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Found 40 results

  1. This is the development thread of KSP Interstellar Extended where new development can be discussed and new feature request can be made. For technical question or Mod support , please ask them in the KPIE Support thread For any release related news, discuss them at KSPIE Release thread For KSP 1.5.1 Download 1.20.15 from Here For KSP 1.4.5 Download 1.20.15 from Here for KSP 1.3.1 Download 1.20.15 from Here Download older versions from here source code and media files: GitHub If you appreciate what I create, please consider donating me a beer you can make a donation by PayPal or support me by Patreon Localization KSP Interstellar Extended needs translators! Localization files can be found here Since KSPIE contains many are parts with their own set of custom partModules, the number of translation keys is very high for a single Mod Chinese translations are already taken care of but all other localization are open Future Note that do not consider myself the person that have to determine the future of KSPI, it's just that nobody else seems to want to do it. I would be more than happy to share that responsibility. Anyone that actively want to develop KSPI is free to do it. It would appreciate it as it would allow me to focus more on advanced features I have ideas about. The simply truth is, KSPI is too big for a single developer. I don't have the time nor the skills to implement everything that it deserves. I'm especially frustrated about the lack of artist support. Many of KSPI models and effects look dated and ugly compared to more resent mods. There have been some artist and programmers offering their help but they often go AWOL after a short time. I'm not sure If I can keep it up myself indefinably. I would prefer to create a team of developers that works on KSPI together. I guess that's the only way to ensure Interstellars Future
  2. Where can I find Ion engines and how do I put them to use? They don't make much sense to me.
  3. Deep Sky presents Thor Tech! A suite of electrical propulsion systems and complementary parts, both old-school and sci-fi, for your early-game and late-game airplane/spaceplane needs. A great addition to your part inventory if you love to mix spaceplanes and planet packs. Forget LiquidFuel and solar panels (while flying). Thor Tech brings: Propfan and turbofan engines that work in all atmosphere. Inline windmill turbines (early-game) that enable planes to charge as long as they are moving fast enough. Nuclear reactors and a radiator fit for long-term use on aircrafts. Inline battery stacks to help save a little on part count. Air verniers, very powerful Intakes that can feed the thirstiest of jet engines and even harvest atmospheric resources "SupraLOX" hybrid plasma LFO engine. Mk2 and 1.25m available Two all-new cockpits (very unfinished, I didn't make them but I plan to finish them, with help from @DeltaDizzy). Pressure tanks that hold various gaseous propellants Shieldnir: electromagnetic forcefield nosecones. They protect most parts and do not need to be at the front of the plane to be effective. (Deep Sky Core required for some of these parts) Thor Tech also brings end-game WarpJet™ engines as seen in OPT Legacy, but with more neutral performance slopes and Boost/Burst Mode! All engines are very effective at sea level on Eve (and Tellumo of GPP, in screenshots below). Thor Tech is licensed CC-BY-SA and builds upon: Which was licensed MIT. Thanks to @Galileo for the whole idea for this mod and @Stone Blue for picking the mod name out of a host of names I suggested. DOWNLOAD v0.9.6.4 :: GitHub :: SpaceDock GET DEEP SKY CORE :: GitHub :: SpaceDock Requires: B9 Part Switch for pressure tanks resource switching Community Resource Pack for non-stock propellants Kerbal Actuators by Angel-125 for fan blades to animate (Not included or is disabled; It's a bit bugged right now) Known issues: Intakes don't work on planets that don't have Oxygen? Delete all of Community Resource Pack's localization files except English to fix this. Cockpits don't have transparent glass.
