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Found 24 results

  1. I have a relatively heavily modded install of 1.6.1, every few seconds in the editor it freezes for about a second or so, it is making the game basically unplayable and i dont know how to fix it Edit: now happens pretty much every half a second Edit: It only lags if i have a part in the editor, if it is empty there is no lag
  2. Asparagus staging is awesome, but tedious. So, I built a plugin to do it for me! The plugin can create fuel lines if you have none, or it can use your existing fuel lines. Based on the fuel lines, it will put decouplers and sepratrons into proper stages. For KSP 1.6, download: NexusMods, Github, SpaceDock or via CKAN (Curse is not updated due to an account issue) For KSP 1.5.1, download old 2.2.15 version For KSP 1.4.5, download old 2.2.14 version For KSP 1.3.1, download old 2.2.8 version For KSP 1.2.2, download old 2.2.5 version For KSP 1.1.3, download old 2.2.2 version For KSP 1.0.5, download old 2.0.0 version Source code: Github It's highly recommended that you also download SmartStage, but it's not required. HOW TO USE: Press the asparagus-looking button in the stock toolbar to show/hide the main window. Load your ship in the VAB, and then: Press "Asparagus" to create fuel lines and stage your ship in asparagus-style staging. Press "Onion" to create fuel lines and stage your ship in onion-style staging. Press "Delete fuel lines" to delete ALL your fuel lines. If you have SmartStage installed, there will be a checkbox to use SmartStage for the staging. If you don't have it installed, or you uncheck it, you will get the following options: "Stage parachutes" will stage parachutes to fire when the fuel tank it is attached to decouples. "Stage sepratrons" will stage sepratrons to fire when the fuel tank it is attached to decouples. "Stage launch clamps" will move the launch clamps into the bottom or next-to-bottom stage (selectable). Note for "thrust plate"-style ships: the center tank must be higher in the part tree than the other tanks. The easiest way to do that is to build the ship with the center tank as the main part. If you've already built your ship, use the built-in root part gizmo to change your root part. New in v2.0: Save and re-load the ship instead of refreshing it, which cures many problems. Support for Blizzy's toolbar. Option to select stock or Blizzy's toolbar. Icons for part selection (thanks xEvilReeperx) Rainbow option. Requires the selected part to have multiple textures, like when you have "Colorful Fuel Lines" installed Visualization! Highlights tanks and decouplers, shows onion ring levels, and on error highlight which tanks it couldn't connect and what parts were blocking Better support for modded decouplers Save window position and options in config file Changelog for older versions: KNOWN BUGS: * There must be some space between your boosters and the next tank; for this reason the stock "Kerbal X" ship won't work correctly.
  3. Overview When in the editor (VAB or SPH), and placing a part with radial symmetry enbled you have access to the Radial Symmetry Space Option, which is supposed to let you switch between having the symmetry mode be relative to the vessel, or relative to the parent part. It appears that while this option has a hotkey, as well as an on-screen button, its toggle state does not actually currently affect object placement; The part placement always defaults to using the vessel as the axis of symmetry and not the parent part. Details Given this simple vessel which has two tanks (FL-T400 Fuel Tank) on radial decouplers attached to a larger central tank (FL-T800 Fuel Tank) using 2x symmetry: The default behavior for attaching a small spherical tank is to do so relative to the vessel. In other words, The spherical tank is placed with the axis of rotation being through the center of the vessel: In the tools section there is an Option that toggles between "Vessel" (Default) and "Parent" Which when pressed displays the corresponding notification: This option can also be toggled by hitting the F hotkey, described on the Key bindings wiki page as "In place mode: Toggle Symmetry between vessel or parent part". With it set to "Parent Part", I would expect the spherical tank to now be mirrored relative to is parent part (the FL-T400 Fuel Tank), which would look like this: However this is not currently the case. The above image was mocked up using single symmetry, and was not achieved using the "Parent Part" setting. Here is a gif screen capture showing the issue: Note how despite being in 'Parent' mode and the on-screen notification saying "Radial Symmetry around Parent Part", the spherical tank is not mirrored around its parent part, the FL-T400 Fuel Tank, and is instead always mirrored around the vessel's center part, the FLT-800 Fuel tank. Summary Am I correct in my assumption that when the Radial Symmetry Space Option is set to "Parent Part" that objects should be placed in relation to their parent part, and not the vessel? If not, I would really like to know what this option is intended to do otherwise. Tested using KSP (WindowsPlayer x64) en-us Note: If an admin could move this topic to the Technical Support (PC, unmodded installs) forum, it would be much appreciated.
