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Found 33 results

  1. Barzon Kerman

    The New Dres Appreciation Society

    Hello! This is a replacement for the Dres Awareness Society as the original thread is quite old. Here is a link to the old thread:
  2. Original Text After one thread (Which shall not be named) started the Eeloo, fake, society, I've decided to prove that Eeloo is not evil! Eeloo and Dres! We love both! Appreciation!
  3. This is mainly for a submission for @SpaceplaneAddict's Dres Awareness challenge. This is pretty screenshot heavy, so I'm going to put the bulk of them in spoilers for your viewing inconvenience. Mission: Occupy Dres with a single landing base station, space station, 8 satellite network, and 4 Tetra class ISRU Rover/Landers. The Tetra class Rovander will be capable of returning to the station and biome hopping. Mission completion to be done with two launches from Kerbin using convertible Washburn class ships. Mission Flag: Meet The Ships! Tetra Class Rovander: Equipped with 4 LT-1 landing struts, dual aerospikes, SP-G solar panels, Drill-O-Matic Jrs, and a RefineOre Y-600 Mini ISRU converter. This docking-stackable Rovander is capable of endless Station-Surface-Station trips. Connecting Living Space complient... sorta. If you stretch a bit. Holds one Kerbal. Lance Relay Satellite: I'm sure you've never see a relay satellite before! Washburn Class "IDT Maya": The IDT Maya sports copious amounts of living space, research center, science array, and deep space communication/relay abilities. It also features 8 LT-37L landing struts, as Maya's mission finale is a research base landed on Dres. Core is comprised of 6 Large Advanced Reaction Wheels to minimize RCS usage. Payload is 8 satellites. 6 Comm/relay, 1 Survey Scanner, and 1 Narrow-Band Sat. Bottom piece is a detachable-before-launch Kerbal loading system. Also CLS complient if you tweak your imagination a bit. Crew is 6 Kerbals, you'll meet them below. Washburn Class "IDT TinyTina": The IDT TinyTina is very similar to her sister ship, Maya. Differences include additional decouplers to completely detach the 4 engine nacelles. TinyTina's mission finale is a Rovander Waystation / Science station in low orbit around Dres. Other main difference is the payload, of 4 Tetra rovanders. Ship will launch with a crew of 10. Standard 6 positions as the Maya, with an addition 4 rover pilots. Phase 1.1: Loading Maya: Phase 1.2: Launching Maya: Phase 2.1: Loading TinyTina: Phase 2.2: Launching TinyTina: Phase 3: Satellite Distribution: Phase 4: Rover Relocation: Phase 5: Maya Landing: Phase 6 Rovander Landings: ~6.1: Raysel - Random Spot ~6.2: Josen - Trench ~6.3: Leeford - Maya Base ~6.4: Maubert - North Pole Mission Summary (AKA TL;DR) IDT Maya brought a full 8 satellite network, then touched down on the surface for a permanent base. IDT TinyTina brought 4 Rovanders to Dres. The ship became a space station. The rovers all landed at various parts of the surface, including the north pole, Dres trench, and Maya Base. *** A few notes: Yes I know the bright pink visors are annoying. I probably should have gotten that fixed before I did this, but I was too excited about this mission. (As of writing this, I realized I should have just removed TextureReplacerReplaced after the ships were launched, as I only use it for no helmets in atmosphere.) I probably did it incredibly inefficiently. I know it would have been better to stagger operations more, but meh. Probably would have cut a good two years, at least. I hope you enjoyed reading!
  4. Dawn Finds Possible Ancient Ocean Remnants at Ceres So, does this mean someone needs to start modding Dres now?... How on Earth (Kerbin) could such a tiny world host liquid water on its surface? It could have never had an atmosphere dense enough to allow it. ...right? 0.o Holy Crap- I buried the lead; DRES NO LONGER HAS AN EXCUSE TO BE BORING.
  5. Spud [WIP] Dres was thought to be a lonely planet. Then Spud showed up. Contributors so far: MrChumley - Heightmap, Colormap, normalmap, sciencedefs, rings, Spud.cfg JaffaFediration - Description in Spud.cfg REQUIRES: Kopernicus v0.6 and ModuleManager v2.6.13! Stuff done so far: Spud. cfg, Height map, color map, Normal map, Biome map, Rings, Orbital characteristics. Collaboration is encouraged! If you want to collaborate/help send me a private msg!!! You will be credited for your work if it gets included. To do: Moar Science defs! Landclass/Ground textures, and custom scatter. (All parameters are subject to change) Enjoy Downloads: Current version is distributed bundled with Spud on Dropbox Spud on Github The MIT License (MIT) Copyright (c) 2015 MrChumley Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions: The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software. THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS", WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NONINFRINGEMENT. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE AUTHORS OR COPYRIGHT HOLDERS BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIM, DAMAGES OR OTHER LIABILITY, WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE, ARISING FROM, OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE SOFTWARE OR THE USE OR OTHER DEALINGS IN THE SOFTWARE. Community collaboration accepted/encouraged.
  6. Hey guys I'm in the middle of a dres mission and a thought /challenge occurred to me,..... Speed records in ksp become kind of arbitrary when on a solar orbit but what's the fastest you can go through the canyon on dres? i e: below the canyon 'top'
  7. Shadow Wolf56