  4. Hello, I have a problem with engines. I don't know which mod does that, but it is quite unpleasant. Problem is that if my throttle is on 0, they are still running (with lower power). I discovered in parameters of the engines that they have something called "min. thrust". Only way how to shutdown them is by clicking on them and press "shut down". This is not how I want it. Does anyone know, which mod does that and why? How do I get rid of that. Thanks for answers. Used mods: [x] Science! (xScience vV5.17) AT Utils (AT-Utils v1.6.1) CapCom - Mission Control On The Go (CapCom 2.9) ClickThrough Blocker (ClickThroughBlocker Community Category Kit (CommunityCategoryKit Community Resource Pack (CommunityResourcePack Community Tech Tree (CommunityTechTree 1:3.3.2) Configurable Containers Core (ConfigurableContainers-Core Contract Parser (ContractParser 8.0) DMagic Orbital Science (DMagicOrbitalScience 1.3.12) Firespitter Core (FirespitterCore v7.9.0) Global Construction Core (GroundConstruction-Core 2.1) Chatterer (Chatterer 0.9.95) Kerbal Alarm Clock (KerbalAlarmClock v3.9.1.0) Kerbal Attachment System (KAS Kerbal Engineer Redux (KerbalEngineerRedux Kerbal Inventory System (KIS 1.14) Konstruction (Konstruction KSP AVC (KSP-AVC MechJeb 2 (MechJeb2 Mission Controller 2 (MissionController2 Module Manager (ModuleManager 3.0.7) PlanetShine (PlanetShine PlanetShine - Default configuration (PlanetShine-Config-Default Progress Parser (ProgressParser 10.0) SCANsat (SCANsat v18.7) ScienceAlert ReAlerted (ScienceAlert Toolbar Controller (ToolbarController 1: Trajectories (Trajectories vKSP1.4.2-v2.2.0) Transfer Window Planner (TransferWindowPlanner v1.6.3.0) Universal Storage (UniversalStorage Unmanned Tech (UnmannedTech v2.3) USI Core (USI-Core USI Kolonization Systems (MKS/OKS) (UKS 1: USI Life Support (USI-LS USI Tools (USITools Pictures:
  5. Apr 08, 2018 - Now on CKAN. Based on what I've seen, I will not be supporting CKAN problems. it's supposed to be a 'one click and done' on Spacedock, according to the Spacedock FAQs. So please address any questions/problems with CKAN installations to the CKAN team. Thanks for your understanding. Apr 01, 2018 - Correcting the fuel/oxidizer mix in the K1 second stage. I hate to see really great mods languish, so I'm going to try to bring NovaPunch up to date. The original mod thread can be found here. I know, "No pics, No clicks". So here's one Launch Vehicle: ![]() Imgur Gallery with other images: (Nov 20, '16 Updated to include a sampling of the engines) Change Log Next Major Step: Start working on getting the legs functional (Gotta learn Blender, Unity and Gimp, so this won't be quick.) Still to do overall: (In no particular order) RealPlume support Other stuff as I think of it Listen to your comments and suggestions Look at other requested mods once I get this one fully up to date. Tiberion's shuttle parts has been requested. I'm up for that, but I need to get a handle on Blender & Gimp. Interested? For now, it's only on Known Issues: Credits: License: CCA-SA4 The contents of this mod are copyrighted by their respective original authors and released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. You can read the full terms of the license on the Creative Commons webpage by visiting Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  6. It's a busy day at the Space Center as the new T.R.A.P Engines arrive from General Universal and Kerbal-Tech. These engines were predicted to have a much better performance at a higher altitude than previous engines. Jeb's test flight was scheduled for the next day. This gave the engineers only half a day to mount the three new engines on three identical planes. The next day Jeb goes on his test flight, testing the "Mouse T.R.A.P" engine. Jeb reports that the engine is performing as expected at high altitude. Jeb tests the other two engines successfully. This is a mod which adds three new engines: The Mouse T.R.A.P, the Bear T.R.A.P, and the Rhino T.R.A.P. The engines all have the same model, that of the stock Rapier engine. The way they work is by having better performance at low altitude, at the cost of using more Intake Air, and better performance at higher altitudes by using more liquid fuel, but less Intake Air. These modes automatically switch, but you can also manually switch the modes. The engine switching works pretty much like the Rapier engine. I made the actual changes to the .cfg files, creating this mod, but the idea was all my friend @Lucast0909's. He's given me permission to publish this mod, and he says that I don't need to credit him, but as we all know, the idea is half of the mod. My idea for version 1.1.0 of this mod was to use the variant switching introduced in KSP 1.4 to enable you to have more than one model for the engine. The idea is that you can have the model of the Rapier, or say the Panther, even the Swivel, picking the look that works best for your plane. However, I found out that that is not possible. I will try to learn to model, to give these engines better textures. I think these engines are tech tree and cost balanced, but please let me know. Please give me any feedback you have. If anybody has a better name for the mod, please tell me. License: Unlicense Download: Spacedock
  7. Title. The mainsail has almost the same thrust at sea level as the mastodon but the mainsail also has far better max isp in vacuum so the mastodon is redundant both as a launch engine and as an orbital engine. The mastodon should really have a higher thrust ( thrust in the middle of the min and maxthrust for the mainsail (around 1400?) would be better then it's got a niche as a more powerful launch engine than the mainsail but with less efficiency) , it's supposed to be a launch engine, at the moment there is no point using it at all except for aesthetic purposes. Also I should add the skiff is pretty weak in terms of thrust too, I made a saturn v replica and the S-II and S-IVB stages with a full tanks of accurate size had terrible thrust to weight ratios, something like 0.3 which is useless for an upper stage in the atmosphere. It should probably have twice as much thrust as a swivel for what it is, it's a 2.5 m engine.
