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Found 5 results

  1. Right now, SAS is hardwired to the SAS action group. As long as something can have SAS, it's toggled with SAS and ONLY with SAS. I think you should be able to remove and change this binding via the action groups menu. The SAS group would be automatically applied to every command pod/probe core/???. This way, you can toggle SAS with other action groups and have an action group that can invert itself briefly without any unintended results. An (extremely complex) example of where this would be useful is in a supermaneuverable fighter plane with an ejector seat; something I just happen to have. On launch, I could hit the space bar and permanently turn on SAS (unless I right click the cockpit and turn it off), and toggle the afterburners with T. If I needed a brief pulse of extra power (or if I wanted to turn it off for some reason), I could tap F to quickly turn the afterburners off and back on when I release it. Or the other way around because it can invert itself. The reason I mentioned the ejector seat is because the second stage is the ejector seat. There's really no reason NOT to make it this way. It (probably) doesn't take that long to change, and doesn't get in the way of gameplay if you don't want it to. Parts are already set to do things on certain action groups (gear, brakes, and lights), and it would open up a whole new action group behavior; inversion. P.S. - I know about the brakes action group but that doesn't invert. It just turns off on its own. What if I want to briefly turn it off and then have it stay on?
  2. Hi, Back in KSP 1.05, I did a cut n' paste job of the RAPIER engine config file. By splicing in stuff from the Juno and the NERV, I was able to make a nuclear turbojet with two operating modes : Mass 4T (one tonne heavier than the base NERV to allow for the turbomachinery). Includes built in RTG, 5 EC/Sec whether engine on or off Mode 1 (Air breathing) Used the Juno atmosphere and velocity curves, max thrust 80kn instead of 20kn. Acting as a nuclear turbojet, this mode requires no fuel, only intake atmosphere and can work in places like Duna and Eve where there is no oxygen. Mode 2 (Nuclear Thermal) Acting as the NERV, with the exception that Vacuum ISP is down to 776 but Sea Level ISP up to 660. I'm assuming that rather than a pure vacuum nozzle such an engine would use some kind of full range nozzle like the aerospike (or real world shuttle engine/proposed SABRE engine). I'm thinking of doing the above again, but is there a way to make an engine with more than two modes, by only editing the engine config file itself? The reason is, it seems plausible, technologically, to give the above engine a couple more operating modes - Mode 1.5 (Air Breathing - Afterburning) Like the base Air Breathing mode , this runs off intake atmosphere and uses jet engine Atmosphere and Velocity curves. They should probably be a similar shape to the Juno's. However, by injecting liquid fuel into the tail pipe, 50% more thrust is produced. ISP would probably be similar to the Panther in wet mode. This mode would require that the the atmosphere contains oxygen to work. The rationale is that in straight turbojet mode, power is limited by how much air the turbomachinery can handle, and how much heat the reactor can put into that air stream before temperatures get too high for the reactor or the first stage turbine. By burning fuel after the turbine, the temperature limits of the reactor and turbine can be ignored and more thrust produced with the same volume of air. Mode 2.5 (Nuclear Thermal - Afterburning) Operating in Nuclear thermal mode, max power is limited by reactor thermal output and the propellant can't be heated any higher than the reactor's max safe operating temperature. By injecting oxidizer into the liquid fuel that has been heated in the reactor, combustion occurs producing extra thrust at the cost of ISP.
  3. Wouldn't it be cool to edit an active vessel (that already made its way to a mun orbit) in the VAB? It could cost money or items (like rocketparts) for career mode. An in-flight editor would be even better, the game pauses, and the vab editor comes in from the left. Cheers
  4. Hello. I was wondering if there is a mod somewhere that allows you to edit and rearrange the stock toolbar? For example, delete the stock rescources button and move the Alternate Rescource Panel one up there? I have tried blizzy's toolbar but I do not like the style and many mods don't use it. Thanks, Benji13.
  5. so I made some slight edits to my persistent save file, renamed some kerbals for comedic effect, and disabled stock crafts because they clogged my saved crafts in game, then i go to boot up the game, then load my Save and it opens the prompt but shows nothing, so i close the prompt and try again but click load game didn't do anything. Anyone know how to fix it?