  4. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to do this before I concluded you just can't: Alter the score based on multiplying or dividing by another measurable value the mission builder knows about. i.e. "add (leftover funds / 10) to the score", or "subtract (distance from vessel 1) from score". The problem is that the closest I can get to this is to make "buckets" of score categories and then add fixed score amounts based on them, which gets really tedious and clunky. i.e. "if leftover funds > 100000 add 500 points else if funds > 90000 add 450 points else if funds > 80000 add 400 points else....(etc)" when what I'm trying to say is "add (leftover funds * 0.005) to score".
  5. I remember there was a mod that let you scroll through the part categories in the VAB/SPH. Does it still exist, and is it updated to 1.4?
  6. Hi! I was wondering if there's a way (or an existing mod already) that makes it possible for Engineer kerbals on EVA to change some settings on parts that only can be set in the editor for now. For example: Thrust level on SRBs, your engineer walks up to it, and is able to set the thrust level slider. Is there any way of accomplishing this? A smart MM patch perhaps? Any idea or addition is welcome! Cheers
  7. I've found an interesting (and very annoying) bug that affects "tweakable" sliders on various parts in the VAB and SPH. (Imgur link explains what I'm trying to express much better) After attaching a part using either radial or vessel symmetry, I'll occasionally attempt to change a tweakable, be it the thrust limiter, authority limiter, or otherwise; and then I see its twin is unchanged. Exiting and entering a save file doesn't fix the issue but a full KSP program restart does fix it (temporarily). Imgur Link: Any help would be greatly appreciated -Aspen Space
  8. I'm updating to 1.3.1 from 1.2.2. I vaguely recall something like this being added in patch notes so it could be vanilla. In any case it's kind of in the way and I'd like to get rid of it. Should be an image of it below. Modlist (excluding those with sounds and parts only), bolded what I think are likely culprits. I don't have version numbers since I deleted all the zips lke a pleb but they're all current as of the date of posting. AT Utils (I don't recognise this) USI Tools Audio Muffle Redux B9PartSwitch BetterBurnTime BonVoyage Chatterer CommunityCategoryKit CommunityResourcePack CommunityTraitIcons DistantObject DynamicBatteryStorage (I don't recognise this) EasyVesselSwitc EVE Extraplanetary Launchpads Firespitter FlexoDocking HangarGrid Janitor'sCloset KAS KIS KerbalEngineer KerbalKrashSystem KerbNetController Kopernicus ModularFlightIntegrator PartCommanderContinued PortraitStats PreciseManeuver ProceduralFairings scatterer SmokeScreen + RealPlume Stock StockVisualEnhancements SunflaresOfMaar StockVisualTerrain TacFuelBalancer TextureReplacerReplaced Trajectories KerbalAlarmClock AlternateResourcePanel TransferWindowPlanner Tweakscale USI Konstruction, Kontainers, Life Support VekStockRevamp (old/partial install I've maintained personally) KerbalActuators
  9. I want to edit the name, description and categories of my subassemblies. I tried directly from the .craft file but it decategorize them if change the name and is not really helpfull being editing text files outside ksp There is any mod for this? I searched here and in ckan, but I don't find anything.
