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Found 2 results

  1. Is there any way to buy KSP as a DVD and not as a Steam key ...(because in my opinion it is better to buy it as a DVD) Thank's for helping...
  2. I was shuffling through the local Half Price Books recently, when I found a three-DVD set titled "Voyage of Discovery," which is coverage of Discovery's STS-114 flight in 2005; this was the "Return to Flight" after the Columbia tragedy a couple of years before. In addition, it was the first mission commanded by a woman (Col. Eileen Collins), and featured construction activity on the ISS. As I've been building my ISS-analogue in KSP, I've been really enjoying watching... when the crew was replacing a control moment gyroscope on the Z-1 truss assembly, I was thinking, "Okay, Bob is out there fixing the reaction wheel!" It's boiled down from real live mission coverage, and about the only bad thing about it is the excerpts from during-orbit press conferences when all the reporters seem to want to know is "Are you frightened (because of Columbia, etc.)?" and the astronauts are saying (with no visible evidence of impatience!) about seventy different variations on "We have a job to do and we're concentrating on that." Bonus material includes a 30-minute documentary on the Apollo-Soyuz mission and the first Hubble servicing mission. Great stuff, especially if you're a fan of the little details of a real space flight.