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Found 7 results

  1. Okay, so I have always wondered if KSP had eclipses, and randomly I just noticed mine has one! Check it out everyone!
  2. So, if you want to report an KSP solar eclipse expedition, feel free to add it here (even if the gods of modding added some clouds) I will add some too. My first time trying to observe a solar eclipse from the ground, actually, from the polar circle! How can you yourself observe it from these areas? Just add the Mun some inclination (if I'm not mistaken, I added an inclination of 5.5). It was a "bit" cloudy, but Jeb managed to image something. After the eclipse, Jeb observed the beautiful northern lights. Location: 71.116 °N 80.001 °E Eclipse itself: Jeb after the eclipse: Aurora that night:
  3. Not really a question, merely an observance of a total eclipse from the Astronaut Complex on Kerbin:
  4. I'm aware that that most people on this forum are probably astronomy buffs, so you probably know about some of these already, but just in case there's some you haven't heard of here's the list of the top 7. February 11th: Comet 45P/HMP will be making its closest approach to earth. February 26th: Astronomy lovers in the southern hemisphere will see an annular solar eclipse, aka a "ring of fire eclipse". March 29th: Mercury, Mars, and the Moon will all be close together in the sky. Mercury will also be in its highest and brightest position in the sky. April 10th: Jupiter will reach its opposition and pair up with the Moon and Spica, the lead star in the constellation Virgo. August 21st: Much of North America will experience a total solar eclipse as the sun darkens daylight skies in a narrow swath from Oregon to South Carolina. November 13th: Jupiter will pair up with Venus low on the horizon creating a spectacular conjunction. December 13th: The beautiful Geminid meteor shower will reach its peak activity close to midnight when the waning crescent moon will depart the night sky. Be sure to mark your calendar!
  5. This was completely random and I didn't plan this. I just made a satellite to orbit Kerbin and then I noticed that there was a solar eclipse, with almost all the planets next to it. Of course I had to post this.
  6. As normally, I was playing with Tarsier Space Tech and cockpit zoom trying to figure out if planets would be visible. Not only I figured out eve can easily be seen with basic cockpit zoom, but also events such as transits can be seen! Everyone has seen Kerbol eclipse, but has somebody seen an transit occur? Eclipse occurs once every 6 days, but Eve and Moho transits are extremely rare, as Moho and Eve have a lot more inclined orbits. Here are some photos of eclipses, transits and oppositions captured with cockpit zoom and Tarsier Space Tech telescope, and if you have observed Eve and Moho transits, solar eclipses or even as rare things as Minmus transits and occultations, be sure to show me your pics Kerbol eclipse: Moho Transit: Eve Transit: Jool Opposition: Duna Opposition:
  7. Challenged myself to get to the Mun and back using the Kerbal X, and got a spectacular surprise along the way. Thought id share!