  10. For some reason, in the VAB (or SPH), some of the part thumbnails show a white quad in the location of where the flag decal would normally be placed. This isn't happening for all parts (most of them don't show the flag in the preview thumbnail, as expected). This is happening in a fresh, un-modded install. What's causing this? Here's a screenshot exhibiting the behavior:
  11. So I was planning to manually uninstall my mods and manually reinstall them, so I did that and i was careful not to uninstall the Squad Folder. I installed the mods and created a new Save file and started up the editor and encountered a weird bug i've never seen before. I had clicked on a part category and selected a root part and i tried to switch categories and it wouldn't switch. I mean i could click it but it stayed that part category. I tried everything from restarting the game, restarting my computer, and updating my software. IT DID NOTHING. Quick Note: I am on a Mac running latest version OS with KSP on Steam. Mod List: Mechjeb2,KER,Realplume,USI mods (Minus asteroid refinement, otter and malemute), Kw Redux, Color Coded Cans, OPM, That Mod With The dwarf Star "Valentine", Kopericus, SVE, Burntogether,PBSI,Lynx Rover, and Editor Extensions. Anybody Have any answers to this?
  12. Hello, I saw several people moved surface attached parts far from their parent part, where offset limit would never allow. I want to know how to offset those parts. Is it just a trick, like node attached clipped parts which eliminates the limit? Or are they using mods? (I know there are mods for this; But I want to do it in stock)
  13. Introduction Part Wizard is a vehicle design utility plugin that adds a few conveniences when building your next strut/booster carrier. Provides a list of parts with part highlighting for easier identification. Allows deleting of parts from the list on eligible parts. Allows complete control of symmetry on eligible parts. Allows selecting parts for Action Group assignment. Shows either all parts or only those that are hidden from the editor's Parts List. (Helpful in finding obsolete parts when mod authors make updates.) Shows unavailable parts in career modes with options to buy one or all necessary parts for launch. What's New Updated for KSP 1.1.3. Uses the new part highlighting capability introduced in KSP 0.90. Action Group support. Career mode part purchasing support. New icons with stock toolbar support. Pics for Clicks (Updated for 1.2.x) Downloads Download from GitHub Download from Curse Source at GitHub Supported Add-ons Toolbar 1.7.12 (or later) Direct NOTE: Optional as of 1.2.1. Known Issues Use of the new editor gizmos will reset parts to their natural symmetric locations, including parts that have had symmetry edited. It is best to use the new gizmos to position your parts before editing/breaking symmetry. Credits blizzy78, for the Toolbar plugin that saves modders time and effort plus keeps your KSP decluttered. sarbian, for reviewing Part Wizard and making suggestions (even though I haven't implemented them, yet!) m4v, for allowing the use of editor locking code as a model for the feature in Part Wizard. antgeth, for the feature idea that led to the Symmetry Editor. Vlos, for the Action Group part selection idea. Papa_Joe, for generously taking time to implement stock toolbar support. Many thanks! linuxgurugamer, for updating to KSP 1.1. License The Part Wizard plugin is licensed under the terms of the BSD Simplified open source license. Changelog 1.2.5 [22-Jun-2016] - Updated for 1.1.3, fixed loading toolbar preference when entering VAB/SPH. 1.2.4 [20-Apr-2016] - Updated for 1.1. 1.2.3 [ 7-Sep-2015] - Fixed bug in application launcher causing duplicating Part Wizard icons. 1.2.2 [ 8-Jul-2015] - Updated for 1.0.4, fixed bug buying parts when one or more parts aren't yet unlocked. 1.2.1 [11-May-2015] - New icons and stock toolbar support added. 1.2.0 [ 6-May-2015] - Updated for 1.0.2, new highlighting, Action Group support, career support, bug fixes. 1.1.2 [19-Dec-2014] - Updated for 0.90. 1.1.1 [ 8-Oct-2014] - Updated for 0.25, highlighting bug fix, ATM configuration added. 1.1.0 [ 6-Jun-2014] - Symmetry Editor, improved part highlighting, bug fixes. 1.0.0 [15-May-2014] - Initial public release.