  8. Hi everyone! So.. I installed ksp 1.3.1 like 4 days prior to release of 1.4 I built myself a jetairplane and fired up the engines. When doing that I got a red glow on the engine. It looked really hot. Pretty cool thing and it changed the amount of redness deoending on throttle and hight. However. Since 1.4 I don't get this red glow anymore? Did something happen to that? Could it have been a mod? When I first installed I used HotTips ckan compilation wich I didn't this time. I have alot of the mods from that list except visual enhanchments. Only one I installed was Ven's when it comes to visual mods. Thanks for answers
  9. Forgotten Real Engines (FRE) DOWNLOAD on Spacedock OR install through CKAN (I recommend using CKAN, you won't have to manage dependencies) You could also check the Github page Requirements: Realism Overhaul and its dependencies. Recommended: Texture Replacer Installation Instruction: Extract "GameData/ForgottenRealEngines" inside "KSPDirectory/GameData" This pack is intented to fill the engine gap within RO. Tired of unrealistic models? Want moar engines? Or just a specific engine forgotten by the modding community? FRE got you deserved! FRE adds a bunch of engines to your RO-game, with realistic details, nice glowing animations, working gimbal systems and full Real Plume support! These engines are intented to be played with Realism Overhaul; I may not provide a config for stock. This mod is also supported by RP-0! From version, Texture Replacer is also supported and recommended; it will add some reflection effects. Part gallery (Unity screenshots): In-game screenshot (Thanks RVE! ) Planned: Korean engines (KARI 7, KARI 75...) Brasilian engines (MPFL-75,...) HM7 engine (maybe...) Vega engines (SRBs and last stage) P120 (P80 evolution, Ariane 6 booster) Indian engines (CE-7.5, CE-20...) Vinci/Vulcain engines? (though already modelled) Ariane SRBs? Anything else you ask (if I have enough time), i'm open to suggestions Currently included: FRE-2 (Firefly Research Engine 2) FRE-1 (Firefly Research Engine 1) LE-7 LE-5 Rutherford engine Rutherford Vacuum engine Viking 2/2B Viking 4/4B Viking 5C/6 P80 Zefiro 23 Zefiro 9 RD-843 Changelog: Credits: Feel free to leave a comment on this thread ! Also make sure to check @MockingBird Niche Parts mod which adds some other great engines to your RO game Licensed on Creative Common Non Commercial 4.0
  10. I want to create custom configs for solid rocket motors to simulate fictional and alternate historical rockets, yet I can't locate anything that gives the propellant quantity in either mass or volume. Is it in a different file or what? Here's an example config file for the Castor 1 in case you want to take a look: // ================================================== // Castor 1 solid rocket motor global engine configuration. // Throttle Range: N/A // Burn Time: 28 s // O/F Ratio: 2.12 // Sources: // Thrust Misalignments of Fixed Solid Rocket Motors: // The Satellite Encyclopedia - Castor Series: // Used by: // Squad // ================================================== @PART[*]:HAS[#engineType[Castor-1]]:FOR[RealismOverhaulEngines] { %category = Engine %title = Castor 1 %manufacturer = Thiokol %description = The Castor 1 was first used for a successful suborbital launch of a Scout X-1 rocket on September 2, 1960. Castor 1 stages were also used as strap-on boosters for launch vehicles using Thor first stages, including the Delta-D. Diameter: [0.79 m]. @MODULE[ModuleEngines*] { %EngineType = SolidBooster } !MODULE[ModuleGimbal],*{} !MODULE[ModuleEngineConfigs],*{} MODULE { name = ModuleEngineConfigs type = ModuleEngines configuration = Castor-1 modded = false CONFIG { name = Castor-1 minThrust = 0 maxThrust = 286 heatProduction = 100 PROPELLANT { name = PSPC ratio = 1.0 DrawGauge = True } atmosphereCurve { key = 0 247 key = 1 232 } curveResource = PSPC // guesses (note: max is above nominal * thrust_curve_max) chamberNominalTemp = 1500 maxEngineTemp = 1745 thrustCurve { key = 0 0.2 0.6566457 0.6566457 key = 0.08 0.7826234 11.38028 11.38028 key = 0.12 1.091428 0 0 key = 0.177 1.072238 -0.3012535 -0.3012535 key = 0.832 0.9977316 0.2489114 0.2489114 key = 0.91 1.052388 1.565168 1.565168 key = 0.9730649 1.160696 0 0 key = 1 0.93 -4.794868 -6.284284 } } } !MODULE[ModuleAlternator],*{} !RESOURCE,*{} } @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleEngineConfigs]:HAS[@CONFIG[Castor-1]],!MODULE[TestFlightInterop]]:BEFORE[zTestFlight] { TESTFLIGHT { name = Castor-1 ratedBurnTime = 28 ignitionReliabilityStart = 0.91 ignitionReliabilityEnd = 0.994 cycleReliabilityStart = 0.94 cycleReliabilityEnd = 0.997 reliabilityDataRateMultiplier = 2 isSolid = True } } Also, how do you unscramble the thrustCurve for this? It's not simple like it is for the Star 48B or other motors?
