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Found 1 result

  1. After a long break ENERGIA Rocket again with you, the last time it was updated a year ago, and now we can introduce you to the new version, it became a lot of changes although it is not the limit, and the work on the project continues. We express our deep gratitude for the opportunity site free to use the excellent work it is from here to take part in large textures and models for add-on. Project team: DECQ Dragon01 Require the installation FIRESPITTER - with it you can change the view version of the Buran fuselage, Tail, wings, as well as mesh on the Buran Engine mout and Entrgia top. To use the manipulator need two plug-ins. MagicSmokeIndustriesInfernalRobotics- Manipulator work force KAS- Magnet gripper. If you want to see the reflection in the glass, also reflected on the radiators set TextureReplacer version 1.1 1. Changed prices on career mode 2. Added "Buran" T " version 1.2 1.Boosted-DM-tornado- 2 improved rocket version 1.3 1. Completely reworked textures for rocket Energia, added the lower part of the three engines RD_0120, as well as a blank (for future OS-120). 2. Block-A now has as a single piece, and two pairs set in the right direction simulating reality on the rocket ENERGIA. 3. Changed "Buran-T" now he has only one part, and altered texture. 4. At the time removed DM and SMERCH. 5. Added orbiter Buran, it includes / dock port / Parachute / jet engine / manipulators and something interesting ;-). 6. Completely redesigned RD 170 at a real kind 7. Removed dependency "dtobi" plugin. 8. Significantly reduced load-carrying capacity rocket, about two (because of Buran) 9. Removed the horrible lag 10. RD-0120 now has two kinds, one is inclined (Name RSS) and another line (the name of GK) version 1.4 1. Added the beta version of Polus "incomplete". 2. Added the details for an earlier version of the Buran OS120, as appropriate texture to fuselase 3. Slightly modified aerodynamics and weight Buran "requests with the problem of heavy nose" 4. Added a launch pad "first version" 5. Redesigned arm 6.Added three types of fuel-based energy flow fuel version 7. Side blocks, Buran, Polus and BuranT is now joined to the attachment point energy, decoupler is designed for payloads from other add-ons and stock parts. version 1.5 1. Add-processed into a universal system without "glued" blocks and retro motors, amend all (Except Buran) texture. 2. Added details rocket Energia-M / Vulkan / Groza / Zenit2 / Zenit3SL 3. Added a complete set of parts for system rescue Block_A, long version with fuel, a nose cone style Energia-M / Vulkan 4. Added animation for the RD 0120. 5. Added boosters Smerch / DM2 / Vesuvius 6. Redesigned Rocket balance 7. Added own FX of the add-on RealPlume engine Energia (Included in the patch) 8. Add-FireSpitter moved to the list of required add-ons, too many details and textures change with it. 9. Engines RD146 and RD170 is the work of Bobcat, taken from the add-Soviet engines, also taken an add-on for creating MIR space station from the add-Soviet pack. OFFICIAL: 10. Rhe central unit now consists of one part 11. decoupler added to connect blokA in parabloks. 12. Buran / Polius / Buran-T / Decoupler for alternative payload (stock may be a shuttle) to have attachment points. 13. Added support Buran: RemoteTech / Life Support / MechJeb by Marcelo Silveira Maybe I forgot something, it's hard to remember all the changes version 1.5A Add-on MIR separated by ENERGIA folder. MIR has a different size and weight compared with the original work of Babcat, also when two versions they will not interfere with each other. Fixed nodeCollider on Fuselase and Door Buran. Minor cosmetic changes. WARNING: IF YOU START TO BUILD STATION WORLD KNOW WHAT SHE removed when installing the new version. Download ENERGIA: Place the folder "ENERGIA" in GameData Download MIR: Place the folder "MIR" in GameData I express my gratitude CRBERUS for the various tests station MIR. CRAFTS ENERGIA ADD-ON: all rights reserved.