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Found 123 results

  1. The Red Planet has captured the imaginations of space pioneers ever since the first days of high-powered rocketry. There's a long and auspicious list of proposed Mars missions, dating all the way back to Werner Von Braun's wildly optimistic plan to use over 400 launches to construct a massive artificial-gravity space station for Mars colonization transport. Any of us who have played KSP for a while can probably put a single-launch mission of arbitrary size on Duna easily enough, because Moar Boosters. However, the real world doesn't work like that. You can't just add more boosters; typically, mission planners have to work within the capabilities of existing (or planned) launch vehicles, which can only throw a certain amount of mass into orbit at once. As a result, most of the proposed Mars mission plans involved some degree of in-orbit assembly. The challenge is to design and execute a flags-and-footprints Mars mission with the lowest-massing payload per launch. You can assemble your mission using up to five separate launches; the goal is to make each of those orbital payloads as small as possible. There is no bonus for using fewer than five launches. For example, if you use four orbital payloads massing 8 tonnes, 12 tonnes, 6 tonnes, and 9 tonnes, then your score is 12 tonnes. If you use three orbital payloads massing 4 tonnes, 7 tonnes, and 14 tonnes, then your score is 14 tonnes, even though you did it in fewer launches with lower total mass. Obviously, lowest score wins. Thus, the incentive is to make all the launches roughly the same size in order to maximize the amount of mass you get into orbit while minimizing the size of any one launch, just like real-life mission planning requires you to work within the payload capacities of existing launch vehicles. This will require clever planning, so think ahead! A few rules to keep things more true-to-life: You can use whatever mission architecture you want, but it needs to have at least three Kerbals delivered to Duna orbit and at least two delivered to the surface. Crew must be sent up in the final launch from Kerbin. The transfer and lander (or whatever you use) must have actual crew space. It's fine to use command seats for rovers or for a separately-landed ascent vehicle. On-orbit payload is anything that goes with you toward Duna. If your upper stage is jettisoned after reaching LKO, then it's part of your launch vehicle, not your payload. If you refuel the upper stage to use for your transfer burn, then it's part of your payload. Assembly in LKO means assembly between 70 and 200 km. No ions except for unmanned probes, and then only for orbital adjustments (e.g., no spiraling out over the course of months). If you want to use nukes, you can do so, but only before leaving Kerbin's SOI. NERVAs can't be reliably restarted after a long period of time. ISRU can be used, but with some restrictions: Astronauts can't wait forever for ISRU, so if you manufacture your own fuel and oxidizer, you'll need to send an unmanned ISRU unit ahead of time. If you bring your own liquid fuel and only want to manufacture oxidizer, it's fine to have the ISRU unit on the manned lander (it's considered feasible to do this for Mars missions since cracking LOX out of the Martian atmosphere is straightforward). If you take this route, you can turn on infinite fuel when you activate your Convert-O-Tron (no need to use a drill). If the ascent vehicle lands on Duna separately from the landing craft, then you must bring a rover or other vehicle to take your crew from the lander to the ascent vehicle; no hundred-mile treks. You can earn bonuses to improve your score: On Tongues of Fire. Use no chutes; propulsive landings on both Duna and Kerbin. 10% decrease in highest payload mass. Conflicts with Wing It. Wing It. Winged, rolling landings on Duna and Kerbin. 5% decrease in highest payload mass. Conflicts with On Tongues of Fire. Old School. No nukes or ions. 3% decrease in highest payload mass. Brute Force. Assemble a Direct Ascent vehicle in LKO; no ISRU, no propellant transfer, no Duna orbit rendezvous. 12% decrease in highest payload mass. Conflicts with Loop the Loop & Justin Case. Slow Climb. Put ladders on your vehicles, if necessary, so you don't have to jetpack around on the Duna surface. 