  11. "As we know the liquid engines in KSP can ignite for infinite times at any moment as you want, which seems a bit making life too easy." This words has been said ages ago by HoneyFox and i completely agree with him. But his mod has not been updated for ages, also behaviors has been broken by KSP version changes and i have decided to rewrite. All inner logic has been changed but functionality is about the same, according to my vision. Well. What this mod can? 1. Each engine have limited number of available ignitions. 2. Engines requires resources (hypergolic fluid) and ignitors (and also electricity) to be activated. The required amounts of consumables can be configured in CFG. (Example MM patch included, additional explanation see below). 3. If lack of ignitors or hypergolic fluid - ignition will fail. 4. Its functionality could be restored using reloading by kerbalEVA from additional containers (included in pack). 5. Simplified ullage simulation available. If it is on, fuel have two condition s: "stable" (while under gravitation or acceleration) and "unStable" (if weightlessness). For "unStable" state - you can specify a chance of succesfull ignition (0.2 or 20% in example). Better way - to have small special engines for fuel rebound (sit down) down and reignition in weightlessness. 6. Of course, here are unlimited consumables if you'll use Launch clamp. This way onboard resources will not be consumed on launch. (useless to my mind, but let it be) only standart configuration at the moment. But each engine could be configured as you want. Also, more configs for different mods will be provided soon. For example (in upcoming configs): low stage engines will have 1 ignitors and 1 hypergolicFluid (or nothing if launch clamp), upper stages engines should have about 4-8 ignitors and 2 units of hypergolicFluid onboard (so, if you'll need to restart it more times you forced to have hypergolicFluid tanks onboard), LF/OX thrusters should have a lot of ignitors and much less onboard (in engine local part) amount of hypergolicFluid. Mainly (for better playability), amount of hypergolicFluid must be significantly less than ignitors. And IgnitorToolbox must be in top tech nodes. This way in the first games stages we will have engines with limited and unchangeable numbers of ignitors (when we have relatively short flights) and limited hypergolicFluid. This will force gamers carefully select engines for mission. (of course, this this involves having nonstandart configs, and if, after short period of public testing, there will not be found awful errors, i'll provide it). Also, ignitors are using for counting engine usages. In other words - this are engine life duration. HypergolicFluid - just consumables. Config example @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleEngine*],!RESOURCE[SolidFuel]] { RESOURCE //engine must have resources onboard to ignite { name = HypergolicFluid amount = 4 maxAmount = 4 } MODULE { name = ModuleEngineIgnitor // do not touch ignitionsAvailable = 4 // how many attempts tou have without reloading. -1 for infinitive autoIgnitionTemperature = 800 //we can ignite without spending resources if temp is high enuff ignitorType = T1 // just a string name T1 - means type1 (1 unit of HypergolicFluid for ignition attempt). may be any. useUllageSimulation = true // ullage simulation true/false (on/off) chanceWhenUnstable = 0.2 //0-1 chache to ignite in weightlessness ECforIgnition = 20 // How many EC should be spent per ignition attempt IGNITOR_RESOURCE //main resource usage { name = HypergolicFluid amount = 1 } } } Download from Spacedock DONATE Source installation: remove previous version and just extract an archive into Gamedata. requirements: ModuleManager
  12. AncomStellarEmpire

    New Pulsejet Engines?