    Dres Mission

    Does anybody have ideas for a career mode dres mission? My latest mission ended up failing with Thompberry Kerman stranded on dres and I lost heaps of rep. Post rockets down below \/ . Thank if you comment
  8. W. Kerman


    Dres, does it exist? Lots of people say it doesn't, and that's why I'm launching a lander to examine EVERYTHING about Dres. (In my science save) This is a one way trip. Equipment: (Science) -GRAVMAX Negative Gravioli Detector -SC-9001 Science Jr. -Mystery Goo™ Containment Unit -PresMat Barometer (forgot it) -2HOT Thermometer -Atmospheric Fluid Spectro-Variometer -Mobile Processing Lab MPL-LG-2 (No seismic detector due to it not being unlocked....) (Refueling) -'Drill-O-Matic' Mining Excavator -Convert-O-Tron 250 ---------------------------------------------------------- The mission will prove if Dres exists, may luck be on the side of the five fine Kerbals embarking upon this mission.
  9. cratercracker

    The science behind Dres!

    I know, I know not allot of people like Dres. But who said that it is not interesting?! I’m going to speak about Dres’s strange color. If you did visit Dres you may have seen contrast of color on the surface. Dark brown flatlands and then bright grey mountains appear suddenly. But what could cause such contrast? My hypothesis is that Dres is a remnant of ancient collision. It struck large object which had different composition. Material mixed and made Dres look different. It explains a lot of canyons and valleys on Dres’s surface.It can be a salvage of Dres's orbital inclination and realtively small size(i know that some collison make more mass, but hey! some doesn't!) It also explains asteroids that orbit dres. If I could make a flyby of them I could see the composition of asteroids and potentially find out what was Dres like beforer the collision If you are interested how such hypothesis came into my mind check out an article about Iapetus saturn's moon- it is pretty cool! And agin i am looking for more interesting hypothesis of yours!
  10. hi hi I would like to share with you what has been, for me, quite the learning experience. Not to mention a mission filled with plotting, thrills, and all the normal kinds of things that happen when you mess with things beyond mortal ken. It all started out as most of these crazy schemes do, with an over ambitious plan. My plan to land a mining platform on Ike and put refueling stations in Ike and Duna orbit was going along swimmingly, with a vast fleet of ships in Low Kerbin Orbit, when suddenly... without warning, the orbital trajectory planners down in the labs realized that the next window to launch a mission to Dres was going to happen before the next window for Duna, not afterwards. Our engineers immediately scrambled to start assembling a space craft, including some never before tested rover designs. (The winning design was the one that didn't explode, so I figured we were good.) Pictured above, the "Rocket Car," rover design passes it's final pre-flight test. Moments after cutting the main engine, about to safely land on Minmus. Pictured below, you can see the behemoth craft in orbit, ready to slooooowly boost the entire mining operation into Dres orbit. I thought docking all those modules together was a pretty impressive feat in its own right, considering the time pressure we were on to get everything out the door on time. Yes, we knew wobble would be an issue, but we planned to take it nice and slow. After all, why launch six ships once, when you can launch one ship in six orbits? Unfortunately, I apparently managed to find a magical resonant frequency, and the entire thing wobbled apart while mission planners looked on helplessly. After about 5 minutes of thrust, we noticed the first signs of wobbling, so we cut engines and planned to pick up again on the next orbit, but the wobbling didn't stop. So then we cut SAS and RCS too, thinking that might allow it to settle down, but the wobbling only got worse. After several more minutes, with no control inputs or thrusting of any kind, several of the modules on the extremities converted themselves from space ships into fireworks. Luckily, I was able to rescue the crew. And thanks to the good work by our legal department, their contracts still required them to go on the mission. Above, you can see the shotgun style approach used to send the hastily rebuilt fleet toward the mid-course plane change points. (I learned a very important skill during this mission: making very precise adjustments to my encounter trajectory with RCS thrusters while at the ascending/descending node, rather than during the initial burn. Also, estimating orbital angles by eyeball is hard.) Pictured below, you can see one of the surface-to-orbit fuel tankers making its capture burn into orbit