4% decrease in highest payload mass. Elon Style. Make the whole system fully reusable without using nukes, ions, or airbreathers. 25% decrease in highest payload mass. Conflicts with Justin Case & A Solid Plan. Stayin' Alive. Bring extra living space (at least one extra seat per Kerbal) for the transfer to and from Duna. 18% decrease in highest payload mass. Loop The Loop. Make your transfer vehicle a fully-reusable solution that can brake back into Kerbin orbit and be used again for the next trip. 15% decrease in highest payload mass. Conflicts with Brute Force. Consistency, Good Sir. Make all of your launches with the exact same launch vehicle. 6% decrease in highest payload mass. Justin Case. (NEW) Provide your crew with a separately-landed ascent vehicle as a reliable way to get off Duna (inspired by The Martian). 18% decrease in highest payload mass. Conflicts with Brute Force & Elon Style. A Solid Plan. (NEW) Make the Duna Ascent Vehicle (whether separately-landed or not) solid-fueled to orbit. 9% decrease in highest payload mass. Conflicts with Elon Style. They See Me Rollin'. (NEW) Bring a rover for your crew to get around Duna. 15% decrease in highest payload mass. If you find you need more than five launches, that's fine, but you'll have to assess a 15% penalty for each additional launch to represent the added real-life cost of adding an additional launch contract. There is not, however, a bonus for doing it in fewer than five launches. No part mods for the actual Duna package, although you can use part mods for your launch vehicle if you like. I may continue to add additional bonuses to enable increasingly-lower scores as the challenge goes on. Good luck! Smallcraft Leaderboard: Largecraft Leaderboard (20+ kerbals): Differences: Entries must have 20 or more kerbals. At least 2/3 of your crew must land on Duna. Stayin' Alive only requires that you have one extra seat for every 2 kerbals. You divide your total score (after bonuses) by half the total number of kerbals you take.
  2. ---------------------------------INTERLUDE In the middle of the day, Jeb put on his suit and opened the hatch, covered in dust, after another sandstorm on Duna.. His aim was to find the rover and take it back to the base, so it he and Bob wouldn't need to walk over the desert at freezing night.. But somewhere in space, similar actions were done.. Bill was ready to take his guests.. ---------------------------------------Nightcall After a long journey, kerbonauts are heading back to their home. (Switch on the music, optimal volume-80% of the scroll bar) They drove though the lands they left their blood on, their previous path, crossed again, in calm and prosperity. They decided to make their last picture, here on Duna. Bill approached them, ready to dock... They headed back home, without accidents and landed in a mountain range, they were recouvered and are happy to be at their home, with their friends. The end---------------- It was a great jouney for me! Thanks for watching! I am planning on making another one, but with the Bill's point of view (he was stuck at the Ike) Now, don't forget to leave your thoughts here, in the comments! One question: "Liked your headphone experience?"
  3. Dust Storm Chapter 1- Grains of Dust After arriving at Dunian base "Red Dawn", Bob and Jeb settled in the main habitat module, to take a rest after a difficult night.. But we all know that there is a kerbal, that never sleeps, you probably guessed who it is. The journey starts here... Bob crawled out of his bed, arguing about his lost sleep, putting on his dusty space suit.. Airlock opened and he looked at happy, energetic face of Jeb. Jeb got himself to the rover, that he was super happy to drive, since they arrived.. So did Bob. Bob knew, if Jeb is going to do something, there will definetly be at least one of these things- Casualties,Explosions and weird bugs.. So, Jeb to kill of all the chances of Bob escaping, switched on the electric engine and rushed though the sandy dunes of Duna! After a little trip, Jeb found a little plain, he wanted to take some pictures from there, but he forgot his camera, altough the urge to stop there, was still there. And we all know.. That if there is an urge, there is a reason... But his idea to troll Bob a bit, quickly turned into