    Will there ever be an update or new version of this famous mod? I fell in love with this but I cant seem to find anything like it anywhere. Im wondering if there are any others like this or if someone has considered updating this beauty.
  13. The stock of engines and other parts available to me in my build of KSP RSS RO RP-0 (still 1.1.3, can anyone help me out here?) has become boring. Engine mods provide many of the real engines, but more obscure engines (e.g. the HM4, MGM-5 Corporal engine, Wasserfall engine, AJ-260, et cetera) are nowhere to be found, and I want to make fictional engines for my spaceflight-related fictional universes and alternate histories (like engines burning supercooled 100% ethanol and liquid oxygen, hydrofluor, et cetera). I am also bored of the non-editable historical probes, thermophobic RCS, and the lack of generic heat shields beyond Lunar-rated, though not as much as I am about the engines. I have no intention (currently…) to develop mods for other people. I also have no intention to create new models, animations, plumes, or sound effects, just to use those already in existence scaled according to size.
  14. I need to make an engine which has fuel input controlled by an external throttle part. Any ideas on how this can be done?
  15. I want to make a modular engine mod. The idea is to add a group of parts made up of engine nozzles, combustion chambers, engine base plates, and some other engine parts which function as one engine when assembled. I know how to model and add new parts to the game, but I need help with getting the "combined engine" functionality working, hopefully without adding/coding plugins. Also, tips on texturing will help. Thanks for reading!
  16. LordOfMinecraft99

    Idea- Procedural Engines

    Essentially, it would be an extension of Procedural Parts. To prevent it getting overpowered, It would work like this: You enter size, propelant used, whether or not it requires pressurised fuel tanks (This would would be done with RF) Nozzle size, amount of time engine turns off and on (Or infinite) AND then using those calculations, it comes up with a range of thrust. You would select what thrust. Say, my pressurized, 0.5 meter, Aerozine and NTO burning engine has a thrust range between 5-20 KN (just an example) and I then select which thrust I want. from THAT, the computer figures out efficiency. What do you guys think? Can anyone make this? (preferably for 1.2.2, so I can use it with my RO save)
  17. Hey all, i seriously need a second set of eyes to help me see where i'm going wrong here, or if what im doing is even possible (im assuming it is, it's just that im more of a modeller than programmer and i'm missing something utterly obvious.) To the quick! The problem. I'm trying to create a "Spacebus" a small 6 man shuttlepod to ferry kerbals around Kerbin/Mun/Minmus stations. Everything was going fine until i tried adding the engines and RCS. Now, i've done a good bit of modding before so i know the pitfalls here, and i tried to cover most of my bases. =I tried adding in RCS, and it worked fine. I tried adding the engines, and it all bust. =I tried adding in the engines, and it worked fine. I tried adding the RCS, and it all bust. =I tried using both sets of engines in one cfg without any effects at all included. Both work --perfectly-- without any effects being added. To make the point easy, here's a video. As i say, this isnt my first rodeo. I've made sure both RCS and the engines have different sets of transforms each, and none overlap or are incorrectly named (as the video proves). The problem boils down to the sodding EFFECTS module, or so i think. I first copy/pasted seperate effects modules, and that just breaks everything. I then tried to merge the two effects modules into one "EFFECTS" in the cfg, and it still buggers up. It's like the game is saying "You can have one set of effects on this part, but not two." Below ive included the main starting section of the CFG (incase ive overlooked something bloody obvious) here. And here are the two separate Effects modules that i cant seem to get to play nice together. Main Engines : And the RCS part I've tried using just fx_whatevers at the start of the cfg, but unless im adding them in wrong, they dont play nice with the RCS Effects module. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and if you've any helpful advice or can see where i've gone wrong i'll be so SO grateful (and make sure to mention you when i release my main mod, of course!)
