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Found 6 results

  1. According to me, this is the entire Mirror Mirror ethics or lack of it is more better than regular universe. For whole life i was honest aspie boy but maybe it's better to be like Lorca Mirror Maybe i try to be pilot, lie on medical, than lie all my career
  3. I have asperger despite i was originally diagnosed with ADHD later changed to Asperger, but i find that individuals with Asperger or ADHD are subject to additional testing and exams, aviation exist long before ADHD was ever described and even more before autism was fully understand i beet it's planty of pilots in old times with Asperger or ADHD only now it become problems! I think doctors have way to much influence over time, i found very sad story about early American astronaut who was grounded because he had some minor glitch with heart, somehow it's was no problem in days when ha fight pedant during WW2 or later when i was admitted to original 7 American Astronauts, but some stupid doctor grounded him He eventually flew on Apollo-Soyuz mission
  4. Many glorifies the main character as he fights heroically against discrimination in a world dominated by genetic engineering. Where people without genetic modification is treated as inferior. Unfortunately, this film glorifies the lies, deception and dishonesty.
  5. So I accepted a contract to build a base on Duna. One of the requirements is to have a resource converter on the base. Yet in testing (and previous experience) the 1.25 meter ISRU doesn't count for some reason. This is a problem because 1. The 2.5 meter ISRU is bigger than I want. 2. I have a nice setup in which the 1.25m fits inside of a cargo bay for the planetary base mod so aesthetics would be bad (this is going to go on YouTube) 3. The 2.5m is bigger. 4. The contract doesn't specify which converter it wants anywhere. So this raises a question. If I fulfill all of the requirements, except the ISRU one, then should I just complete the contract via alt + f12 or would that be wrong? I just want to see some other peoples opinions and ideas on the subject.
  6. With the advent of self driving cars, we might see something similar to Asimov's 3 laws of robotics. What do you think? How should we program our self-driving cars to make those kind of split seconds decisions to us, but a life time of deliberation for them?