hell for Jeb.. Bob walked around, took samples, digged soil,walked around, took samples, digged soil,walked around, took samples, digged soil,walked around, took samples, digged soil and over and over again.. Jeb couldn't take it anymore and just called back, saying that they are losing time here.. Bob went back to the rover, with tired, yet satisfacted face... And then, Bob felt asleep... Jeb didn't payed much attention to that, he just carried on riding the rover! But then, when he almost arrived, Bob suddenly was woken up, just to make a company for Jeb. Bob, opened his eyes lazily, looking at excited face of Jeb.. But than, he looked around and saw the beutiful glazing sun of Duna.. But then, disaster striked... Suddenly, the wheels suddenly stopped moving and scared the landscape of Duna, with a weird line... Jeb's frozen gloves quickly slipped.. Jeb fell off the rover, hitting the ground hard.. Bob hold on for his dear life.. Jeb was thrown out! Bob, unlike Jeb, reacted quickly and have hit the manual brakes.. Bob mumbled into microphone.. Hearing the dead silence.. Feeling the worst thing-being abandoned.. The freezing desert that is Duna. If takes, never gives back... It took Bob's faith in his good future.. Bob raged in his weakness over situation! Jeb feared, he was never familiar with this feeling, now he is, more than that, it was the most powerful feel he ever had! But then he looked back and then gazed at the wall of sand and rust... Jeb and Bob rushed to the most covered place-behind the rover! But then, the rover begins to be shaked by the wind.. Jeb, now was a real being.. You know he is usually thinked as a person who can only act, but not feel.. Now, he was fearful, just like any kerbal out there.. My grandfather used to tell to me.- You know how to understand if you are dead or alive? Pain.. If you are still in agonizing pain, you are alive.. So, yes. Life is pain. Calm is death. But Jeb, had something every living being has....The power to not give up! This is the strongest power in the world! So he stood up, in pain and blood, but alive.. So, Bob pulled motionless Jeb to the rover.. His plan was to push the rover, that was broken all the way to the base.. The sandstorm stopped.. Bob was already tired.. But he tried anyway.. Trying when you can't is like bashing your fist over a stone wall, at first it seems useless, but it has result if repeated lots of times.. Although, Bob lost it.. He suddenly turned.. Suddenly both Bill and Bob understood.. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For the atmosphere: (neccesarry to listen) That is it for now folks! I am especially interested in opinions of @Kuzzter and @KSK! And i am interested in all the opinions you have! GGLmao i spent 13 hours on this... Me If this thread won't have attention:
  4. Dust storm Chapter 2-VOYAGE Against the slowly stopping wind... Against the freezing night...Against the weakness, kerbals go.. Bob looked around the rover.. Jeb was resting, looking into the void-dark sky... Bob got closer to observe the rover. To his upset he saw nothing valuable. Bob pushed the rover really hard! And then the wheels began to work! The happiness of accomplishment overwhhelmed Bob and Jeb.. Rover went on, automaticly.. Rover stopped. And then, Jeb suddenly got off the rover, it seems like he got better, Bob didn't want ot question that. Probably because Bob was doing something else. Kerbals went sleeping.. But then, suddenly Jeb woke up at the Dunian midnight. Jeb's personality began to crack under the pressure of the situation, much to Bob's surpise.. Kerbonauts finally found their calm, and began sleeping, dreaming about their homes.. Eearly,early in the morning. Morning starts with a proper routine, even in the extremal situation.. Crossing the remaining 9km was not easy, especially for Bob.. Finally, after a long time reaching the base, kerbals, or kerbal, to be clear, saw the base in the distance.. They have reached the safety for now, but that is just for now.. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Song: The second part is reached! Our little voyagers have reached the base! Awaiting trials of the future! Now, i sincerely ask @Vanamonde, not to merge this one with the previous one. I want to merge it after i will be done with the third part. I will send a message!
