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Found 7 results

  1. Stock U.S.S.ENTERPRISE replica. 7794 parts in total. download link:
  2. So, I finally got around to sending a re-designed U.S.S. Enterprise to Eve. I realized that they key to ensure maximum science (and potential funds) gains was not to expand the station into one mega-craft, as I have already established it was too risky. No, the key was to send a fleet of as many ships as I could while the launch window was open. Here's a list of what I already sent so far. U.S.S. Enterprise --> crew of seven (3 scientists, 2 engineers, 2 pilots), buttload of fuel and science gear and relays, not designed for landing. 2 x "Weather Satellites" --> has surface scanners to check for ore deposits on both Eve and Gilly. Will put in polar orbits upon arrival. 1 x Gilly Lander --> 3-man lander (send unmanned), capable of landing on the Mun and Minmus and back, intended for Gilly. May be too large for Gilly, so set landing speed to 0.2 m/s. 1 x "Transfer Pod" --> crew capacity of seven (send unmanned), intended to get crew on and off other ships (has claw for smaller ships or the Enterprise. I may just leave the Enterprise in Eve orbit and send the crew back in the pod if I have enough fuel in the pod. WARNING: if I send the pod to Eve's surface, it's stuck there forever. 1 x "Eve Rover" --> crew capacity of 5 (unmanned), Mun rover modified for Eve re-entry and landing. Landing tests on Kerbin resulted in rover intact. Has drills and ore converters 1 x "Gilly Probe" --> small unmanned lander destined for Gilly. 1 x "Eve Surface Probe" --> unmanned probe with buttload of science meant for Eve. Do you think I'm missing anything? I already have relays at Eve, so I think I'm good coverage-wise.
  3. this enterprise almost blows up my computer, I have only 1 fps inside the SPH, and also 1 fps above the KSC. are there any suggestions for my enterprise? plus: my English is not good, so if I misuse some words which makes you upset, please let me know, thanks!
  4. I wanted to make a constitution class replica, specifically the USS enterprise at a smaller scale (my replica I estimate to be slightly bigger than the NX class). Tweak scale wasn't working properly, so I had to use HX parts. This ship has a lot of deltaV (45,000 m/s), mostly thanks to it engines its using (Karborundum Fusion Drive engines.) It clocks in at over 300 parts, this shouldn't be enough turn your game into a slideshow. Yes this can carry shuttles (although they look nothing like the ones seen on star trek.) This ship does feature laser weaponry, and torpedo launchers. As well as a fair amount of science equipment. Main issue is that alot of the DeltaV is useless considering that when I use the fusion drive engines, the ship flips (not much I can do.) Not to mention, its pretty much impossible to take off from the surface. Hell even modifying this with anti gravity pads don't seem to help(see the spoiler below.) Not to mention this is incredibly expensive (good luck getting the funds for this in career mode.) This replica is a still work in progress, the last thing needed is an actual warp drive, right now there is no FTL/warp drive mod that can move or support a ship this damn large. I also have no idea how to modify any existing mod (eg the alcubierre drive mod) to support a ship this large (like increasing the bubble size to fit this ship.) Yes this thing can survive re-entry (at stock default) The engines below the saucer section are their to keep the ship stable, and look aesthetically more appealing (in my opinion.)
  5. Hello all. Ever since the announcement that the math behind a warp drive is semi-plausible, And NASA's own (very optimistic) concept released, I've wanted to essentially reinvent the ship (or perhaps the concept of the series) In a more realistic fashion. The concepts in the show redone in a way that could be done now or in the near future. (Obviously the ability to create a space-warp is assumed) Perhaps without fundamentally changing the ship too much, but that's not set in stone. Wanting to incorporate things like a warp ring, a centrifuge for 'gravity' and semi long-term habitation A semi sustaining ship. likely incorporating a greenhouse. Mostly Self-sustaining and ISRU is assumed. Capacity to land on planets (Without fancy beaming). This would likely require one or multiple SSTO's attached. A primary drive capable of significant deltaV changes (likely using some form of nuclear rocket, or perhaps a EM drive variant. A large scientific capacity. This ship would likely be designed for a fraction of the Enterprise's crew in the show. Otherwise all these things would grow exponentially rather quickly. Now i realize there are concepts here that are not totally set in stone. Such as the warp drive and EM drive. I want to use this as a project to get myself back into 3D modeling and perhaps programming. Eventually I'd like to make a parts pack but that's not set in stone. Not yet at least. I'm curious as to peoples thoughts on this. While i have had a interest in science and science fiction and the universe as a whole my whole life most of my knowledge is limited to documentaries wiki and KSP. Go easy on me.
