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Found 4 results

  1. This mod was originally created by @tygoo7 (here) and will be continued by me. Tundra Exploration will continue to focus on stock-alike SpaceX and various other space related parts in KSP. Expect many more parts to be added in the future. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment Current parts Rodan command pod, heatshield, and trunk. It also has a nice IVA included. (Dragon V2) Staub control block, fuel tank, and OCS. (LADEE) Ghidorah 9 fuel tanks, second stage engine, first stage engine, legs, grid fins, and decoupler (Falcon 9) Gigan pod, heatshield, shroud, trunk, solar panel, solar shroud. (Cargo Dragon) Igel probe (Hedgehog probe) Paneer probe (New Horizons) Mothra probe (Rosetta) Pill probe (Philae) Planned features Roadmap Known issues None so far Required Mods Kerbal Reusability Expansion Recommended Mods RealPlume Stock Configs A special thanks to Tygoo7 for creating this mod, Beale for teaching Tygoo7 the basics of modding, Nertea for making the awesome curved solar panel plugin, and many of you awesome community members! Changelog: Any Code or configs are distributed under CC-NC-SA-4.0 License. All Textures/models are distributed under All Rights Reserved License.
  2. Kerbalized SpaceX- (WIP)

    Kerbalized SpaceX for KSP1.3.X(WIP) Want to build the SpaceX BFR crew/cargo, Falcon 9, falcon heavy, etc.... without suffering from lag? This mod is for you! This mod is designed to help you save on part count big time. Be it docking ports to cargo bay's- every part is integrated with something (or multiple somethings) to help you lower your parts count. HOW TO RE-ENTER WITH THE "BFR" -Kill 98% of velocity on a 55 ton vehicle with aerodynamics only-. (I took a steep angle of attack, and experienced very high G's, with good piloting skills and a lower angle of attack you can limit the amount to under 5g's. This happens during the flip maneuver(You will see). Includes: SpaceX "BFR" Crew and Cargo version. Contains a set of 37 raptor engines with multi mode capability, the upper vacuum cluster also have multi mode capability. Also included are the fins, decoupler, rear docking port, and booster tank for the new BFR. The second docking port is animated and integrated into the BFR. Now includes trunk for dragon1 and aerodynamic panel covers. The Falcon 9 and Falcon9FT. A cluster of nine merlin engines and a single merlin vacuum engines. One of the space bugs now have multi mode engines. Currently contains the Two Dragon1's (3.75m&2.5m), two Dragon V2(3.75m&2.5m), The ITS Titan, two k9x "space bugs"(one meant for lunar missions, the other has a heat shield and atmospheric/rocket engines -you will need to add air intakes for now-). Their are also two trunks for the 3.75 dragonv2 and one trunk for the Dragon1. version. The dragon V2 has an seven man IVA and custom ones for the other are in development. The docking ports on the pods are compatible with the stock clamp-o-tron besides the ITS Titan, which fits with the clamp-o-tron JR. Download: Contains: Dragon1, DragonV2, ITS Titan, BFR, Spacebug, falcon9, falcon 9FT Spacedock: SpaceX Curse: Dependencies: Requires "near future solar" for the solar panels on the trunk to work. RPM and Asset Props are required for any functionality in the V2's IVA. Recommendations: Kerbal joint re-enforcement will make ur life much easier playing with the BFR, You may also need some big parts like those from SpaceY. Appreciation Section: Thanks to all my followers for helping me keep the ambition to continue the development of this mod! I likely would have stopped with the V2 if it wasn't for you guys. Booster equipped with small payload bay at the top (all tanks have it). Also has integrated probe core, antenna, battery, RCS fuel and thrusters. I highly advise you to flip the booster manually using RCS when returning to base. SAS tends to waste a bit to much fuel for a 180 degree flip. Landing legs and fins from KRE. The BFR cargo is just capable of tugging 150 tons into LKO with full re-usability Integrated Docking port compatible with clamp-o-tron Disclaimer: All rights reserved. 1.3 Compatible
  3. Kerbalized Dragon v2 development thread. First release
  4. Crunching a few numbers, just for fun, and I was looking at the SuperDraco engines on the Dragon V2. Their quoted ISP is really, really, monopropellant low. If the SL impulse is 240 seconds and the SL thrust is 68,170 N, then the mass flow at full thrust is going to be about 29 kg/s. The quoted vacuum thrust is 73,000 N, so this corresponds to a vacuum specific impulse of 257 seconds. But that's crazy. The NTO/MMH hypergols used for the SuperDraco engines should have a SL specific impulse of 288 s and a vacuum specific impulse of 336 s. What gives? At first I thought that perhaps the pressure-fed SuperDraco engines were running with a lower-than-ideal chamber pressure. But they have a chamber pressure of 1000 psi, which gives the expected ~280 s SL specific impulse according to this chart. Apparently the SuperDraco engines have really, really underexpanded nozzles to allow deep throttling. This got me thinking. If SpaceX designed attachable nozzle extensions that mounted to the outside of the Dragon V2, the vacuum specific impulse could theoretically come right up to 336 s. The combined thrust from the eight SuperDraco engines would be a little over 760 kN. The thrust of the single Merlin 1D Vacuum engine in the Falcon 9 second stage is 934 kN...just 22% higher. The crewed Dragon V2 masses an estimated 9,200 kg including onboard propellant, full cargo capacity, and the trunk. The second stage has a dry mass of 3.9 tonnes, a specific impulse of 340 seconds, and 92.67 tonnes of fuel. So the second stage can deliver almost 7 km/s. Pretty impressive. But suppose we equip the Dragon V2 with nozzle extensions, raising its vacuum isp to 336 s and its total thrust capacity to 760 kN, and replace the entire second stage with a drop-away NTO/MMH tank feeding up to external couplings on the Dragon V2. We can assume a tank dry mass fraction of 4.6% for that propellant combination. If the total mass being lifted by the first stage is kept the same, then the tank will contain 92.13 tonnes of fuel and you end up with a dV of 6.74 km/s without using any of the Dragon V2's internal propellant. The first stage should easily be able to manage an extra ~200 m/s and still RTLS. So you have an almost fully reusable launch system with only a single drop tank being discarded. And sure, I know that NTO/MMH is expensive and toxic. But surely it's cheaper than throwing away a Falcon 9 second stage with each flight, right?