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Found 2 results

  1. Installation Installation is simple. Copy the folder “kerbodynePlus” to your GameData folder. Make sure you have KSP 1.1 pre-release or higher. About Kerbodyne Plus is a parts pack for Kerbal Space Program. It gives players the parts required for building very large interplanetary ships and stations, making for a more enriching end-game experience. Project Goals Improve end-game play Provide beautifully designed parts Keep designs grounded in reality (or at worst near-future) Remain mod agnostic (Kerbodyne Plus does not support or hinder other mods) Credits Current Team Bonus Eventus — 3d Modeling, CFG design, Project Lead @Table - Beta Tester @cy4n - Beta Tester Special thanks This mod would not exist without the work of my predecessors nil2work, Bac9, and Roverdude as well as everyone at the addon dev KSP forum. I’d also like to thank all the users of Kerbodyne Plus. This is my first mod, so I’ve had to learn quite a lot as the project progressed. Thanks for being patient! License This work and all its files is shared under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license. link Download Latest Stable Release (V1.0752) GitHub Spacedock Latest Development Build GitHub You can also follow the development thread here: Release Notes - 1.0752: * This release addresses errors made during the initial upload process that resulted in misplaced directories. Special thanks to @AccidentalDisassembly and @jackalope50 for helping me catch this! Release Notes - 1.0751: * Fixed incorrect readme file. This release will BREAK any saves from Kerbodyne Plus V1.0, so backing up save files is highly encouraged! Added ELF Thruster Added A8A Fission Reactor Added T202 F-2 Xe Integrated Truss Adjusted ISP and fuel flow for ELF Engine Fixed a problem with srf attach weakness in both S6 radial decouplers and S6 tank clusters Adjusted EC of T202 Batteries from 6000 to 4000. Fixed a minor problem with XL-6 Landing Strut where when in the start extended state, upon launch sometimes the craft would spawn halfway inside the launch pad or bounce into the air incredibly high, haha Release Notes - 1.051: This release will BREAK any saves from Kerbodyne Plus V1.0, so backing up save files is highly encouraged! This is an early version of Kerbodyne Plus. Names in cfg files are subject to change, so updating in the future WILL BREAK GAMES. A quick update to address a bug with Kerbodyne S6-94640 Tank flag, where the flag texture was unusually distorted. Fixed cost issue with the Kerbodyne S6-94640 Tank, Kerbodyne S6-7890 Tank Cluster, and Kerbodyne S6-7890 X4 Tank Cluster, where cost of the part was less than total cost of fuel. fixed a few spelling mistakes in part descriptions. Many parts are still to come, such as ion engines and the revamped NRAX converter, as well as some other really neat parts! Check out the dev thread for more info: Link Release Notes - 1.05: This release will BREAK any saves from Kerbodyne Plus V1.0, so backing up save files is highly encouraged! This is an early version of Kerbodyne Plus. Names in cfg files are subject to change, so updating in the future WILL BREAK GAMES. This release of Kerbodyne Plus was mostly made to address issues do to KSP 1.1 pre-release. Added new part descriptions for all of the T404 parts. Added new resources to all T404 parts. Balanced T404 mass and cost variables. Fixed a scaling bug with the XL-6 Landing Strut. Added new part, T404 Structural Hub Changed releaseNotes.tx to Added new part Kerbodyne PFR-6 Stack Decoupler. Replaced the Behemoth booster with the Behemoth Launch System (size 6 9x engine cluster with custom particle and sound effects). Added new part S6 B-1x9 "Behemoth" Liquid Fuel Engine. Added new part Kerbodyne ADTP-3-6 (adapter fuel tank). Fixed a bug where the Kerbodyne PFR-6 Stack Decoupler would sometimes crash the game. Added several new parts. See future K+ 1.1 release notes for details. Yes, I deleted the T202 to T404 adapter. If I add it back it will look like the T404 to 3.75M adapter (I think the T404 to 3.75M looks good with T202). Added bulkhead sort, all the parts have a custom bulkhead of "kp", so you can quickly get to all the Kerbodyne Plus parts. You can also search for "kp" or "kerbodynePlus" in the tag search (as well as "behemoth" or "behe" for all the behemoth parts and "t404" for all the t404 parts). T404, T202, and behemoth have custom bulkhead profiles, so you can sort that way to ("t404", "t202", "behemoth"). I added new tag entries for all parts. Rebalanced all the part costs