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Found 1 result

  1. Is there a more appropriate place to post this sort of thing? If so, I can repost it there. So I was thinking about how I've spent more money donating to KSP modders than I've spent buying video games ever since I bought KSP from Steam. But after looking at donating to @ferram4 yet again I realized I didn't show enough love to other folks. So I busted out the gold card and went through my installed mods list. These are the folks who had donation links: @Athlonic, @ferram4, @cybutek, @Thomas P., @sarbian, @Valerian, @pizzaoverhead, @blackrack. I sent along what I could afford today. Thanks so much. And there were the folks who deserve donations but didn't have donation links I could find: @maja, @MOARdV, @Waz, @DMagic, @ExtremeTrader, @jrbudda, @linuxgurugamer, @OhioBob, @Nhawks17, @Galileo, @westamastaflash, @shaw, @TriggerAu, and @whale_2 who probably single-handedly saved my KSP 1.4 experience.