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Found 1 result

  1. The LCA project (Full name Lateral cargo arrangement). V1.2 1. Added five-segment SSRB 2. Added details of "Energia", based on the eponymous rocket, with these details you can reproduce in KSP a number of rockets associated with this space system. V1.2.1 1. Removed Kuran details (except for the nose), and RS25 is now just a cfg file, the model has a name in the game "" S3 RS-25m Liquid Fuel Engine "". 2. Added ET payload container. Energia save blocks tutorial in "GIF" files. Recommended add-ons: 1. Kerbal Joint Reinforcement 2. Cormorant Aeronology WARNING!!! SSME is taken from Squad, but it gives more balance on this do not use the original KS25 !!! Questions and requests are welcome. DOWNLOAD: project I recommend installing already ready ships, so it will be easier to deal with add-on.