  6. The Star Fleet Mini Collection Sector 7 Space Laboratories These craft have been very challenging for such small craft, each have their unique launcher and difficult but yet fun challenging ways of control. Please note, none have a nav ball that is reading correctly, some if not all have opposite controls much like a real aircraft, down is up and up is down. The launchers are not my best work but they can get you off to a really good orbit for space travel and the two space craft pack a punch, I don't know for sure but these could be the smallest Interplanetary craft built in KSP. I had know idea that these craft were going to travel the distance they are going. None have been in any orbit other than Kerbin and I am not sure if they can achieve any other Mun or Planet's orbit, mainly because of the difficulties with the navigation ball because of the way the craft was built. All require much patience. Photo Album The Mini Enterprise AC-1 Parts: 46 Mass: 1.704t Height: 1.8m Width: 2.1m Length: 4.0m The Mini Enterprise AC-2 Parts: 78 Mass: 2.774t Height: 14.8m Width: 2.9m Length: 2.3m The Mini Enterprise Parts: 176 Mass: 315.108t Height: 41.6m Width: 11.2m Length: 11.2m The Mini Enterprise I. C. E. Parts: 75 Mass: 39.060t Height: 20.4m Width: 4.0m Length: 5.9m Flight Operations The Mini Enterprise AC-1 launches in a very unique way, from a cart. Launch with full throttle and decouple at near 40 m/s tapping the W key and your off. The Mini Enterprise AC-2 launches in it's unique way by engaging the Juno Engines and waiting about 7 or so seconds for them to build thrust and then release and your in flight. The Mini Enterprise launches with full throttle & SAS, use RCS to stop the gravity turn, you might want to slow the engines down for better control during the gravity turn but no necessary. The Mini Enterprise I. C. E. launches the same way as The Mini Enterprise with full throttle & SAS, slow the engines down for better control during the gravity turn and enjoy the solar system.
  7. USS Enterprise and Shuttlecraft This is an all stock Kerbal-version of the Star Trek USS Enterprise, ie it's small compared to the Star Trek version & obviously has no warp drive. (253 parts including shuttlecraft when docked in orbit, ~4770m/s ∆v, Shuttlecraft (49 parts) ~1678m/s ∆v) Additional Images: Mission Albums for more pictures of the craft, launching, docking the shuttlecraft, landing on moons etc. Download: USS Enterprise Shuttlecraft Enterprise Notes: It's a bit tricky to fly into orbit (I doubt the fairings bug helps tbh). Remember to switch control to the big probe core before launching! Turn on the aerodynamic overlay, keep an eye on the light blue line that comes out the Cupola, pitch forward to keep that as small as possible. Once the SRB's burn out it's relatively safe to gradually pitch over to horizontal. The final stage should get it to a 100x100km orbit with fuel to spare. The launch mission album has a couple of pictures that show values. Action groups are listed in the craft details. (Click title in VAB) The thrust is not perfectly balanced, but it is close enough that the reaction wheels can easily cope with it. Moving fuel from the body and neck to drained tanks in the saucer section will improve balance slightly too. Shuttlecraft Notes: Have fun docking this! It has a total of 7.5 units of Mono-propellant. Use this only for docking, LOCKING the mono-propellant fuel tank in the cockpit is advised at all other times, otherwise you may deplete it when using the belly Vernors. Oh and toggle those Vernor engines off when you're trying to dock. It's a tight fit & you need to reverse in. The front tanks of the Enterprise nacelles have extra oxidiser so the shuttlecraft can be completely refuelled at least once. I would advise locking all the bi-propellant fuel tanks on the shuttlecraft when docked with the Enterprise, since the Enterprise RCS Vernors will drain from all tanks. Mono-propellant can be refuelled from tanks in the shuttlebay. Remember to close the shuttlebay door! The dorsal Twitch engine has been set to have slightly reduced thrust so the craft thrust remains fairly balanced. Action groups are listed in the craft details. (Click title in VAB) Hitting the brakes will activate the Launchinator, elevating the shuttlecraft into a handy launch position.