  18. I'm making a mod that will introduce a completely new way to make wheels work. I already have the models and the basic systems working. The mod will add a new resource, torque, that engines make in exchange of fuel. Wheels use torque instead of electric charge. The thing is that it seems KSP, when the wheels are checking for torque, checks the left wheels first and therefore gives more power to them. This makes the car turn slightly to the right. The easy fix is that every player adjusts the traction limiter of the wheels perfectly, which is pretty time consuming and confusing. My idea, in which I need help with, is making it so that the wheels somehow check for the amount (persentage) of torque in the engine and adjust how much they take. This sounds pretty simple but I have ZERO background in coding and these CFG files in general. As of right now, this is how the wheel takes torque, just for clarification: RESOURCE { name = Torque rate = 1000 } And this is the resource conversion part of the engine: INPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = LiquidFuel Ratio = 0.035 FlowMode = STAGE_PRIORITY_FLOW } OUTPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = Torque Ratio = 200 DumpExcess = false } } RESOURCE { name = Torque amount = 20 maxAmount = 20 } Any ideas, help, or feedback are seriously appreciated
  19. Does anybody know how you can convert the "flat" format of effects in engines to the effects node structure and visa versa? And is it possible? flat structure example from Skipper engine fx_exhaustFlame_blue = 0.0, -2.2, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, running fx_exhaustLight_blue = 0.0, -2.2, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, running fx_smokeTrail_light = 0.0, -2.2, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, running fx_exhaustSparks_flameout = 0.0, -2.2, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, flameout sound_vent_medium = engage sound_rocket_hard = running sound_vent_soft = disengage sound_explosion_low = flameout Effects node structure example from small Jet Engine EFFECTS { running_thrust { AUDIO { channel = Ship clip = sound_jet_deep volume = 0.0 0.0 volume = 0.05 0.2 volume = 1.0 0.5 pitch = 0.0 1.2 pitch = 1.0 2.0 loop = true } PREFAB_PARTICLE { prefabName = fx_smokeTrail_light transformName = thrustTransform emission = 0.0 0.0 emission = 0.05 0.0 emission = 0.075 0.25 emission = 1.0 1.25 speed = 0.0 0.25 speed = 1.0 1.0 localOffset = 0, 0, 1 localRotation = 1, 0, 0, -90 } } running_turbine { AUDIO { channel = Ship clip = sound_jet_low volume = 0.0 0.0 volume = 0.05 0.35 volume = 1.0 0.5 pitch = 0.0 0.6 pitch = 0.05 0.8 pitch = 1.0 1.5 loop = true } } engage { AUDIO { channel = Ship clip = sound_vent_medium volume = 0.8 pitch = 2.5 loop = false } } disengage { AUDIO { channel = Ship clip = sound_vent_soft volume = 0.8 pitch = 2.5 loop = false } } flameout { PREFAB_PARTICLE { prefabName = fx_exhaustSparks_flameout_2 transformName = thrustTransform oneShot = true } AUDIO { channel = Ship clip = sound_explosion_low volume = 1.0 pitch = 2.0 loop = false } } }
  20. I'm sure some of you out there use it, but aside from its lower cost and reverse thrust capability the wheesley has no real advantages over the panther jet engine for use on low atmosphere jet planes. The panther is more fuel efficient, produces more thrust, and has less mass than the wheesley. So why would anyone use it? Does it just exist in the game so players in career mode can have an engine for their early aircraft? I'm curious to know what use it would have that the panther wouldn't be better at. In my opinion there should be more distinction between the wheesley and the panther, such as greater fuel efficiency or less mass.
