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Found 3 results

  1. I'm planning on doing a full Beyond Home playthrough and I've never really gone farther than Minmus in the base game, and a Reddit user challenged me to get to a deep system moon (around a gas giant no less) chemically and without abusing the Oberth effect. So basically what he's asking is to just brute force my way there, MOAR BOOSTERS basically. Am I right in my assumption?
  2. Shadow Wolf56

    How to change rank??

    This will probably be the dumbest question ever asked on the ksp forums... How do I change my rank!?? In my profile settings, it says nothing about changing ranks... Help me...
  3. Chiron0224

    What does ISRU stand for?

    Might not be the right forum for this but I keep seeing the abbreviation "ISRU" around the forum. I tried googling it but it just brought up a bunch of forum posts using the term as if it's understood what it means. So my question is. What does it mean?