  5. Doing It Orion Style

    One wise kerbal once said, " Reach for the stars, and you will be successful." So, the KSP took it literally and decided to reach for the stars with their "amazingly awesome" spacecraft. The Challenge: Do the Orion missions listed below Orion Command module should be accurate and have 3 seat for stock, 5 seats for modded if possible. Note: You must complete previous mission to continue on to the next one. EFT-1 Badge: Go into a highly eccentric orbit of Kerbin to test high speed reentry Exploration Mission 1 Badge: Build an SLS Block 1 launcher and mate an Orion Spacecraft to it. Then send them to the Mun (Orbit Only). Europa Clipper Build the SLS Block 1B Cargo and launch a probe to fly-by Laythe multiple times. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Deep Space Gateway (DSG) Mission Objective: Assemble a ship to go to Duna using the SLS in elliptical polar Munar orbit with AP above Munar south pole. Also, develop the SLS Block 2 Cargo and Block 1B Crew. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ MISSION OBJECTIVE (REQUIRED) +50 points ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PHASE 1 EM-2 to EM-5 PHASE 2: EM-6 to Duna mission More Missions Coming!
  6. I want sent probe into EVE and make it burn up in it's atmosphere, collecting science (or soft land but maybe later) It was long time since i make mission to other planets in KSP, i one time ploted perfect course but forgot to add good relay antena to probe so i lost contract i just wonder does this website is still reliable for calculating transfer? I just want do it by myself not using Kerbal Engineer or MechJeb (maybe for planet angle but only for this)
  7. I currently am orbiting Duna with a probe containing several DMagic Science experiments. When i arrived on Duna i forgot to calculate how far Kerbin would be, so i cheated to extend the antenna's range. It communicates fine, but i cannot transmit science. i tried reloading but still nothing. [EDIT]-I fixed the issue by completely restarting the game.
  8. anyone who has read the book or seen the movie knows how they did it, make a station that goes from Kerbin (Earth) to Duna (Mars) and have a base already set up on Duna/Mars then send the crew via the station RULES: 1. You must have a station that goes from Kerbin to Duna that carries only the crew 2. You must land the Duna base before the crew even leaves Kerbin 3. You must have 2 rovers on Duna that is sent with the Duna base 4. You must have an ascent vehicle that is not your lander and has to be on Duna before the crew leaves Kerbin If you are unsure about anything feel free to ask!
  9. The Orange Wasteland...

    NOTE: PHOTOS ARE LINKED FOR EASIER VIEWING AS EMBEDDING CAUSES ISSUES CHAPTER 1: K.S.S Valiant The EVA From Hell The Mystery Of Monban Station, Or How Jeb Wasted Millions In Five Minutes Icy Ike, But Catla Wants Ike-Cream The Duna Descent Work, Work, Work Home Away From Home Exploration, Part 1 Exploration, Part 2 Shuttling All The Way Icy Ike, But Catla Gets Ike-Cream A Grey Turn Of Events CHAPTER 2: Hello To Nowhere, Part 1 Hello To Nowhere, Part 2 It all happened one day... Jeb, Nacy, Catla, and Jonlong set out for the 'big orange thingy' in the sky. Boarding the 'Vixen', they soared through the atmosphere and into space, leaving Kerbin behind. It was going to be a long time... 'Yippee! I'm going to space!' Jonlong blurted out. It had been his first time in space. In no time, they had reached a stable, 97 - 103km orbit, and could rest for a few hours. 'Hold on, we need to dock with KerbPort to resupply and refuel', Nacy, who was the mission commander, instructed them. 'But until them, we can float around in here, if you want'. 'Yay!' Jonlong enthusiastically replied. Soon, they broke out the cans of Jool-Aid, Crater-Cookies, and of course, snacks, and were floating around the crew cabin. After what seemed like five minutes (it was really five hours), Nacy informed them to get ready for docking. 'Docking in 1 minute, open port'. '30 seconds, Jeb, engage RCS'. Jeb engaged the RCS, and small white puffs came from the thrusters. 'And....we're docked!'. Now, they would refuel and re-supply, switch to another craft (The 'Valiant'), and be on their way to Duna.