  21. Yes you read that right, no i don't want to install firespitter. it would be nice to go a bit before the era of jets in ksp, i mean they had rockets in ww2 so it's not something completely stupid i'm saying. I just would like to see vanilla prop engines so we could recreate even more ww2 craft or make a douglas passenger plane. squad senpai please notice this
  22. Right, couldn't find this. Not yet requesting "support", trying to figure out what I did wrong, first. Here's what's been happening: I build a massive ship to go to Duna. Sandbox mode. Assembled it in orbit. Finally bring the crew. Docking doesn't go as desired, so I load the save I made on approach. When I saved the game, the engine on my little crew transporter was shutdown. But when the save loads, bam, it also fires the engine - and won't accept any input to shut it down until it's done with all the loading thingies. While the craft is already accelerating. And that is not all. Eventually, I build a simpler, huge craft. Just want to get going, no 2nd round of assembly, plop into orbit with hyperedit. When I leave it there, it's just sitting there. Pointed to normal, engines never activated in the first place. Then I launch my lander craft, which I DO want to dock in, I wiggle through the transfer orbits and, finally, on closest approach ... my massive ship just zips by, engines blazing. I go to tracking station, switch vessels and shut down engines. Lucky me, the engines were blazing on no throttle. But still, this is too similar to be related. Some setting I messed up? Some way I never found to lock an engine so this won't happen? EDIT: Just tried it with switching vessels from the orbital view. Here, too, my big ship's engines (Emancipator nuclear engines) ignite while the little green messages are zipping up at the top of the screen. Switching back to the lander craft currently in a lower orbit, I was already hammering my "kill switch" (key assigned to shutdown all my engines through AGX action groups), so the engines didn't fire there. Tried switching vessels back and forth once again, without touching the kill switch. This time, no undesired ignitions to be observed. I think it may be something when the craft is first loaded during a flight?
  23. In KSP when trying to make engine clusters, sometimes you have to use the move gizmo to get them right. However, sometimes you can't move it all the way out otherwise the annoying top of the engine pokes out. What I'm suggesting is there to be a left click option on engines to remove this piece. (If even possible) This is what i'm taking about. Thanks -Banana
  24. So I have done round trips to all of the planets in the Kerbol system. Jool V, Moho, Eeloo, all of them. Except Eve. A while back, I did a career mode save and landed a small base on Eve to complete a contract. Now I am taking on a round trip. Now I have built many landers before. I've tested them all and only one or two of them made it to orbit. The best engine to use when ascending from Eve is the Aerospike. It has the best ISP and has a relatively high thrust. However it has no gimbal. If I were to make all of my engines Aerospikes and be able to control myself during ascent. I'd have no problem designing a small enough lander to push to Eve. But... Everytime I build one like this, it flips over 5 seconds after launch. I need a less efficient engine like the vector in the middle to help control going up. Less efficient means less DV means more fuel which means more mass which means it will be much harder to get the lander to Eve in the first place. Now is there a way to make it controllable on the way up? E.G winglets, torque? Secondly, Hyperedit got implemented into the debug menu in the latest update. Sort of. With this revamped debug menu, is there a way for me to land my lander on Eve without having to edit into orbit and land manually? Thanks in advance. Fire
  25. RE-N2 "Nuke" Atomic Rocket Motor Width: 2.5 meters Length: 6.0 meters Mass: 24.0 tonnes High Thrust Mode - Max Thrust: 720 kiloNewtons - Engine Isp: 600 seconds - Thrust to Weight ratio: ~3 High Efficiency Mode - Max Thrust: 360 kiloNewtons - Engine Isp: 1200 seconds - Thrust to Weight ratio: ~1.5 Real-life experimental rocket technology extends pretty far beyond the techs you can research in KSP, if you count unfinished projects that we know will work. The end game in KSP gets a bit dry. I think it'd be nice if some experimental tech were added to stock KSP. There are a bunch of these for which we have measured attributes of the real thing to provide examples with which to go by. This larger, variable thrust ARM I've suggested above is based on plans for the NERVA program before it was cancelled. It was known that it would be possible to make the NERVA engine capable of raising its thrust during flight, at the cost of efficiency. Also, the original NERVA came out with a specific impulse of 850 seconds, but future refinements could have theoretically improved this figure to considerably higher values. So my RE-N2 "Nuke" is Rockomax's refinement of the LV-N "Nerv" ARM, both generally improving on the design (as well as making it larger) and giving it the capability of swapping modes like what the R.A.P.I.E.R. engine can do. The high thrust mode is less efficient than the LV-N but has substantially higher TWR, while the high efficiency mode has lower TWR but substantially higher specific impulse. This engine would be invaluable for long-range missions both due to its high efficiency and its versatility as it can take advantage of the Oberth effect more easily, helping to make back some of the lost efficiency. It also just provides something more to research. I'm