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Found 4 results

  1. Visual Compilation "Adventure is closest when farthest from home." - Joe More videos: Fan art: More Fan art Official pictures: Pictures without Scatterer (performance mode): Hello, Avera9eJoe here! This is Spectra, my ultimatum of a visual pack. A well optimized and yet breathtakingly beautiful revamp of all celestial bodies in KSP, with a pick-and-choose features setup so that you can tailor the mod to what you want. Fly through the geysers on Minmus and Eeloo. Soar across Laythe's glittering bioluminescent sky. Skip across the dust on Minmus, Pol, and Vall. Descend through Eve's mystic clouds. Or like they say, die trying. Spectra is designed for: Performance: While made to be pretty Spectra is as optimized as possible. It runs very well on a high end system and there are ways to squeeze out extra performance as well if need be. In terms of pure FPS values, it's a dead tie with SVE. Beauty: This pack has the greatest visuals I could create, and is perfect for film-making, or sight-seeing. Stock: Spectra does not effect the stock parts, colliders, or physics. All that it adds is purely visual, meaning that craft files and saves with it installed behave exactly as they would in a clean installation, only prettier. Nostalgia: Many visual packs have risen and fallen since EVE was first created in 2012. I asked numerous visual pack authors for permission to use some of their effects, and included many of the best concepts of each into Spectra with an additional level of streamline and polish. This makes Spectra a visual compilation of all great packs that came before it. KSPRC's surface textures, Stock Visual Enhancement's storms and lightning, Better Atmosphere's planetary glow, Astronomer's colors, it's all there. You can view the credits at the bottom of the page to see this in more detail. It's a lot to live up to, and so I hope it meets your expectations. Spectra adds: EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements • 8k clouds to Eve/Kerbin/Jool/Laythe • Auroras to Eve/Kerbin/Duna/Jool/Laythe • Vibrant glow to all planets • Bioluminescence to Laythe • Geysers to Minmus/Eeloo • Fog to Minmus/Vall/Pol • Dust storms to Eve/Duna Scatterer • Sunflare • Atmospheres to Eve/Kerbin/Duna/Jool/Laythe • Oceans to Eve/Kerbin/Laythe TextureReplacer • 8k planet textures • 4k skybox Kopernicus • Custom terrain to all planets ―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――― Download: Spacedock Notice: There are installation instructions in the manual download, though I recommend using CKAN as it does everything for you. Spectra is backwards compatible all the way to KSP v1.3. Licensing: Spectra is licensed as MIT, meaning you are free to edit and redistribute everything in Spectra so long as you give credit where it is due and don't add a more restrictive license. What's mine is yours, and what you do with it is everyone else's. ―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――― Bad performance? Try these: Remove some extras RealPlume, DistantObjectEnhancement, and Scatterer all tax your GPU. Removing one or more of them (Or any of the other extras) can improve your frames. Remove Scatterer Spectra has backup atmospheres that enable when Scatterer isn't in GameData. Removing Scatterer from GameData will slightly dampen your visuals, but greatly increase your performance. I usually run without Scatterer when not recording because I value my frames. Don't like Spectra but still want to try visual enhancements? Try Stock Visual Enhancements Try Sci-Fi Visual Enhancements Both of these packs are beautiful and unique in very different ways. I highly recommend trying one if Spectra doesn't suit your fancy. Troubleshooting: The sky is all white: This is a Scatterer bug. Try re-downloading and reinstalling Scatterer. Re-download is important. Surface tiling looks strange and spotty: Kopernicus/KSP terrain bug. Rebooting your game should fix this. Duna is completely blue (more than in the trailer/pictures): You probably clicked `save` in the EVE GUI. Pressing save breaks some of my ModuleManager configs. Don't press save and you'll be fine. If you do press save, reinstalling Spectra will fix this. Credits: @Proot's KSPRC v-0.7 PreRelease 3 Textures: Proot's Kopernicus surface textures are being used in Spectra with a custom config I made to use softer textures and improve tiling. @blackrack's Scatterer Atmospheric scattering and tinting with custom configs. Ocean shaders. @JadeOfMaar's Sunflares of Maar Spectra uses a more stockalike version of Jade's Primus sunflare. Inspiration: @Astronomer's Astronomer's Visual Pack - Interstellar V2 - I can't thank you enough for what you've done for your ground breaking work on the aesthetics of KSP. Thank you! Bioluminescence on Laythe @Proot's KSPRC v1.0.5 - concept image post by @drswagboss from December 2015. Focus your eyes on the textures from low-orbit. Surface textures Ablation on Moho Green-tinted Eve Warped clouds on Laythe Geysers on Eeloo @Galileo's SVT and GPP - Your works are incredible... Thanks for all the help and advice. Lightning Terrain scatters @erona's and @Thesonicgalaxy's Better Atmospheres - The original mod that added glow to non-atmospheric bodies. If you said this is where it all started, you wouldn't be wrong. Blue Duna Cloud textures @panzer1b's Sci-Fi Pack - Your pack is incredible! If you don't have the PC to run Spectra, definitely try SciFi. Proving that planet glow can still be done in new EVE, and look even better than before.
  2. I can only think of EVE but it needs a config, and SVE doesn't seem to work. And scatterer is broken and tried to be forked into Skedaddle but was shot down. (I predict the same will happen with the new fork of PlanetShine.) Somehow Matt Lowne got EVE and SVE to work in 1.8???
  3. I used to have graphic mods (EVE and SVE in that case) that worked fine but I had to delete them as I updated KSP to 1.3.1. I've been trying to install these mods back, but with no success so far. When I install EVE and SVE into GameData, no patches are applied to KSP. When I install EVE and EVE configs, Kerbin looks fine in the main menu (clouds) but when I play, a white orb covers Kerbin...
  4. KSP: 1.1.2 Windows 64bit Problem: City lights appear on surface on the Minmus seen from space. Screenshots: Mods installed: DistantObject v1.7.1 EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements2:EVE-1.1-2-1 Reproduction steps: Through tracking station switch on the ship, that orbiting Minmus. Sometimes that bug doesn't appear at first time - in this case exit to main menu and load campaign again. It would appear on second load. Log: Game Save with ship on minmus dark side