s might be too much). To do this, switch to target mode, point retrograde and burn (very gently) until your velocity-indicator reads 0.0 m/s. If you're not close enough to your target, get closer first. 2. tell SAS to point towards the target. Make sure RCS is disabled while the ship turns to prevent any change in relative velocity. It needs to stay zero. 3. switch to the other vessel using the "/" button. 4. repeat step 2 with the other vessel. 5. Throttle up very gently on any of the two vessels until you move towards the target at 0,5 to 1 m/s. If your relative velocity was zeroed out sufficiently and the distance between them wasn't too big, they will dock. this method works surprisingly well, even with very big and sluggish vehicles.
  12. I am trying to build a rover with the docking method, only i can't get these two to dock even though the docking ports are right on top of each other. Is this a bug or am i doing something wrong?
  13. Hello all, Whenever I try to separate the CSM from the 3rd stage, the four fairing pieces that come with the rocket do not detach. I know that I have my staging correct. Does anyone have any helpful tips? Any help is appreciated. mustangpilot51
  14. So I've a question for some of the more nuanced players who swear by Vernor Engines over the RCS thruster blocks. I personally typically use them as secondary controls during very heavy launches to keep things aimed where I want them, and after that I ignore them. For those of you who typically only use Vernors, how do you place your engines for front/back translation during docking maneuvers? Assuming your docking port isn't on your nose, as mine is typically strapped to the side somewhere, it's not simply a matter of using your engines as you need to brake in fine increments as you line up, so without some very unique attachments (like strapping some I-Beams on at awkward angles), I'm wondering how it's done? Words are good, pictures would be awesome! Thanks in advance.
  15. Hatch status: closed

    I have been trying to dock this for 45 minutes, I just realized that the hatch is closed, on both sides none the less. But there is no option to open them. What have I done wrong?
  16. My version of KSP is 1.1.0 I Built and SSTO to mun, inside the SSTO there is a Mun lander that has the MK1-2 command pod along with it's own lander can, the docking port of the lander is the normal sized docking port, and the SSTO's docking port is the huge Sr docking port, (Remember the two crafts where built docked together) when i undocked the two crafts and did my mission, the docking ports refuse to dock back again. and yes i did try to rotate the lander several times, i also did smash into the port, AND also i did try to back away a few times. nothing worked so, anyone has an idea on how to solve this?
  17. Just a shower thought Particularly the mk1 passenger cabin can be really annoying, but there are plenty of times when it would be easier to get crew out of a part of the vessel that's just not where the cabin is. Clearly the crew can move around within the ship, since they'll happily transfer between pods, so this idea doesn't seem to break the established rules. Right clicking a hatch should have an option to "eva crew", bringing up the crew list (like clicking a hatch) and showing every kerbal on the vessel. Approaching a hatch with an eva kerbonaut and hitting B should either bring up a the transfer highlighter so you choose where they go, or just put them in the nearest cabin that has a space and we'd take it from there ourselves.
  18. In honor of love lost Place (or have) a space station in orbit of Kerbin in range of 100x100 to 120x130 with at least two docking ports Place a female kerbal in the space station. The method of doing so is expected to use up one of the docking ports. Send as a male kerbal to to the space station at high speed. In particular: * Have a TWR of at least 2.5 on the pad. * Get shock heating during ascent * Get a space station intercept within 2.5km while still suborbital (PE below 70km); use the velocity matching burn also as your orbital insertion burn * Dock with the space station within one orbit after launch. Hard mode: * Intercept space station with PE still below the ground * Exceed 5 TWR at some point during flight. * Dock within half an orbit * Do not rotate the space station Insane mode: Do it in RSS (adjust space station height to something reasonable) I have done easy mode entirely by accident in my career save, and hard mode on purpose. My entry (hard mode): I got to intercept and matching velocities within 6 minute of launch. I managed to fail to record the time to dock, but from this point it was without time acceleration and couldn't have been more than 5 more minutes. Balanced mods welcome. If you really want to keep score, probably the best way in keeping with the spirit of the challenge is minimum time to dock. Yeah that leads to radical risky docking maneuvers but that's the Kerbal Way.
  19. If I launch a single rocket with a command module and lander into orbit of the Mun, let's say, I know that if I immediately decouple the vessels and then dock them together, it won't fulfill the contract because it came from the same launch. But when I land the lander on the surface and then meet up with the command module again in orbit the second time, will that satisfy the contract? I'd like to not have to build additional rockets just for the purpose of the docking and see if I can knock it out instead during another contract mission. Thanks!
  20. Docking help

    I need help with the docking tutorial in the game. I was trying to complete them all and I've done them all up to the docking one where I get stuck. So the part I am having issue with is I get the orbit right. Then I have to get my transfer orbit within 5km of the other ship. That's tough but I have done it before. Now comes the real kicker. So I need to slow down so I don't miss it. It says you should start slowing down when you are under 15 km. So I have two questions 1st. How do I know when I am under 15 km. 2nd. When I do start slowing down my separation between the two they become so far apart it is impossible to catch back up to without speeding up again. I've been looking at videos of tutorials and can't seem to find any info on helping me and I have only found 1 video of someone completing this tutorial. Please any help would be really appreciated, thank you.
  21. IVA Docking video with RPM and DPAI

    Docking with Ludwig is docking with style! At this time, i have no clue if it is possible to edit manoeuvre nodes in IVA with RPM. So i still need to go to map view to set the Hoffman transfer node.
  22. Title says it all. I can't dock in this version. I've been playing ksp for 3 years and never had a problem docking, but magnets aren't engaging and I'm convinced it has something to do with a corrupt part file? I'm hoping someone who is good at coding can help me debug it. I've tried changing the states of the clamp o trons to = ready to no avail. Hopefully someone can find what I'm missing. docking luck.sfs
  23. Well I continue my experiment trying to build the cubical space station further, I add pre-built sections and try docking 4 docking ports at the same time which can be tricky to make sure all four connect but it is possible the only problem is that my FPS goes down to 4 so we try some impact tests
  24. In my career mode, I recently accepted a contract to build a space station. The launch of the first module went without a hitch, but I was so hasty on the second ( I just used the same spacecraft, but with another cockpit to fulfill the crew capacity requirement) that I forgot to add RCS thrusters. After pushing my close approach to .3 kilometers, when I started killing relative velocity, I realized "uh-oh, I forgot the RCS bits and pieces". I however succeed in docking through careful prograde and retrograde burns, along with thrusting toward and away from the target. I want you to do something similar. Here are the requirements. 1. The first module must have at least one mk1 lander can, an antenna, and power generation. 2. Neither the first, nor the second module may have ANY form of RCS thruster (0-10 engine is allowed however) 3: Post a picture of the ship on the launchpad, three pictures of the rendezvous procedure, one from map view showing close approach arrows, and a picture of the docked spacecraft. A video is okay too.
  25. I need a more aerodynamic docking port for the nose of some of my spaceplanes. I'd like to get a part that functions like the stock clamshell docking port, but with the shape and model of the stock aerodynamic nose cone. Essentially, this docking port: with this covering it: Can anyone assist me with this? Or point me in the right direction if someone has already done it?