and tech tree placement. Increased the size of XL Landing Strut. Rebalanced weight and heat tolerance for all parts. Added new RSP-A3 Radial Stack Point (acts like a hardpoint with 2 attach nodes. It's physicless so it transfers mass to the part its surface attached to like the cubic octagonal strut). Changed the texture for T404 inner walls from orange to black, because in some cases, the t404 b struts were turning orange when zoomed out do to mipmapping. I'll probably remap the texture to prevent this in the future. Changed the size and placement of the particle effects for Behemoth engines. Added the new T404 B-2 and B-3 trusses. Added new T202 B-2 integrated truss. Added T202 BA-64 Battery Array - 6000 ec Added 3 new structural Tank Couplers each with 10 attachment points but different configurations. These new orange structural parts will make up a third tier of construction for the purpose of making even bigger superstructures. Added S6 radial decoupler part of the behemoth launch system. Added T404 H-3 which replaces the older T404 B-3 (naming was weird before, the size was 2 and it's configuration and purpose are fundamentally different). Added Kerbodyne S6-7890 X4 Tank Cluster (4x 7.5m tanks, t404 center) and Kerbodyne S6-7890 Tank Cluster (5x 7.5m tanks, no t404 center). Added R-D HLRX4 (behemoth class rcs) Changed the Kerbodyne S3 Smart Cone SAS torque from 75 to 300 for 1.1 stability Rebuilt the cfg file for XL-6 Landing Strut using 1.1 wheel modules (thanks to @NecroBones @sarbian for their help with this). Remodeled all T404 parts adding struts to sidewalls (now they really look like trusses!). Remodeled Leviathan Solar Wing increasing total length by 20M. Remade panel animations. Replaced the central mast truss from alpha texture to real geometry. (Each panel has its own collider, making for a part with hundreds of colliders. This causes lag. However, when the part is destroyed every panel tears off quite spectacularly. In ksp 1.1, on my machine, the lag was tolerable. I plan to rebuild this part in the future to accommodate a more compact animation, so will try to optimize the physics at that time). Redesigned T404 3.75M Adapter (adapter is now hollow, has cool struts similar the XL-6 Landing leg and now longer holds any electric charge). Adjusted the scale of the CM 1 internal space for compatibility with the new 1.1 crew overlays. Added new S6 7.5M Fairing (increases to 15 meters in diameter) There's an easter egg I left (mistake) I wonder if anyone found it. Many parts are still to come, such as ion engines and the revamped NRAX converter, as well as some other really neat parts! Check out the dev thread for more info: Link Pics
  2. Currently, to my knowledge, science has no end-game functionality beyond a resource used in the Strategies to acquire extra money or reputation. I think that it would be pretty cool if we could use science to tinker with the stock parts we have been given, something akin to : Edit engine attribute ( maximum thrust, ISP ASL/VAC, mass, resource burn rate, etc. ) Science/Funds cost of new custom engine could be proportional to how ridiculous you make your engine I.E. - Giving an Ion engine a thrust rate of 300 KN ( or an ISP ASL = ISP in VAC ) with no other changes to anything like, say, weight or resource consumption would cost 5,000,000 science This is just an example. Edit fuel tank attribute ( maximum available liquid fuel/oxidizer, maximum mass ( ultra sci-fi - our scientists have somehow figured out how to cut the mass of fuel in half without losing any efficiency! Rumors run rampant about the alleged use of 'black magic'... ), etc ). Same deal - Science/Funds cost of custom fuel tank would be proportional to the absurdity of your fuel tank - 1% mass for same level of fuel? ONE HUNDRED. TRILLION. SCIENCE. ( Again, just an example ). Science! - Customize attributes of science experiments ( Not exactly sure how this would work - maybe you could alter the mass to make it lighter, or allow a science experiment to be performed multiple times without losing the science value ). And so on and so forth. "But why don't you just mod the game to do these things?" Fair question. Not all of us are capable of modding the game. Maybe it's a time issue. Maybe it's a competence issue. Maybe we're just lazy. Maybe it's all 3. But the bigger point here isn't about allowing player to mod the game, in game. It's about finding another use for a resource after the player has completely unlocked the tech tree and has nothing else relevant to do with their science besides watch it accumulate.