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Found 1 result

  1. Right, so i have started the work for building some very compact escape pods. At this stage i'm still trying to figure out what to call it, i have a couple of idea and your input is welcome: KEEP (Kerbal Emergency Escape Pod) R-EKT (Rescue - Emergency Kerbal Transport/Tube (either transport or tube or maybe even both?) REK (Recoverable Escape Kapsule) KARP (Kerbal Auxiliary Rescue Pod) So that the first issue, dependent on feedback i'll make a decision probably by the end of next week, maybe? - the Recoverable Emergency Kerbal Transport (REKT) name has been adopted - This mod is mostly escape pods and a few supporting parts the beta parts can be found here: - This mod is not yet at the v.1 release stage. Just put the SHED folder directly into the GameData folder. Mods that improve parts of this mod: Landertron IndicatorLights Coming soon: i) Emmissive meshes that would greatly benefit from InidicatorLights ii) MM patches to make the mk1N play nicely without having the user comment out the Landertron module. iii) MM patch to add life support supplies to the pods iv) IVA's for all the pods v) implementation of the 'Pod status' emissive reliant on IndicatorLights (mk1A and mk1N) vi) DeepFreeze compatible Cryo pod - the mk1C License: the REKT Parts are under CC-BY-NC-SA the recommended supporting mods are under their respective licenses which may differ from the one above - for info