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Found 2 results

  1. Hello guys, I have experienced issues with KSP using Windows 10 Insiders build 19008. When playing in fullscreen I am capped at 22fps however, if I switch to windowed mode less than 1080p (my native full screen resolution) everything goes back to normal with an average of 100fps. It appears that this could be linked to the build of Windows ( Does anyone else experienced this issue in fullscreen? Thanks
  2. Hi I have a mission on kerbal, ground, that i had to discover the pressure of some points. My idea was "build a drone-"bomber" that drop a smal drone over the zone"... All okay, the Parachute opened (2 blue parachutes vs 0,5 ton of drone) The drone land without explosions.... i bring back "the bomber", look at the drone... Nothing The drone is not there...