thinking it should go in the 1,000 science tier, two tiers past the LV-N. There are other rocket technologies that could be added to KSP at even higher tech tiers, such as: the popular Orion rocket, the alternative to Orion--the Medusa, the new ion engine--the VASIMR, the high-tech Daedalus, the extremely efficient solar sail, or the laser ablator sail which doesn't need to carry its fuel along. Orion As many of you already know, the Orion rocket would detonate a small fission charge behind it every second or so, absorbing the blast with a pusher plate and getting very high thrust and high efficiency. Future refinements could use smaller charges at a higher rate of detonation, improve efficiency by directing the blast more in-line with the spacecraft, or use hydrogen fusion charges for greater efficiency. Medusa The Medusa rocket would carry a large sail ahead of the craft, and would detonate charges much like the Orion craft. The sail would add mass to the ship, but it would be able to collect much more of the blast, enabling greater efficiency as well as a smoother ride. VASIMR VASIMR is a refinement to the ion engines we've put on space probes in recent decades, and it improves efficiency somewhat and greatly increases thrust, but most importantly, it is capable of varying its thrust vs. its efficiency much like the NERVA program originally had planned. Unlike most others in this list, the VASIMR is currently past initial development phases and is very near to seeing actual use. Likely within the next decade, a spacecraft equipped with a VASIMR engine will have already made its way out beyond Earth. Daedalus This rocket would use a set of lasers to detonate a constant stream of very tiny fission or fusion charges from within the craft, and would direct the extremely hot plasma out the back by deflecting it with electromagnets. The efficiency is extremely high, though it requires a very massive engine, so it's only useful for very large ships. Thrust is meager yet potentially far greater than Dawn-style ion engines can provide. The original development of this engine came through research on the most effective way to reach another star within a human's lifetime. A two-stage Daedalus craft could reach 12% the speed of light and perform a flyby of another star within 50 years of launch, collecting data as it passes and relaying that data to Earth. The Project Longshot aimed to refine Daedalus to go a bit slower but actually enter orbit of the star, providing far more time to study it and report the findings back home. Solar Sail We had long been aware that it was theoretically possible to build a solar sail craft, but with existing materials it seemed its TWR would be too low to be of much use. The solar sail gets its push from the solar wind and the momentum transferred by photons which are a massless particle--the sail will wear out due to the rigors of space but its efficiency is theoretically infinite as light itself (in non-ionizing wavelengths) does not remove any material from the sail. The LightSail project is trying to revive this idea, using modern materials and robotics to make the craft extremely light. They have performed a couple successful tests and plan to eventually launch a full scale solar sail probe soon. The probe will be very tiny and as such will not be able to carry very decent instruments, but it will also be very cheap. Perhaps one day we'll send hundreds of these out to explore the lower-importance parts of the solar system. Laser Ablator Sail The laser ablator sail does not carry an engine onboard but instead carries an ablator sail. This sail is similar to the solar sail but its skin is heated to very high temperatures by the laser and it gradually ablates, generating thrust. The laser sail is remarkably efficient due to its mass being almost entirely "fuel". Its thrust is pretty low, but it could accelerate over a long period of time, eventually reaching incredibly high speeds. A laser mounted in Earth orbit would focus its beam on the LAS spacecraft. The biggest disadvantage to this is that it would only be able to generate thrust away from Earth. The Breakthrough Starshot program wants to build one of these and send it to a nearby star at perhaps as much as 20% of the speed of light. The tiny craft would not be able to collect very much useful data on its trip, but simply making the encounter with another star may be enough to generate interest in the space program. And since the laser is reusable and the craft is cheap, you can send another one out as soon as the first one is done accelerating. Perhaps one day we'll have tiny instruments we can fit on one of these, powerful enough to collect useful data from other stars. I'd like to see some of these technologies put into KSP, at higher tiers of science unlocks. It would be neat to be able to refine our methods of travel beyond the currently existing limits. Now I'm not one to suggest adding other stars to KSP, I think that going to them would get very boring since in order to reach them, you'd have to go so fast that gravity ceases to be important to the travel. But I had an alternative idea that some folks might find interesting: a nearby red dwarf. There could be a tiny star orbiting deep in the outskirts of Kerbol's influence, unknown initially. You'd have to upgrade your tracking station all the way in order to track it, or you could stumble upon it and find it on your map after you got close enough to it. You'd have to actually get pretty near it in order to see its planets and moons, so there'd be some discovering to do. Maybe its planets would vary from one game to the next. I think that could be fun to play with.