  10. Ad Inexplorata

    I wrote a script to do a skycrane-style rover landing on Duna, and then decided to make a cinematic instead of my usual script-showcase-style videos. This is the first cinematic I've ever made, and I also intend to make one for my Mun landing soon! Music: The Force Awakens, Trailer #1, John Samuel Hanson The Mole, Dunkirk OST, Hans Zimmer No Place On Earth, The Heart of Man, Tony Anderson All scenes were filmed in KSP 1.3. Mods used: kOS Camera Tools Distant Object EVE FASA Hull Camera VDS Kopernicus KSPRC Planet Shine Reentry Particle Effect Scatterer Texture Replacer Replaced Real Plume ...and many, many config edits in Scatterer, EVE, KSPRC, and Real Plume Hats off to the modders that make this game bearable to look at (and film)! Thanks for watching!
  11. (insert Duna reference here)

    Insert Duna Reference Here I was planning a jool mission when I realized a Duna transfer window was opening soon. I'm decide going to duna instead would be a good test. I guess you could call it a reference mission. This is not story based at the moment, but it is being split up into Chapters. Chapter List: EDITOR PICS IN THE FUTURE The Cast and Contraptions - Part 1 I created a new LV for this mission. The NP-1H(NovaPunch-1 Heavy) NP-1(NovaPunch-1) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The first Module launched without a hitch. FOOTAGE NOT FOUND The second module also did it wonderfully. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The third one...well... TWR: 0.95 Yep. 1.5 hours and some coaxing of the persistance later... COMING SOON: Easter eggs and some obscure references.
  12. Don't stop me now! A ksp music video! Ignore the editing skills, it's my first time using Resolve! Car:
  13. Ike is too Easy to intercept

    Today I took a spaceplane and rode it to Duna. in the process of one maneuver, I entered and exited Ike 4 times! I am wondering if this is normal.
  14. Explorer 1

    This is a little ship I made based off the spaceship designs of old. She can get to Duna and back with a refuel stop on Duna, as long as she starts in orbit, so take out a big launcher. She has about 3000 m/s of delta-v to give you an idea. She has 3 drills and a large IRSU to produce fuel when she lands. Can be a little finicky so be careful with thrusting up tooo much in atmospheres. Overall I like her a lot. You can take her to the Mun or Minmus if you want too. Pure Stock. Action Groups: 1-Engines 2-Ladders 3-Solar Panels 4-Main Cargo Bay 5-Drill Bays 6-IRSU Craft Download: download Explorer
  15. I couldn't find a thread about Duna rockets, so I made one.
  16. I made this little page on what I found orbiting. Come back later to see more, except with Kerbonuats involved (for doing research on the area I'm showing you guys). Sorry about the external link, I couldn't figure out how to get it into the post. It wouldn't let me... Kerbals coming soon!
  17. This is the largest rocket I've made to date and well, I thought I'd share how it went. This started with me getting some missions for Duna and Ike, I had to: Position a satellite around Ike. Get Science from around Duna Get 3000 Ore from Ike to Duna Plant a flag on Duna Rescue Henster Kerman from Ike orbit and bring him back to Kerbin Now, I already have a station around Ike, and a Miner/convert+Fuel delivery craft on Ike, so all I really had to do was get to Ike in a craft that has enough fuel capacity to make it back to Kerbin. So, I built this monstrosity. At launch, it weighs about 5200 Tons, which falls to about 965 tons once it's in an 80+ Km Orbit. At the top is the Ike satellite, sitting on top of the Lander/return craft, which in turn sits on top of the Duna lander/ore delivery. vehicle All of which sits on the transfer boosters, which sits above the massive launch boosters. *edit* The craft changes name under way because I realized that I had called it "Mars Mission" oops, but the entire trip is done in one take, hence why I made a workaround when an engine broke