  14. I'm looking for a modder to make a simple tool which would be able to edit part position and rotation in-flight. With simple UI and part highlighting (code for part selection is available in mods like Part Commander and Action Groups Extended) Basically a mod which will change and update these values in real time: excerpt from a save file PART { name = engineLargeSkipper cid = 4289663140 uid = 927870594 mid = 409881460 launchID = 51 parent = 128 position = 9.5522575378417969, -7.2433972358703613, 5.9428839683532715 rotation = -0.00245498656, -0.0027628853, -0.698597789, 0.715505123
  15. Hi everyone. I'm trying to retrieve a value of a part, used in an edited ship For example, i'm trying here to retrieve CURRENT 'deployAltitude' value of the 'parachuteSingle' part, used in the currently edited ship (VAB): Notes: GetVesselPart and DebugFunctions.SendLog are working. public static string GetAttribute(string partName, string parameterName) { Part part = GetVesselPart(partName); string value; foreach ( PartModule module in part.Modules ) { foreach ( BaseField field in module.Fields ) { DebugFunctions.SendLog("Checking field " +; if ( == parameterName ) { value = (string)field.GetValue(parameterName); DebugFunctions.SendLog("Parameter found : actual string -> " + value); return value; } } } DebugFunctions.SendLog("Parameter " + parameterName + " NOT found"); return null; } Used values in this example: partName = "parachuteSingle" parameterName = "deployAltitude" Here's produced log: [LOG 16:03:29.929] [7]Checking field invertCanopy. [LOG 16:03:29.929] [7]Checking field semiDeployedAnimation. [LOG 16:03:29.930] [7]Checking field fullyDeployedAnimation. [LOG 16:03:29.930] [7]Checking field autoCutSpeed. [LOG 16:03:29.930] [7]Checking field rotationSpeedDPS. [LOG 16:03:29.931] [7]Checking field capName. [LOG 16:03:29.931] [7]Checking field canopyName. [LOG 16:03:29.931] [7]Checking field persistentState. [LOG 16:03:29.932] [7]Checking field stowedDrag. [LOG 16:03:29.932] [7]Checking field semiDeployedDrag. [LOG 16:03:29.932] [7]Checking field fullyDeployedDrag. [LOG 16:03:29.933] [7]Checking field animTime. [LOG 16:03:29.933] [7]Checking field clampMinAirPressure. [LOG 16:03:29.933] [7]Checking field minAirPressureToOpen. [LOG 16:03:29.934] [7]Checking field deployAltitude. [ERR 16:03:29.934] Value could not be retrieved from field 'deployAltitude' [LOG 16:03:29.934] [7]Parameter found : actual string -> . [EXC 16:03:29.935] ArgumentNullException: Argument cannot be null. I can't find the good method to get value of this parameter. I tried field.GetStringValue without success. Have you any idea how to do this? Thank you
  16. Haven't seen this reported before, sorry if it's a duplicate. I have installed quite a few mods (only ones officially updated for 1.2), and have started to notice a problem in the editor scene (VAB, SPH): the mod applications (the "buttons" for the mods) are randomly invisible - they are still there, but not drawn/shown on screen. Observations so far: 1) I cannot trace it down to a single mod, it rather seems to occur after installing a couple of mods. 2) no single mod is misbehaving - they all work as expected. 3) Only editor scenes (VAB/SPH) are affected - all mod applications are visible without problems in the space center or tracking station scenes. 4) In fact, the mod applications are correctly created and ARE there (the buttons, though invisible, CAN be clicked and the mod functionality, e.g. USI-LS or RCSBuildAid, is fully available and functioning) -> It is just the mod application toolbar that randomly becomes invisible. 5) I haven't found a reliable way to make it visible again - trying to "mouse-over" seems to make it visible often, but not always... 6) Absolutely NOTHING in the logs (no errors, no warnings, no null refs). 7) It is not affected by rendering mode - I tried D3D9, D3D11 and GLCORE on windows, all exhibit the same behaviour. Here are some screenshots of how it looks / behaves: Anything else I can do to help analyse the problem? Anyone else having noticed this behaviour?