around Dres. Of course, before the entirety of my Dres fleet had arrived at their destination, it was time to start launching my Duna/Ike mission. With my experience launching the Dres fleet, I was able to launch the eight vessel Duna/Ike fleet in less than two days. Pictured above is the surface refinery module for Ike, with detachable landing boosters, about to be launched with a big interplanetary nuclear booster. Once the second fleet was out the door though, I had to switch back and make sure the first fleet made it into orbit alright. Lucky for me, I had at the very least, two hours between intercept maneuvers. Most of them were a few days apart though, so it all worked out. You can see the Dres orbital refueling station here, just after it finished parking itself in a roughly circular orbit around 99,000 meters above Dres's equator. Still needs to have the refueling rig land before it can fill those tanks though. While Gralyn Kerman was conducting a low altitude (23,000 meter) survey scan of the equatorial region, in hopes of finding an ideal flat spot for the refinery, I noticed a little flag icon appear on the scanner. With curiosity at maximum, Gralyn (the tire repair expert) set the rocket car down to take a closer look. Driving approximately 3 kilometers from the touchdown spot to the point of interest, she managed to avoid flipping the rover even once. She might have made a good pilot as well as an engineer. (I still need to work on precision landing without the aid of targeting beacons from already landed craft.) Turns out, we had stumbled across the landing site of the very first mission to Dres I had made, all those years ago. The mood at mission control was celebratory, little did we know what waited in store for us. Instead, with this historic landing accomplished, the Ike crew wanted their shot at the spotlight. Also, we really needed to get some rocket fuel up to the orbiting tanker, because somewhere along the line, the Duna survey probes' engines turned on and they drained all their propellant. And since we had to drain some propellant out of the Duna lander's tanks to get the probes on their way, nobody in mission control was willing to send Jebediah and company down to the surface until the refueling mission was complete. Believe you me, Jeb was none too happy about having to wait. I think. It is really hard to tell, he always seems happy. Above, you can see the tanker trucks on final approach to the flattest spot I could find near Ike's equator. We all had a bit of a scare when one of the techs pointed out, "Hey, did anyone realize that one of the docking nodes never latched down properly? That's probably why it's dancing about so much." But we were able to set them down after only a couple false starts. Unfortunately, this is when disaster struck. When I focused back on the Dres mission, Grelyn's lander craft was nowhere to be seen! It had just vanished, possibly a victim of the once notorious Space Kraken. She was a brave Kerbal, and she will be missed. Now, it is up to me to see if I can find funding to continue the mission, or if the entire Dres Base will need a rescue craft to come and bring home the surviving crew.
  11. cratercracker

    Borealis mission

    The mission is aimed for exploring 2 asteroids and 1 dwarf planet with an unmanned craft This is the craft you need: it needs scientific instruments ,an individual engine and powerful antenna ,just try to make it as small as possible,okay? Your first stop will be an asteroid You must flyby 15 meters above the surface of it Next step is to flyby Dres .Your periapsis must 75 000 m above Dres. And the last place to visit is Gilly ,you need to establish an orbit around it with periapsis of 55 000 m The difficulty varies in type of propulsion you use! Ion propulsion is hardest, Liquid fuel propulsion is normal,and non individual (another stage with engine) is easy. And remember kids NO CHEATS!!!!mods that dont brake the challenge can be used ,it is not considered a cheating!You can still change route if you want so....But you still need to visit all 3 of them!GG have fun
  12. WillThe84th

    Dres Awareness Society

    Welcome to the Dres Awareness Society! Here you can post things about Dres express love for Dres or just do anything to help spread the word about Dres. Some people out there just don't like Dres, and we need to show them that Dres is a great planet too. So please help to support Dres. Show Dres that you love it, and spread awareness about Dres. I like to believe that us at the Dres Awareness Society do not love Dres more than the other planets, but we just think that all planets deserve equality and that Dres has been cheated out of the equality it deserves. @SpaceplaneAddict made a very cool challenge about Dres here.
  13. JadeOfMaar