  18. The Grus III is a long-range SSTO capable of Mun landings, though according to my Delta V calculations it can easily go well beyond that. It can get into orbit very easily due to its high TWR while using its Rapier engines. Its (roughly) estimated Delta V in LKO is about 4,270 m/s. Specifications: Part Count: 97 Mass: 80.545t Height: 5.8m Width: 22.8m Length: 25.6m Here it is on The Mun. It can make the trip easily as it was designed for bigger missions. It is also equipped with four science experiments, located on the belly of the craft. Here it is in the SPH. Some (kinda) strange features are its extra pair of engines. While very helpful during the initial ascent, extra reaction wheels are needed in space to prevent the Grus III from flipping all over the place due to the weird Center of Thrust. (At least this isn't the case with the nukes, though. That would be bad.) The Grus III completed the Mun trip with quite a bit of fuel left over. I am currently taking it to Duna, and I plan on finding out just how far I can take it. (Gravity assists, here I come!) Download here:
  19. Every planet in KSP is very interesting and unique in it is own pattern. Visiting Moho? Enjoy all sorts of landscapes!!! Visiting Eve? Enjoy hundreds of different surface features, like lakes, big craters, big lakes in craters, big mountains, big mountains in lakes in craters on plain in an explodium sea and many more! Kerbin is awesome to drive around! Mün is awesome with its procedulary generated craters! Minmus? Awesome! Ike? GODDAMN FREAKING MOUNTAINS JUST FREAKING EVERYWHERE, U WANT TO LAND HUH? HUH?!?!?! SCREW YOU AND YOUR LANDER THEN But Duna... It is the same literally everywhere, it is just hills, that are scattered across different places, at different altitude... The greatest equatorial valley is very boring, there is no sharp edges at its start, it doesn't make a challenge, and a loss of a challenge is a thing that destroys all the fun. The highest peak on Duna is just a very tall hill with a very boring view from the top. It doesn't even makes it a challenge to climb up there! The only great valleys are at the poles! It is so awesome! They are deep, sharp and interesting to drive and explore around! Much like Dres's awesome canyons! My suggestions is to make Duna more interesting in its topography! Make the edges more sharp! Make it difficult to move through different terrain! Make it difficult to land on! Add a few more craters near the polar region! It would me more like Mars! Add some plains that would be the resort of calm and would attract people to be more precisive in their landing spot! Add lots of tiny craters all over the surface, but keep them really small! Like 10 to 5 meters in diameter and make them scattered really far away from each other! I know it might corrupt saves, make stuff that were so familiar to the new players more different, hard. But it just adds some hard fun to the game! Makes the trip rememberable and remarkable! People still play the game because they have something unexplored, that they want to explore! I really want the game to change more! Add some planets! People are getting bored with visiting Laythe or Eeloo or any other planet 4994494949th time! Sorry if I am wrong. I am very dumb after all.
  20. Ares Martian Rover

    The martian can now be replicated (a bit) with the rover! though slightly faster than the original it has the same range (half batt default is 35km wth a full batt it is 70km) currently working on ntergrating an exit hatch and adding an IVA p.s. this is without the pivot activated
  21. This mission report is in pursuit of this challenge: as well as: This was my first time ever going interplanetary. I knew I could do this easily enough with ISRU, but I wanted to try something different, since ISRU on Mars isn't nearly so simple as extending a drill into one spot in the ground. I decided I would use chemical engines only with a booster+tanker+ship arrangement. In lieu of Dunian ISRU, I decided I would send one of the tankers along for the ride, aerobraking both in turn but leaving it in orbit around Duna so it could refuel the crew ship for the homeward journey. However, after building my ship, putting it in LKO, and painstakingly refueling it, I realized that my not-very-balanced TSTO design and KSP's smaller scale meant that I had enough dV in my crew ship to get to Duna and back in one piece, so I dropped the tanker-along-for-the-ride plan. The only mod was Tweakscale, and I only used it to decrease part count and streamline aerodynamics. All crew-carrying parts are fully stock. With no further ado: That's the first part! More to come, very soon........