  17. Dont know if ur still after info about VAB crashes, but im too annoyed to play ksp atm, so ill spend time on this instead KSP 1.1.3 1289. Clean verified steam install. I5-4300m. 8gb Ram. Nvidia 750m. Win7 64bit. Was making a satellite in Vab when i made mistake, it was going to be easier to reload previous save than fiddle about, so i clicked to open and reload satellite and crash.! Logs and craft files attached. Satellite A1.craft?dl=0 I dont expect answer or solution, but heres info if squad can use it, cheers. Roll on 1.2 for EF's sake
  18. Title says it all, I even think there was such thing one time. It hides all parts that are not purchased in the R&D Building.
  19. Let's say I'm in the vehicle editor, and I want to trap an event when one of the following things happen: The amount of resource in the container was changed (e.g. if the user clicks on the "amount" slider in the right-click menu) The resource was enabled/disabled (e.g. if the user clicks on the little checkbox to the right of the slider) How do I do that? I would have expected to get a GameEvents.onEditorPartEvent for the affected part, with a ConstructionEventType of "PartTweaked", for both cases. However, here's what I observe: I never get any GameEvents.onEditorPartEvent notifications with PartTweaked, at all, for anything, ever. If I change the resource slider amount, I do get a GameEvents.onEditorShipModified (so I know the ship was touched... but I have no idea which part was modified) If I check/uncheck the "enabled" checkbox... as far as I can tell, I get no notifications at all. Specifically, I do not get a GameEvents.onEditorShipModified, the way I get one with the resource slider changing. Does anyone have any suggestions? How do I track this?
  20. Squad should release a Scenario editor to the community. It would: 1) provide a wealth of fresh things to do. 2) stop us from relying on challenges (which are almost depleted). 3) let us start later in the career game. (tech tree and science discovered) 4) allow us to start with off-world facilities. 5) create scenes from our favorite movies/books. and much much more. It should have a slick UI to make scenario generation easy. I almost posted this under feature requests, but I thought it would be more appropriate here as it might change the name of the topic.
  21. tajampi

    [Early WIP] kOS-Editor

    In-game kOs script editor (and maybe multi-purpose text editor!) BIG PROJECT CHANGES: This thing now focuses on being not only a text editor (for kOS and wathever you want), but a full emulated computer system which runs on its own bytecode! As of now nothing playable is done, this is, for now, a planning thread! Prototype: (Font is final, syntax and UI are not) Shows how nice the monospace font and a 4bit pallete work together Plans: - Nice editor with international keyboard support - File loader and/or kOS hook (you call edit and the editor pops up) - Syntax highlighting for .ks files - Auto-completion? - Auto-factoring (Placing the { } when you write ifs and stuff)? - ¿¿¿¡¡¡ Stand-alone display for kOS !!!??? { The drawing api seems nice, and allows for individual pixel setting which could allow epic-ui designs (Also, kOS needs some way to handle input) } Priority: - Getting a Unity Window to display a texture (in Window.cs) [0%] - Building a texture out of pixels [100%] - Building a pixel array out of a char array [100%] - Building a char array out of a string and scrolling [0%] Github: Collaboration is welcome!
  22. The game currently supports 1-way mirror symmetry. I would like to see support added for 2-way and possibly 4-way mirror symmetry. I feel like this would greatly simplify building of both spaceplanes and rockets.
  23. Algiark

    Editor offset auto-snap

    I like using the absolute offset option when building spacecraft, it gives some sense of order to my builds. However, having to press '2' and drag the arrows every time is a bit tiresome. Is there a mod so that normal placement of parts is automatically snapping like in the absolute offset mode?
  24. The vessel design process usually includes switching to the launchpad for testing and back to the editor. Every time the editor is loaded, the default filter and part sorting order are activated (by function — by name). It’s annoying to switch those every time. I would suggest to make the active filter and sorting order persistent.