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Found 4 results

  1. Hello There, since i didn´t found anything or very rare (here and elsewhere) media about more SSTV eastereggs i would like to ask, if someone recorded and decoded the science signals too. There will be various pictures transmitted via SSTV. very scary. PS: i did it just for fun. (MMSSTV). unfortunatly i have only my profile pic to show ... but it works.
  2. Today I've been playing around with KSP and ScanSat, and I noticed something interesting in the map preview. I exported the elevation map, and it's definitely there! It's a smiling face I wonder if it's original KSP easter egg or ScanSat easter egg. Here's contrast enhanced photo: And here's the original:
  3. I found it! This is legit! I can't believe I found it! And imgur works now? YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!
  4. So I was starting to construct a mothership for my first journey to the outer planets (from the outer planets mod) and decided to start with the MK3 Cockpit. I read the description and found this nice surprise Has it been found before? Have I been immortalized as an explorer of the part list?!