  22. Hello KSP Community! So in the course of a science game of mine, I've become really, really tired of playing around in my own little corner of the solar system. I've built a Mun orbiting space station, landed a couple of times on the Mun, and flown more refueling probes to the Mun than I care to count. I want to go to Duna. The question is, what does it take to get there? Manned or unmanned, I'm interested in both types of mission... but what does a typical Duna mission look like, and is it complicated? Thanks in advance, I know y'all are an awesome community who'll respond in a helpful way. Grafdog
  23. Hi all! The short question: I'd love to hear recommendations on orbital altitudes for a refinery operation that will mine ore on Ike and refine it in Dunan orbit. The longer explanation: For the last week or so I've been playing in Sandbox, working out how to most effectively set up logistical infrastructures all around the stock solar system. I started by setting up a full-coverage Comm relay and ScanSat (the mod) network around every body on the stock game. I've done all this before, of course, but never as methodically and efficiently as I'd like. So far the four inner planets are covered, and various satellite carriers are nearing their destinations at Dres, Jool, and Eeloo. Now I've turned my attention to setting up fuel depots and ISRU operations, and have two flotillas of fuel stations, mining landers, in-system tankers, interplantery tankers, etc. headed to Duna and Dres. All un-Kerballed and drone-controlled, but with enough modularity to be turned into crewed vessels in the future. (Before it's mentioned, I know depots and ISRU aren't necessarily the easiest or most efficient ways to explore the system, but for the purpose of this save game, that's what I'm playing with.) I already have a clear plan for Dres; with an ore miner tailored for landing on the planet and another dedicated to the asteroids surrounding it. They'll bring raw ore to an orbital refinery/tankage station. The reason for this post: I'm not sure exactly what I want to do at Duna. The mining lander is large (by my standards) and can bring 10,000 units of ore from Ike to anywhere in the Dunan system. The depot will refuel Kerballed missions to Duna, and a few re-usable Duna Lander/Ascent vehicles that will remain in-system for surface explorations. It may also be used to send re-fueling tankers further afield, particularly to Jool, though a full Kerballed expedition to that system is still only a drawing-board notion. SO... any suggestions, tips, or other observations? Specifically, will I be better served to keep the main Fuel Depot/Refinery station in orbit around Ike, or should it orbit Duna? If the latter, will a high (near the SOI margin), medium (outside Ike's orbit), or low (inside Ike's orbit) altitude work best for my purposes? Keep in mind the station itself has no propulsion, but is configured so the Mining Lander itself can propel the entire depot (and is in fact doing that right now, toward a Duna intercept in a few hundred days). There are also several fuel carriers around Duna (most of them leftovers from the Comm/Scan satellite missions) that can move fuel from the depot to vessels that need it. I'm asking not just in terms of absolute efficiency (as in launch costs and fuel consumption) but also in terms of my convenience and "playability" (i.e. avoiding days-long warping to rendezvous various vessels from high orbits), and finding a satisfying balance between the two. I hope I've laid out enough to explain what I'm looking for in terms of feedback, without droning (no pun intended) on too long. Note: I'm playing with a smattering of mods, but mainly for aesthetics. All my craft are (virtually) analogous to stock vessels, so a full mod list doesn't seem necessary. Beyond that I rely heavily on KER and KAC to design and keep track of all the (40? 50?) missions ongoing right now. Your thoughts appreciated.
  24. Duna landing (sorta)

    I just got done landing on mars well maybe not perfectly (try to land but have the command pod and not fuel or engine fall off) I did it today like a couple minutes ago RULES (MUST LAUNCH FROM KERBAN, AVALIABLE MODS - MECHJEB + ENGENEER REDUX, MUST BUILD OWN ROCKET, DO NOT GO INTO A SUB ORBIT TRAJECTORIE FROM KERBIN, GO OUT OF KERBIN INFLUENCE BEFORE HOHMAN TRANSFER, WHEN ENCOUNTERING MARS CIRCULIZE, MAX PARACHUTES ARE 5, DO NOT USE HYPEREDIT) enjoy!
  25. emergency of KNOWLEDGE

    So I was landing on duna once and I was at angle like that of a slash (/) and with my bottom end towards duma coming down to the surface about at 12.8 m/s and suddenly I touched the surface and blasted out of the Kerbol system in less than a few nano seconds, I was going 8,000 NaNm What is that abbreviation for? also when I went back to the space center you could see the stars through the buildings and through kerbin and the sun never came up. Was I victim to a Kraken Attack? I need to know!!!