    Creativity Aerospace Flags

    Download here and install like a mod. Flags will appear towards the top of the global array of select-ables. Yes, flags. Not one but five! Images come at double-res (512x320) and with transparent background but will render as fine as ever in-game and are hence very fit for uses outside the game. Due to the highly wide nature or aspect ratio of the wordmark the 2nd and 3rd flags may tend to vanish on most capsules with their small flag spaces so the 4th and 5th flags which weren't planned for were also made. Honoring @max_creative the owner's impressive designs with stock I incorporated a vanilla flower. In addition, the first flag contains an interpretation of the atomic lander from profile cover image.
  14. KerbalKid

    DAWN Re-creation

    So recently i decided to re-create the DAWN mission see for yourself
  15. So i'm trying to recreate the DAWN mission which launched and did a flyby of Mars to then orbit Ceres and Vesta (i think) but im having trouble with the Mars gravity assist to Dres. Please help
  16. So, I'm gonna do a huge Dres Awareness mission to BEAT ALL RECORDS (maybe)! And it will only be launched by 100% reusable SSTOs! Currently in the planning phase, but stay tuned for updates! I of course know how to design and fly SSTOs, but if you guys have good cargo SSTO designs, feel free to share them and we'll pay your space program DOUBLE the roots it cost to build it. (Even though I'm in Sandbox for this, but hey). Let's see why the Kerbals decided to do this: -STORY - PART 1- "Koffee, please," said Gene. A robotic voice announced "Preparing koffee... Your koffee is ready, sir." The new Robo-Interns Werhner had invented were amazing! They do everything the real interns do, and we don't even have to pay them. "Thanks!" Gene entered the meeting room. "What're we gonna do today?" Gus read out the things going on today: "Well, with this next module landing, the UKS Duna colony will be halfway done." "Bo-ring. Does it have a kOS computer?" "Uhh, yeah, why?" "Have Linus remotely program it to automate the landing. Now that that's done..." "Some dude named Hallock popped out of a Munolith. The Mun Pathfinder mobile base has been rerouted from Elcano duty to pick him up." "Ok, can we interrogate him ask him some questions?" "Yeah, anomaly sensors say that he came out of the 'Forgotten Space Program' save." --We interrupt this playback to inform you that we at KAL 9000's space program have demolished the fourth wall since forever-- "OK, have Bill put up a 'Found' poster in the forums." "Jeb's testing a new part that Bill .cfg'd in." "What is it?" "Jeb's been begging for it for a while. It's a booster with infinite fuel and 10000 thrust." "Of course." "That's it." "Dangit, nothing to do... Wait! We'll go to Dres! Make it a challenge!"
  17. max_creative

    Journey to Dres

    Space Dres the final- Explosions! Hey! Jeb, No interrupting the intro! *duct tapes the forth wall* Ok, but basically this is my Dres awareness mission, because Dres is the best planet ever! No pics right now, because I didn't have time to upload to imgur. *face palm* But can upload and post them tomorrow. Basically, I launched two really big crafts. A Watney class cruiser, and a Diamond class tug. Uhh... Yeah. *another face palm* At least I had time for the big Dres photo. *third face palm*
  18. Kryten 2X4B 523P

    The High Road - Manned Mission to Dres

    So, I decided to take a manned mission to Dres - the furthest Ive ever taken a manned mission in my KSP career. I built a new ship capable of taking 15 kerbals to Dres. I also built a refinery, miner, tug and lander - all combined in 3 flights to Dres. Then I thought - I need to keep a record of this, could be interesting - so I decided to chronicle the whole thing over on my blog - you can find part one here : Kryten's Kerblog : The High Road Part 1 The aim of the mission - to see if I can do it, and maybe to snag a dresteroid into the bargain. Heres a shot of the Explorer 2, just to whet your appetites, hope you enjoy:
  19. So, I based my mission on the idea of flying into the orbit of the sun, refueling withe an asteroid, then flying to Dres and refueling on another asteroid. However, I don't see any asteroids near Dres. I was wondering if I have to be in orbit of Dres, or maybe just really close to it?
  20. Firemetal

    Another Elcano mission report

    So I've been thinking of doing the Elcano for a long time. I planned to do it when I was playing career mode with a Duna rover. I also wanted to do it on Dres which is one of my favourite planets in the game. So here is my Dres Elcano. Drelcano? Nope. The Rover Meet DEV or Dres Exploration Vehicle. It has room for two kerbals on top. Very durable. (Unless you crash into a building hence the broken rover wheel) The Mission Now let me explain how I intend to do the challenge. First I get it to Dres and land it. Then I drive to a lander that I landed a few months back for the Dres Awareness Challenge. This is where I pick up my crew. I was thinking of doing an equatorial circumnavigation so I could pass through the Dres Canyon however that is for another mission as I will most likely re-use the DEV for future missions. Therefore I'll then do a Polar circumnavigation and then come back to the lander again. If any un-fixable accidents happen, I'll have to send another rover. (Obviously ) Part One Getting the Rover to Dres. So I built a big launch vehicle instead of going for a small nuke powered one. I love it when you use flea boosters as seperatrons. From here, I had to first go around the Sun once more to get the Dres encounter, got a crazy high capture burn and had to do a scary suicide burn and ended up using the transfer stage as a shock absorber. Ok lets go pick up Billy-Bobsen and Linke Kerman. They're quite far away... I wish this counted as part of the circumnavigation. :/ And that's what became of the first flag on Dres... Anyway that's it for now. Next we'll reach them and start the circumnavigation!
  21. Post your feelings of Dres here. I think that Dres must be visited more frequently. I DEMAND LOVE FOR DRES!
  22. WillThe84th

    Dres Plus Development Thread

    Welcome to the Dres Plus Development Thread! Here I will post the latest updates for my Dres Plus mod that aims to make Dres feel loved. At the time of this post, this is what the mod will add: Changes to Dres: Dres is now 950 km in radius. (Was previously 138 km) Dres' surface gravity has been increased to 2.1 g. (Was previously 0.115 g) Dres has rings! Dres' inclination and eccentricity have been changed to be more similar to the other planets', making Dres easier to get to. Added Opaki: (Name may change) Ocean moon of Dres. Completely covered with a greenish liquid, except at the poles, where there are two big landmasses. Has a thick greenish atmosphere, but it only extends to 40 km. About half the size of Kerbin. (305 km in radius) Added Ovum: (Name will probably change) Rocky moon of Dres. Orbits Dres in such a way that it appears to spin around Opaki. About 1/3 the size of Opaki. (112 km in radius) Right now it's just a resized Mun. I plan on adding a third moon that will just be a large asteroid. (Probably around a class V) Here is a screenshot of the view from the north pole of Opaki. (The atmosphere at this point isn't the right color, and the height map needs to be refined) I will release more screenshots as time goes on.
  23. WillThe84th

    [1.1.2] Dres Plus (v0.1.1)

    For decades Kerbals have ignored Dres and never went there. Because of this, the Kerbals didn't know much about Dres. All of this changed when The Dres Awareness Society sent a probe there and discovered Dres' secrets. Almost everything the Kerbal Astronomical society though they knew about Dres was wrong. - Dres Awareness Society Welcome to the Dres Plus mod. This mod aims to make Dres more exciting and fun. Features: Re-sizes Dres to be 950 km in radius instead of previous 138 km. Dres has rings! (They need some work though) Dres' orbit is more circular and less inclined to make it more like a planet. Surface gravity of Dres is now 2.1g Dres spins very fast now, with a rotational period of around a half an hour. (This makes landings easier than you would think) Dres has three moons. Opaki is the largest moon of Dres It almost entirely covered in a deep blue ocean, except for the poles, which have some land. It has a thick oxygen atmosphere which extends to 40 km. It is about half the size of Kerbin with a gravity of 0.4g. Okuv is the next moon. It is white and brown which makes it look like a snowball that was dropped in mud. It orbits Dres in such a way that it looks like it actually orbits Opaki in a very elliptical and inclined fashion. In terms of landing, it is somewhere in between the Mun and Minmus, as it has a radius of about 100 km. Ast. DIR-284 (also known as Fonzo) is a small moon in the asteroid belt. It is dull and grey like the other asteroids. It is a bit bigger than Gilly with a radius of 19 km, which makes it a Class-V Asteroid. (Yes, I did the math) Pictures: At the time that I am writing this, my profile picture is a sunset from Opaki. Note : This mod requires Koperncius Another Note: This mod is very much a work-in-progress. Now on to the important stuff. Download (Spacedock) License
  24. I'm building a reusable craft that can capture asteroids in the Dres SOI. I've done this with small (class A & B) asteroids at Kerbin, but never elsewhere. What advice do you have for me about the construction of the craft?
  25. Sanic

    Canyon diving on Dres!

    I recently got back from exile (on other Steam games ) and decided to do something related to Dres Awareness. I downloaded @SpaceplaneAddict's Mercenary rover and took it to Dres for testing. But driving around for testing only is boring, and I landed only a couple kilometers off of the famous canyon, so why not have some fun by plummeting over the edge? Well, until I got stuck in the end Also, the Mercenary is indestructible